13 Mar 2017

I am Sara and back last year in the Summer went along to my Hubs Work colleagues wedding with him it was at a fairly local Church to us and i met his Boss Phil and his Wife Diane as well as the happy couple , it was a nice service and after we made our way down the road to a nearby sports hall for the reception.

The reception was busy mainly full of family , so myself and Hubs were chatting to Phil and Diane, we all got on and were having a good laugh , the hall was a bit stuffy and we made our way outside and had a walk across the sports field as we could just see the top of something where the field dipped down a bank to another sports field.

As we got to the top of the bank we could see a Zip line and a couple of frames and things for the kids to use, now Diane looked at me and we both had the same thought as we made our way over to the Zip line, now it was a gorgeous day hot and sunny and Diane and I had both decided to wear summer dresses . I went over to the Zip line pulled my dress up and got on the seat held on to pulley hanger and pushed myself off the raised platform , i was quite surprised how fast it travelled and was glad to see Phil stood at the bottom to stop me.

He grabbed me by the waist as i didn't want to kick him as i hurtled towards him so opened my legs wide my dress had blown up and he grabbed the seat , he steadied the pulley for me to bring me to the lower platform to get off , my dress was up around my waist now and i could see Phil smiling at me and i felt his finger tips just rub my pussy thru my g string which was now on display to him, before i stepped back off the seat.

My Hubs was stood half way along and came down to take the pulley back to the top for Diane to have a go , we watched as she did the same and this time my Hubs stopped her using the same technique as Phil had as she had spread her legs wide to prevent kicking hubs . I waited for Diane and we laughed and chatted as we pulled the Zip line back up to the platform saying this is more fun than that Reception, Diane said did Phil stop you the same way your Hubs stopped me , i said yes , oh ok just i could feel his hand against the front of my nix.

I said don't think there is much choice really as Diane said Oh i am not complaining and we laughed, we had a few more turns each and each time I hurtled down at Phil his fingers were more adventurous and I found my pussy was feeling very slick with my juices the next time I went down Phil had moved along away from the landing platform to stop me . I wondered why for a moment as he stopped me, then i felt his hand move along the inside of my thigh and a couple of fingers slip under my g string and feeling how wet I was he slid them in to my pussy..

He pulled me back towards the platform smiling at me all the way as his fingers explored my pussy further, I told Phil he was being naughty , he said you don't want me to stop though!! , do you ? , I said No but you will make me cum in a minute if you are not careful, as we arrived back at the platform where I got off after Phil removed his fingers from me. Then i saw him put his fingers into his mouth and suck them clean, he smiled at me and said you taste nice Sara !!

Well Diane and I had another turn each and this time as I got on the seat i deliberately pulled my g string to one side and was rubbing my pussy against the hanger as I whizzed down the line, for Phil to stop me again, he smiled at me as his fingers found my bare pussy easily this time sliding inside me, his fingers fucked me as he slowly pulled me back , he told me he loved a shaven pussy. when just as I was about to climb off the seat I felt that rush as I had cum over his fingers .

I had to put a hand on his shoulder to stop myself from collapsing for moment as it felt as if my legs would give way otherwise, he smiled at me and asked did you just cum over my fingers Sara as my hand is now very wet, I looked at him and grinned saying might have and laughed, We all made our way back in my legs a bit wobbly sat and had some drinks chatted and laughed , I said I felt a bit warm and was going to have a walk outside , when Diane said ok but Phil will go with you , Sara !

We went outside as it was just starting to lose the light, as we walked across the field towards the Zip line, Phil held my hand saying you ok now Sara, I told him I was fine just warm, he cheekily said yes i thought you looked Hot when i first saw you, you are quite stunning and have a fab body Sara. I said well thank you, Phil well you are not too bad yourself , he smiled at me as we arrived at the Zip line platform . Phil leant back against the platform pulled me to him to kiss me , I kissed him back thinking of where his fingers had been earlier, as i leaned against him i could feel his cock pressing against me .

I joked with him as i said what's this pressing in to me here Phil, he said I would like to press it in to you Sara ? , I said but Diane is only just up there, , he said she knows I fancy you and would you like me to give Hubby a pay rise as well. I said you mean she knows you want to fuck me then ?? , He said Yes , we do this sometimes if we see some one we fancy , he kissed me again pulling up my dress to slip his hands underneath to feel my legs and bum ,

His fingers pulled at my g string pushing it down my legs and when i kicked it free, he grinned an said i was hoping you were going to do that, I said what? , As he replied well if you kicked it off , you have obviously decided you want my cock as much as I want your pussy Sara !! , it was getting later an darker now as Phil said take your dress off please we don't want to get it dirty do we, so I found myself pulling it off my shoulders and stepping out of it .

So there I was in just my heels and bra as Phil undid his trousers and pushed them down along with his boxers to reveal a very nice cut cock with a upward curve making it look like a big pink banana as i noticed he too shaved , he asked me what i wanted to do with it now, I didn't answer but just squatted down in front of him and held it feeling it throb in my hands and licked it all over, as he said take your bra off please Sara ! , I want to see those tits of yours , so I reached behind to undo it and shrug it off my arms before sucking the head of his cock into my mouth .

There I was naked apart from my heels sucking on my Hubs Bosses cock , as Phil told me you are good Sara but you are going to have to stop soon as I know you want my big cock in you! as I do ! I carried on and covered his cock with my saliva, he grabbed my hair to pull me up as his hands and lips felt an sucked on my boobs and nipples, as I rubbed my pussy over and against his hard cock as it spewed out lots of clear pre cum.

Phil said that's enough I want you on my cock Sara, you have tortured me enough today , he stood up told me to put my hands on the edge of the platform and bend forwards sticking my bum out for him , then doing so I felt his tongue lick between my arse and then his hands reached under me to hold my boobs as his cock pressed against my pussy lips and slipped easily in to my very wet pussy. He told me I love your hard nipples as he kissed my neck and shoulders , his cock buried deep inside my wet pussy as I made some pleasurable noises under him.

I told him I was going to cum , he said already ! , you are a sexy fuck Sara !, I knew you would be after tasting you earlier, love it when you push back on to my cock am going to blow a big load up inside you in awhile Sara, I told him to fuck me harder, as i wanted to cum again , push that big cock deeper Phil ! Please !! Just Fuck me .

He held me tighter as he rammed his big cock into me , he had to tell me to be quiet otherwise we would have a crowd watching us , as I begged him to cum and fill me up as I was about to cum yet again when he shouted Now ! Sara ! Now ! feel me cum baby ! as he held me against his groin filling my pussy with all of his cum.

He stepped back as I looked for some tissues to wipe myself telling Phil you certainly did put a big load inside me i am still dripping, Phil ! ,before he put his cock away I told him to let me lick his cock as i wanted to taste our combined juices, he said you really are a sexy slut who loves to be fucked, as i licked his cock , we then dressed and made our way around the perimeter of the field back to the hall.

As we reached the door Phil asked me if I would meet him again sometime soon, I said I would like that as long as it remains our secret , he assured me it would be and then asked if i would like to come to his house and would i like Diane to join us, then added he had a friend who he could ask to come along as well if i fancied the attention of 2 males.

I did meet him again and in between that first time my Hubs received a pay rise as promised, so he was happy and have been meeting Phil once a month for the past few months and in December he told me he had a present for me as I was laid on his bed as there was a knock on the door and in walked his mate Ian with a bright red bow wrapped around his big , hard cock as well.

That is another story of that night if you want to hear more please comment , xx