Staying power 2 Fiction

As I awoke first I went downstairs to make a us a cup of tea , chelle was on her side with one lovely leg outside the duvet , after making the tea and taking it back to our bedroom chelle was laying on top of the duvet , looking at her gorgeous body I thought what a lucky fucker I was to love and be loved by such a lovely woman , I gently nudged her saying darling a cup of tea , she opened her eyes and said hello sexy , we kissed then she took he… Read more

Staying power Fiction

When I first saw chelle it was love at first sight , she had long ginger hair , a fantastic figure, which she always wore sexy clothes to show it off , and it was no good if I was a knicker sniffer as she never wore any ,, we had been living together for about a year and she was a gorgeous sexy minx she wanted my cock all the time , this was fine but she was 30 years younger than me, , well sometimes my cock wouldn't do its duty which I knew disa… Read more

Lady Angelicious Fiction

My career as journalist started that summer after graduation from college when I got my first job writing the obituary column for our city newspaper. I was stuck in a dingy, dark, depressing dungeon in the basement of the newspaper office building, writing about Mabel who passed away peacefully at 95, having loved her dahlias for fifty years and Archie who died from loving his whiskey too much for fifty years.

Then there was Reginald, 79, who… Read more

Watchers Fiction

Its late. Were alone and youre looking cute as hell. We decide to go for a late night walk. The night is cloudy but not overly cold. "Looks like rain, we gunna get moist" I say as we leave the house. "I think we will" you reply, giving me that look. After weve walked a fair distance from home, i look around to see if anyones about, but there isnt. I kiss you, sliding one hand down over your ass and stroking your neck with the other. We kiss harde… Read more

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Watchers Fiction

Its late. Were alone and youre looking cute as hell. We decide to go for a late night walk. The night is cloudy but not overly cold. "Looks like rain, we gunna get moist" I say as we leave the house. "I think we will" you reply, giving me that look. After weve walked a fair distance from home, i look around to see if anyones about, but there isnt. I kiss you, sliding one hand down over your ass and stroking your neck with the other. We kiss harde… Read more

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Surprise part 3 Fiction

We take a moment to breathe, and have some sexy banter while i pour us more drinks. We discuss the rest of the night and agree that she should stay, that we could all easily fit in the bed. You two are giggling away and it starts to get raunchy again as the alcohol starts to kick in a bit more. I take pictures of you both, posing in various, very revealing positions as you get reaquainted with each others bodies once again. She bends you over the… Read more

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Surprise part 2 Fiction

Eyes wide and my attention well and truly on the two of you, i feel my jeans tighten as i harden up,  anticipating the pleasures of whats to come. Your hands, fingers and eyes explore each others bodies. One hand concentrates on your friends pussy, circling her clit and sliding your fingers inside her each time with more force and precision. The other, caresses her body, leaving no skin untouched, the softness of her tits and her nipples hardeni… Read more

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Surprise Fiction

So we havnt been as intimate as we were only a few moths ago. Not as adventurous and definately not as dirty. Weve got time on our own, and im sat going through some of our pics. will i send a pic of my manhood? Or just a dirty message? I decide to send both, a few of each, letting you know of my intentions. You respond with a winky face and i know its on. Waiting for your return home, i shower, lathering up my cock, rubbing up and down my shaft,… Read more

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It was our first time Fiction

We had been chatting on line for ages ,me and Tom , he like me had thought about what it would be like to have another guy wank their cock , we decided to try it , neither of us fancied anal , so the hotel room was booked and we met at the bar , he was a genuine sort of guy not pushy and like me nervous but we agreed it was okay if we changed our mind , after purchasing a bottle of wine we went up to the room , the wine was to help the nerves , n… Read more

One Wife, Six Cocks Fiction

I’ve posted some stories here before which were based on true experiences but this one is pure fantasy, although if anyone wants to help me make it come true then please get in touch !

About six months ago I got a message from ‘John’ and ‘Susie’ asking me to look at their profile and whether I would be interested in joining them for a ‘special night’ the following weekend. It had them down as a middle aged bi-couple with varied i… Read more

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A surprise walk Fiction

Okay I'm a dirty old man , if I see a woman bending over I will either look down her front or up her skirt as far as I can see , depending on which way she is facing ,okay I don't take photos and I'm sure a lot of you girls enjoy it , anyway let me tell you what happened to me , I like this hot weather and I enjoy walks wearing a pair of shorts and a t shirt , oh and I have cut out my right hand pocket so I can play with my cock as I walk along ,… Read more

Welcome to the office Fiction

This story was inspired by a conversation I had this morning and is complete fiction....

Part One

It was his first day in his new job as area manager and he was due to visit our building within the next half hour. The whole building was wondering what he'd be like - from those down in the post/copy room all the way up to the management's offices where I worked as PA to the manager. I'm sure he was wondering what it was like here - we we… Read more

First dogging experience Fiction

Chatting to a mate one day and we got around to talking about sex as you do , after current affairs etc , when he said I hear there is a dogging area on our local common where people park during the day to take their dogs for walks , and he suggested we go that night and see if the rumours were true , so it was decided we would check it out I couldn't believe it myself but why not if its not true nothing lost , my mate said I will pick you up at … Read more

A one off Fiction

When I was in my teens all my mates and I used to use the local pub for the jukebox, games of dart and of course getting drunk , well now and again anyway ,we often used to meet there before going to town to find. girls for a nice one night stand or for a Chinese meal then , you didn't have as much choice as these days , this particular night I did overtime so it was late before I got to the pub , there was only two mates there Chris and Jeff ,je… Read more

Baring all the final part Fiction

After we had finished our meal and drinks I said to Anne I'll pay on my key , she thanked me and I said I am going in the grounds again to get a few some more sun before I go , what are you going to do , she said do you mind if I stay with you I feel so relaxed with you , I thought I would come here have a quick look around and go home again, that is because I met you , I said why , she replied you are like a father figure don't take offence , I … Read more

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Baring all cont.. Fiction

After laying next to Anne for a while I sat up then laid on my side with my head resting on my hand I started to study Anne stretched out next to me , she had nice long blonde hair tied back , nice full rounded tits with nice nipples , her legs were slightly open is at up again to see how much of her cunt was on view ,she had lovely suckable cunt lips , I didn't realise I was rubbing my cock while surveying her , my mind was racing , do I lean ov… Read more

Baring all Fiction

I have never been shy when it comes to being naked , well only the once , I like to enjoy the sun on my body , and chatting to a friend he said he knew a local nudist club but it had a bit of a reputation, I enquired in what way , he said if you fall asleep or have your eyes closed you could be joined by either sex and some can try and play with you , I laughed and said really , and the thought of a woman sucking my cock without me seeing them or… Read more

shes gone Fiction

it was last summer me and my wife jan was in the garden when she had a call on her mobile
i knew somthing wasnt good when her face lit up and she took the call in side after about10 miniuts she returned saying she need to pop in to work.
she showerd dressed and went out i followed in my car she went to gregs hous he was her boss he came to meet her at the door and they kissed
i lay in waite after about 20 miniuts i crept up to his house and f… Read more

A shock Fiction

After a day out and nearly getting home I decided to go in a pub for one drink before finishing my journey , on ordering my drink and standing at the bar I looked around and noticed it was quite busy , but no one took any notice of me which as you know entering a new pub you normally get the once over , I was ready to finish my drink when this really beautiful girl stood next to me , we got chatting and she said her date didn't turn up so I offer… Read more

Complete fantasy Fiction

This story is complete fiction but I've played it over in my mind plenty of times and it never fails to arouse me.
Firstly let me describe my beautiful wife she is a curvy size twelve stunning eyes, perfect 34e breasts, a curvy bum and lovely thick thighs and when she wears Heels her calves, thighs and bum look amazing although like a lot of women she isn't confident and doesn't realise how sexy she is and is often admired and checked out but sh… Read more

My Wife in the Porn Cinema Fiction

My wife and I decide to go to a porn cinema one afternoon, and she dresses in a short lycra mini-skirt, stockings and suspender belt, pink satin panties and high heels, and a clingy top. When our eyes adjust to the dim light I see that there are about half a dozen men in there and my wife is the only female.

We take our seats towards the back in the centre of the row and I soon notice that a man has got up and come and sat down in the seat ne… Read more

time to relax Fiction

for those who have been to the sex manics party london and been turned on ,tuned in and reignited to the joys of sex as not just a thing that happens at home on a friday / saturday night in the doggy position.
we have all been to the later - life gets in the way :(
saturday night at the ball is a WOW !!! freedom of mind body and nerves -
we went and said we would just watch - WOW every 1/2 hr we were bonking each other - so turned on … Read more

The bored wife part 5 Fiction

As I lay there bare and dripping Steve got up and took my hand and taking me over to the stairs, he then got a blind fold and placed this over my eyes , my heart beating even more now he then raised my arms and tied them together and attached them to a hook , he asked if I was ok and said I hope you will enjoy this next treat I have in store for us and kissed me gently on my neck ( this has always been my weak spot) Beth’s joins him , I could s… Read more

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The bored wife part 4 Fiction

As I reached out my hand I thought of many reasons why this was a mistake, but one reason to go for it!

The taxi arrived outside and all 3 of us got inside .steve sat between Beth and i with his hands on our knees slowly moving his hands up discretely knowing the cab driver could see.
Shortly we had arrived and Steve paid the cab driver and gave him a wink! The driver then said enjoy your night you lucky bast#*d!
We entered the top floor f… Read more

Meeting my first British girl Fiction

I moved to Bristol 4 years ago. Being Spanish in uk was a dream for me. I always dream making love with a foreign woman. But now i was the foreigner surounded by beautiful british girls. All blonde girls and with a nice british accent. Lol
I couldnt resist, so i join the site. It took me a while to find the right woman. She was the same age as me, late 30s. She wanted to have dirty sex with me and did i. We met in a hotel in the morning. I text … Read more

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The bored wife part 3! Fiction

As I stood there waiting for my mouth to open,,, it felt like 10 minuets had past before I replied . Hi yes I’m Sam ! (I just wanted the world to open and swallow me! ) I wonder if we could meet I found the texts to you by accident.
I just said I’m sorry, and agreed to meet her the next day.

I waited at the wine bar in town as arranged and orderd a large white wine I really needed it to calm me down! What,???why??? Did I agree to meet h… Read more

The bored wife part 2 Fiction

I returned home my knees like jelly and my cunt still stretched from Steve. Ben was due home from work and was expecting his dinner to be ready as he walked through the door! (As always)

He came home and as I was “busy” I didn’t have it ready I quickly said let’s eat out tonight! But he didn’t like this and said he didn’t want to do that!! He was annoyed, and told me I had all day to have his dinner ready! So about turned and sa… Read more

The bored wife! Fiction

My name is Sam, I have been married to Ben for 18 years, At first we would be the most loving couple out there , but before too long life got in the way !
Along came children and the sex seemed to stop .
Ben would come to bed at night and before too long he would either fall asleep or ask for a hug( which was his way of saying he wanted to fuck me) he would get his way and cum almost straight away! Then roll over and fall fast asleep! But what… Read more

Amazing Fiction

I’d moved house and a few weeks later a women in her late 50’s moved in next door, she always looked good always wore heels knee length skirts to work and had a nice looking body. We obviously began chatting with her living next door she told me the story about she had got divorced and was no single, her reason was her husband just wasn’t doing it for her anymore. I was also single after splitting with my ex. One Saturday afternoon she a… Read more

Anal fun with a golden oldie Fiction

See previous story: ‘Hot tub fun with mature Geraldine’)

They threw away the mould when they made the fucktastic Geraldine!

The mature, larger-than-life blonde sex bomb was definitely a one-off, as I discovered when she drained every drop of cum from my middle-aged balls during a day and night of passion at my country cottage one hot, summer.

First she sat facing me on my lap, while I fucked her long and slow in the secluded hot tub … Read more

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