14 Oct 2018

Bf was down one submission to me and his gf was missing her socks - ( oh what a thrill ! :-( still any further submission from him will give me some eye candy of his gf - plus I like wrestling whilst being watched however I did feel a little cheated ......

Bf was on his feet - he’d recovered ...... again she said “Begin”

Bf was on to me quickly - clearly fired up by his first submission in front of his partner. He was running on adrenaline and we ended up rolling on the floor - there wasn’t a technical hold on offer either way and I feeling bf’s eagerness to get a submission, he was pretty strong ! In a pile again in front of the fireplace I didn’t have a clear advantage or a plan, face against the floor and bfs arm round my neck I saw his gf rising out of her chair, camera in hand. I can’t quite explain how but I recognised an opportunity - I picked up that bf was off balance. I grabbed at a hold and twisted - it happened in slow motion as bf was thrown into the middle of the mats landing on his back. I heard his gf give a gasp as he went over me and landed. No time to waste I had him under me and clearly he had strength left. Time to drain his strength slowly.

A leg lock around his neck, pulling at my ankle to tighten the lock and taunting him “oh dear you don’t seem to be doing very well - I’ll soon have you gf down to her panties”

Then I see his gf down on the floor with us snapping away like David Bailey ! I didn’t let that distract me I had a job to do and I began the drawing of his strength...... funny how useless a body is in a neck lock you can almost do anything to a guy. From a neck lock to an armbar ( arm held against his back ) pushes his face into the floor - gf clicking away from all angles .

With his face in the floor and held firmly under me I used my elbow to grind into his face above the cheek and ear - just firmly enough to cause discomfort. She could hear to him moaning, wearing him down. It didn’t stop her taking close up pictures of two men nude wrestling.

His torment wasn’t over, slowly he weakened and I only made his submit when I felt his strength was diminished. When I got his submission I slowly stood up over him, turned to his gf “ jeans”. She returned to the corner , put down the camera and slipped her jeans off - I watched standing over him - I’d worked for this and I enjoyed the moment. For the first time I began to realise how attractive her body was.

I return to my side of the room whist bf picked himself up - gf went over to him, bend down to him ........

“Try harder”

God this girl was hot.