Written by Bob

3 Nov 2017

Part 1 of my story told of how my lovely young neighbour, Lisa, offered to help me overcome a back problem which I have had for many years and I ended up fucking her in her marital bed. Afterwards, it occurred to me that had been a bit out of order, even though her husband had been away on business for several weeks. It did, however, mean that the first sex I had had in more than 4 years was at least in comfort, but that was no excuse.

Lisa’s husband, David, was back working in this country and was home most nights. Occasionally, he would do the school run, so I knew him well enough to speak to as well. A few weeks later, when I was walking up into town to do some shopping one afternoon, I met David going up to the school to collect their kids and we walked along together exchanging a few pleasantries. He said Lisa had told him she had helped me out with my back problem, adding that she does have ‘magic hands’ when it came to a massage. I mumbled that yes it had been quite pleasant and tried to move the conversation on, but David said “don’t worry, I’m cool with it”.

The following morning, I made sure I was outside the house tending the flowerbed when I thought Lisa would be returning from the school run, and sure enough she walked by. She said David had told her he had said something to me which had embarrassed me, and she apologised for her husband’s lack of subtlety. She said she had told David everything, how she had fucked me and had so enjoyed my big cock inside her. She said they did not have secrets between them and, in any event, David had suggested a long time ago that she ought to have a lover to see to her needs when he was away for a long period. I just thought I must be out of touch with modern people, it certainly wouldn’t have happened in the days when I was their age.

A few weeks later, David knocked on my door one evening and asked if I was alone as he wanted to speak in confidence. I made a joke about not having one of my regular lady friends with me (I wish!) and invited him into the hall. David explained that it was Lisa’s birthday in a couple of weeks and he wanted to organise a special surprise for her. He said her birthday was on the Saturday, and they had arranged for the children to go to his parents’ place after school on Friday, so David and Lisa could have a couple of days together, and he had booked a table at an expensive restaurant for the Saturday evening. What he wanted was for me to pop round with a bunch of flowers on the Friday evening and “see what happens”.

Anyway, the weekend of Lisa’s birthday duly arrived and I knocked on their front door at 9.00 pm sharp as arranged with David. I had seen Lisa a couple of times in the meantime and she had mentioned her forthcoming birthday, but she clearly knew nothing about David’s plans. I brought with me a birthday card and the large bunch of flowers as arranged. David answered the door, holding his finger to his lips, and he whispered “she’s upstairs in the bath …… come in”. I went through to the lounge and sat on the sofa, putting the card and flowers on the coffee table in the middle of the room. We talked quietly while we waited for Lisa, and he said she knew nothing about me coming round.

As she came through the door, Lisa was in the middle of saying “who was that at the door” to David and she broke into a broad smile when she saw me. I stood up to give her a peck on the cheek and wish her happy birthday, for tomorrow. David suggested he opened a bottle of wine and disappeared off to the kitchen. Lisa sat down on the sofa beside me and, hooking her arm into mine, she said “well this is a nice surprise”. She was wearing a fluffy dressing gown and I could see a fair amount of her legs so I guessed she was not wearing much else. I half turned to her so I could give her a peck on the lips, and Lisa grabbed hold of my head to turn it into a full-on snog.

I twisted round to face her so I could carry on kissing her, and reached inside her dressing gown to feel one of her gorgeous breasts. She sighed her approval, so I carried on kissing her and massaging her breast, her nipple coming to attention so I could pinch it. As we broke the kiss briefly, I noticed her looking over my shoulder and smiling, so I guessed David had come back into the room. They both seemed happy with what was happening, so I assumed it was game on.

I pulled the front of Lisa’s dressing gown fully apart and was delighted to find she was totally naked. It appeared she had been looking forward to a night of passion with her husband, but she seemed happy that it was going to be both of us. I said “can I lick your pussy” in a loud enough voice so David would hear, I thought I should give him plenty of chance to say stop, but he said nothing and Lisa replied “oh yes please”. We broke our kiss and, as I moved onto my knees on the floor, Lisa slid her bottom forward and opened her knees wide. I licked her clitoris gently and I felt her body shudder, so I gently slipped my tongue between her labia.

David had moved over to sit on the arm of the sofa so he could see me stimulating his wife. Lisa reached out trying to undo the front of his trousers, without much success as she was trying to do it one-handed, so he stood up and dropped his trousers and pants to his knees, before resuming his position, with Lisa masturbating his rapidly growing cock. As Lisa had said, David is not as big as me, I had taken the trouble to measure myself at 7” when virtually erect, and I guess he was about 5” but mine was a lot thicker than David. Also, he was not circumcised like me, so it was different to see her pulling his foreskin back and forth.

Lisa had to stop wanking her husband as I brought her to orgasm with my tongue, she wanted to use both hands to grab hold of my head and grind her pussy against my mouth, something I enjoyed too as her vaginal juices were flowing freely. As she came down from her peak, Lisa said “I want to suck you …… both of you” so we rearranged ourselves with David and me standing either side of Lisa with our trousers round our knees, Lisa fellating each of us in turn. We each fondled one of her breasts, quickly developing into pinching her nipples, which I thought was a bit rough, but she kept gasping her approval, so who was I to say anything.

David suggested we should take her upstairs, to which Lisa responded “yes, I like to be fucked in comfort” so we all trooped upstairs, it crossed my mind that they had no qualms about doing it in their marital bed. Lisa pushed the duvet off the bed onto the floor, quickly followed by her dressing gown, while David and I stripped off. We got on the bed either side of her and, Lisa turned to me to say “Bob, can you lick me again, like you did downstairs”, so I went down on her again. David crawled up the bed to offer his cock to her mouth and she greedily swallowed his whole length into her willing mouth.

Having brought her to orgasm again, I was allowing her to come down from her peak, when Lisa demanded that I fuck her. “I want it from behind” she said “like doggy style”, so we arranged ourselves on the bed, with David watching closely from the side of the bed. I knew from licking her that she was very wet, but I thought I ought to take it gently to start with. She gasped as I slipped my knob between her labia, so I reached round to grasp her clit between my fingers in an effort to ease her discomfort. She gasped “oh god that’s lovely” so I gently drove my cock into her welcoming pussy.

We fucked, for as long as I could hold back, she told me repeatedly how much she loved my big cock, but it was never going to last forever and, eventually, I sprayed my sperm inside her. As we lay side by side on the bed enjoying the afterglow, Lisa turned to her husband and said “well you’ve always wondered what sloppy seconds would be like …… so here’s your chance”. David was on her in a trice, pushing her knees apart and lining his very stiff cock up on her gaping cunt. As he drove into her in one movement, it made a loud squelching noise, which they both ignored, and he began vigorously fucking his wife. Lying beside them, I was able to play my part by pinching one of her nipples as she orgasmed heavily, grasping the pillows under her head and throwing her head from side to side. With much vocal encouragement to each other, David added his own seed to Lisa’s ‘squelchy’ cunt.

As we lay side by side recovering, Lisa turned to her husband and said “I’ve always wanted to see you sucking another guy’s cock”. David looked very reluctant, so Lisa added “well it is supposed to be my birthday present”. She then turned to me with a pleading look on her face. I can’t say that oral sex from another guy was actually on my bucket list, but the look on Lisa’s face was too nice for me to deny her wish, so David moved over between my feet and reached up to grasp my flaccid cock. I wondered whether I would be able to raise another erection yet but, as soon as he began licking my knob, I felt it begin to grow.

Lisa was watching what was going on down below intently, so she did not respond immediately when I suggested I wanted to lick her pussy again, but she quickly ‘woke up’ when I pinched her nipple roughly. I suggested she should climb astride my chest so I could lick her clit again, which she did, slightly holding her breath as she lowered her sodden cunt towards my mouth. This was another first for me too, so I wasn’t quite prepared for the sudden gush of juices which slipped out of her very slack pussy, presumably a mixture of the sperm that David and I had just deposited there, added to by Lisa’s vaginal juices. The cocktail of mixed fluids tasted wonderful and I simply buried my tongue in her pussy and did my best to drink everything that leaked out.

When you are so engrossed in satisfying a lady’s needs, it is so easy to forget your own arousal and I suddenly realised that David had brought me to full erection, and was greedily sucking and slurping my cock. I wanted to warn him of my impending explosion, it would have been difficult as Lisa was grinding her cunt down onto my face, crying out at the intensity of her orgasm. So, I just let it happen. To his credit, David did not object, he just kept on sucking and swallowing everything I had to offer, while I continued to pleasure his beautiful wife’s sodden cunt.

Eventually, I had to feign inability to breathe before Lisa would release me. As we lay side by side, Lisa turned to her husband to kiss him, and I suspect she could taste my sperm on his lips, as she smiled to him, then said “that was fun”. She then turned to me to kiss me passionately and said “thank you …… that was a wonderful birthday present”.

Lisa went off to their en-suite shower room to clean up afterwards and, when she returned, I said I ought to go back home as I doubted whether my body could cope with any more sex at my age. Lisa came down to see me out and she hid behind the door as I exited. The last thing she said to me was “until the next time”.