Written by Hornyjackuk

2 Sep 2018

Where to start ......... this doesn’t involve fucking but you can’t have everything.

Like many ,I’m sure,I lead two / three lives, my problem is I have a high sex drive and it gets me into all sorts of situations that generally I enjoy immensely.

I’ve recounted a couple of stories on here but I can assure you they are all true and this is one story I’ve decided to tell tonight after much thought.

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This one is not your usual “cup of tea” but one that resonates with me.

One of my fetishes is wrestling another guy for his wife or girlfriend ..... there are guys, and women, that hanker for witnessing a primal struggle for sexual dominance and I have participated in this delightful pleasure several times.

This particular encounter occurred in Manchester - I’m a design engineer ( no I don’t have dirty finger nails ) I’m quite creative having displayed art work in leading art museums in my school days.

Anyway - for my sins I’m an engineer working for myself and I control my time when I’m off the radar -let’s get on will the story.

I had a job in Manchester that required several days of commissioning ( that is getting the machine producing reliably ). I knew the dates and I knew the location-consequently I was looking to organize “entertainment” in the evenings.

I used websites specifically for wrestling ( yep there are such websites and I fought many ruff fights without women watching - just man on man ). Anyway a young guy started a conversation with me and he wanted his girlfriend to watch him and me fight - it was to be a submission wrestle - they’d host - and he agreed that the first guy to get 4 submissions would be the winner. Additionally for ever submission his girlfiriend would remove an article of clothing and the winner would get a kiss from her.

Bullshit - I hear you say and I thought exactly that.......,

We agreed to meet at a local bus station afterI finished work and I’d follow him in my car -he was late but he turned up ! I followed him to their ground floor flat in a semi detached Edwardian house on the outskirts of Manchester.

I was lead through their hall way to their kitchen where I was introduced to his live in girlfriend. It was clear that they both wanted this but considered swinging as dirty - do I wasn’t to enjoy the thrill of fucking her.

She seemed “normal” and showed no sign of wanting to see her boyfriend in a fight - nice enough appearance wise, I couldn’t really distinguish how shapely she was. I thought this was going to be another husband/boyfriend driven encounter.

They led me into the front room -I was surprised that the room had been completely cleared of furniture ( apart from one chair in the corner ) and interlocking gym mats covering the entire floor.

She sat on the chair in the corner - a camera on the floor - he positioned himself onthe side of the room by an old fireplace - me by the door from the kitchen.

I thought we’d start the fight in briefs but no he wanted it to be a nude fight. We stripped and the first thing I noticed was his small cock.

More to follow if you guys are interested ........