Written by Sue

14 Feb 2007

We were having breakfast when the post came. Among the official letters was a hand written envelope addressed to Mr and Mrs .....John opened it "Who the hell are Mike and Moira?" I looked at him blankly. No idea. We are invited to their farewell "do" as they are moving back up to Newcastle.I said "1 don't understand,where do they live?" John replied "Next door to Sandy and Kathy"

It was like having an early "senior moment" I racked my brains for this couple.Got him, got him. We were invited last year to Sandy's for a Christmas party and those two from next door were there.

I remembered him. He was something big in classical music. Didn't remember his wife at all.I do remember that after a couple of dances with him he took serious liberty with my left nipple whilst holding my hand close to his chest and catching it between his fingers. He also patted my bum.

Maybe he wanted to try again? "Are we going?" John asked. Absolutely. Saturday arrived we eat out before the party, arrived there about 9pm. Mike opened the door gave me a big kiss on the cheek as did Moira(you would have thought we were life long friends)I circulated while John went for drinks. I knew most of the guests from Tennis and Golf with some apparent neighbours.The wine was good, music very good,takes no time for Tennis to start the Dancing,quite lively. Each time I looked at John his glass is either empty or full. Nothing in between.

I was chatting to our Golf Lady Captain when a slow Rod Stewart came on. I'm an absolute sucker for Rod! a voice asks me to dance. Big surprise it's Mike. On the floor he holds me close but not too close, hands behaving themselves,(he is actually a dish)his wife is lovely, we have made eye contact a couple of times.The record finishes and Rob excuses himself and goes to look after more guests.I felt almost cheated no nipple tweak. I'd left my bra on. More drinks as the evening continues.I'v had several whizzes round the floor with mike,total gent. I feel a little dangerous and pull his hand closer to my breasts and by a little upper body movement brushed my nipples across his hand. The effect was electric. His hand resumed the position of over a year ago and he trapped my left nipple between his fingers.I looked round. John was nowhere to be seen. Moira stood in the corner. I knew she was watching but made no attempt to interfere. I pushed my leg between his legs and feel a decent erection. We leave the floor. As we leave he was behind me. I drooped my hand behind me and give his erect cock a tweak in his trousers whilst smiling at Moira at the same time.

I go in search of John. I found him in the dining room absolutely "out of it." His glass of red wine had fallen out of his hand and spilled down his shirt. I took the glass off him. It's late and people are starting to leave. Another Rod classic comes on "Reason to believe." Mike led me onto the floor. As I followed him I undid a couple of buttons on my top.I turned him so my back was to the room. He found my nipples standing rigid. I took his hand and slipped it into my top. His hand encompassed my breast caressing the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.I pushed my leg between his. With his free hand he put his hand between my legs over my skirt and pushed forward with his fingers desperate to make pussy contact. Believe me I wanted him to as well.

Moira came into the room. Mike did not remove his hand. She told him the last guests were leaving so he reluctantly moved his hand and left Moira and me alone. I went to collect my bag and one drunk husband. Moira said "Don't rush this a brilliant tune." she took my hand and led me back to the dance area,held me close and kissed me on the lips. I'd not expected that but I was really wound up from having my body touched intimately for a couple of hours.I responded to her kiss. She whispered "I knew you were fun." I asked why the delay in inviting us? Because by next week we will be in Newcastle and there'll be no complications.I could understand that.

We swayed together to the music. Breasts crushed against each other. She leaned forward and scooped the front of my skirt up and ran her hand over my hold up tops and moved my little strip of lace to one side while pushing her fingers into me.I unzipped her jeans. She undid the waist band and I pushed in. No underwear and pussy so smooth,totally shaved. Her outer lips were dry but my fingers fell inside her and I one finger to lubricate her outer lips.There we swayed. Tongues in each others mouth, fingers in each others pussy.

Moira took me by the hand to the stairs. I checked on John. Sound asleep. Upstairs we undressed each other.I sat on the edge of the bed and Moira basically ate me. I wrapped my legs round her head and thought of a years wasted moments. We would have been good together. Her tongue was well educated in pussy.The door opened and Mike came in showing no surprise. He simply stripped off and took pics of his wife eating the pussy of a virtual stranger!

He shot his pics from my head end only so part of my pussy was in the pic which was fine by me.This put his cock close to my mouth I pulled his it closer and as his wife sucked me I sucked her husband. He moved down the bed, moved Moira from my pussy, pushed my legs up onto the bed and the cock I had sensed through his trousers was pushed into me. Moira knelt over my face, facing her husband, and lowered herself onto my face. I have a degree in pussy eating and pulled out all the stops as her husband pushed into me I pushed up into her pussy she rode my face. From her position she could see her husbands cock pumping in and out of me.I felt him spasm inside me. He had waited a year and I liked to think it was worth it. Moira came and gripped the sides of my head with her knees. Mike masturbated me till I had a gorgeous orgasm.

We had what I can only describe as a "group hug" dressed, and collected a wine smelly John who looked and felt awful. Good luck in Newcastle. They were lovely couple.