Written by oldfantasy

16 Apr 2009

i have just let my wife have her fantasy of letting an oldman fuck her.

she has mentioned this fantay before when we have been having sex and she usualy got an orgasm pretending that i was an old man touching and fucking her. so on her 26th birthday i told her i would try and arrange something.

i left a message on a wall in a gents toilet saying a young wife wants an oldman over 75 with a big cock to play with,just leave a number.

i went back and checked but no one left anything ,then 2 weeks later a number had been left so i sent a text telling them to be outside the gents at a certain time. we drove past and saw a very old man stood outside but we didnt stop.when we got home i asked her if she still wanted to and she said yes ,so i sent another text saying we had seen him and to be in a certain pub on sat night at about 10 30.

saturday night came and we got ready to go out, now sue is quite good looking she is tall, with long legs a great body and dark hair and she also shaves her pussy baby smooth.this night she put on a tiny little black dress and heels and off we went.we had a few drinks in other pubs then went to meet him.when we got there ,the old man wasnt there so we waited and at 10 55 he walked in.

the pub was pretty full so when he went and got a drink i went over ,told him who i was and we went and sat down. we all got talking and he told us his name was alf , he was 78 and he couldnt drink much as he had taken a viagra. to cut a long story short , we all went back to ours ,sue and alf sat on the couch and i put on a porn film ,and to let them get going said i would be back in 10 mins.

by the time i got back ,alfs trousers were open and sue was playing with his cock which was a good 10 inches and thick ,her legs were open and he was playing with her pussy , she then stood up and told him she needed fucking , so she took his hand and led him upstairs , i had a drink and followed and when i got there he was naked on his back and sue was knelt over his face with her pussy on his mouth and wanking him.i was at the bottom of the bed and she straddled him ,took hold of him and rubbed the head on her pussy ,and as she lowered herself onto it she moaned as he stretched her pussy open till the full length was in her. she rested on him for a little while then started riding him faster and faster ,the full 10\" in and out with her ass slapping down onto him.

she was having orgasm after orgasm and when alf said he was comming she got off and let him shoot loads into her mouth and on her face.

for the next couple of hours we both fucked her and in the morning they both had sex again while i made breakfast. before he left we said we might ring him again