Written by Jacques Jill

19 Feb 2019

He laid behind me on my bed as I rested curled on my side. I guessed he was also nude like me, because his erection lightly penetrated the crack of my ass. The comforting warmth of his strong body enveloped me as he got closer behind me. I turned, half twisting towards him, my heavy breasts spread over my chest. I watched him worshiping my ass, sending seismic waves of arousal straight to my clit. His ebony skin was glistening with sweat.

I gave a gentle moan as he ran his lips over my buttocks until his tongue reached the break between the two globes of my ass. Then…Oh lord of galaxy! Did he just kiss my anus? No one had ever kissed me so intimately there.

I let out a shrill when he touched my anal opening with his tongue, teasing every sensitive nerve-ending around it. Then his finger applied gentle pressure insisting to be admitted inside mon derriere. Once my muscles relaxed his finger dived deep in me, exploring, touching, and turning my ass into a blazing inferno of sexual wanting.

And …Oh my stars! He spread my thighs then bent down to access my feminine folds, and…lord of galaxies! His lips met and kissed the fleshy lips of my feminine cleft! He positioned down close to my pussy, his tongue laved my wet folds, drinking my creamy dew, inhaling the pungent scent of my arousal, searching for my engorged clit. I let out a moan, I lost my self-control. Two fingers penetrated me deep as his tongue continued to torment my clit. My hips shoved against his tongue, insisting for deeper penetration of his fingers in my cunt.

He straddled me as I laid nude under him, brazenly exposed. I grasped his erection in my left palm and gently masturbated him. He lowered his lips to mine as I continued to masturbate him; his tongue searched insistently my mouth.

Then he moved; he went to my cunt again and gave my it a long sultry kiss. The inner muscles of my thighs contracted. His tongue grazed the inside of my thighs, then swirled and twirled between the lips of my pussy twisting around my clit.

I wrapped my legs around his neck, drawing him closer, pressing the back of his head against me, urging him, wanting him to give me more.

His hands reached up and cupped my breasts, pinching lightly my hardened nipples, then lathering them with his tongue and blowing softly his cool breath over them. I screamed, beside myself with rapture, putting my arms round him, and kissing him, while he reached for my ass again with his fingers.


He’d press his finger deeper, then withdrew it slowly until it was almost out, then would thrust it in again roughly.

He laid on my bed, his proud, throbbing erection in full display. His hand behind my neck, he drew my mouth to his cock. My long blazing red hair draped over his groin. I took him deep, surrounding his cock with the wet warmth of my mouth.

He purred as my tongue lathered the head of his throbbing cock. I let him pull out just in time before he exploded his load in my mouth.

He chided me playfully. “Oh! You naughty girl! I almost came in your mouth. And you know what punishment awaits naughty girls, don’t you?”

I mumbled unable to form coherent words, eaten alive by the devastating arousal devouring me at the anticipation of what he was promising to inflict on me.

“What? I didn’t hear you.”

“Spanked…” I articulated, delirious, battling to remain focused as he now pushed the head of his huge swollen black cock past the ring of muscles in my anus.

“Yes! Spanking.” His deep voice roared. I sighed as a wave of intoxicating thrill surged deep in my belly at the prospect that shortly I would be punished harshly on my bare flesh.

“And then what?” Asked he.

“I would not be allowed to put any clothes on for two days.”

“Very good Michaela. You would be naked for two days. You would be shared and taken by any man or woman who would fancy to fuck you! You are learning. Do I have your permission to proceed?”

“Yes, you may precede,” I replied, my voice weak with fear and anticipation.

“Good. I will fuck your ass while I spank your bare bottom hard, just the way you enjoy being spanked… hard!”

Some dark and perverted erotic arousal awakened in me in anticipation of my spanking and being fucked simultaneously in my ass while his hand masturbated my clit.

I turned to look at him. Our eyes locked.

Such raw, hungry lust radiated from his every pore!

“Such beautiful butt, Michaela,” he said, gently caressing my buttocks and cupping each cheek with both hands while frantically continuing to fuck my ass.

Then he passed a hand between my spread thighs, reaching for my clit. I knew then that my torture was about to begin. I cringed in anticipation of the dark pleasurable pain coming to the fleshy part of my ass when he would smack me, and the merciless torment my clit would endure, while his cock would thrust deeper and deeper in my ass. My muscle contractions continued to pull his cock deeper and deeper until his full length was sheathed inside my ass.

As he pounded my ass and played with my clit, he leaned forward and pulled my hair backward with his free hand and grunted something that sounded like, “Look at me while I fuck your ass Michaela. Now, I am going to start spanking your bottom until it’s burning you like fire. You like this, don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes!” I replied exhaling my confession weakly.

His coarse hand rained on the overheated skin of my ass. With each one, my body would quiver violently. Tears and hot sweat were streaming down my face. Nothing but the bristly rales of my raw voice came out of my throat.

“Please no more,” I pleaded sobbing, after the fifth or sixth spanking, dreading the next strike of his strong hand.

“You have your safe word; but I know you don’t me to stop yet Michaela. The next smacking is coming. Are you ready Michaela?” he said mercilessly as he continued to pound my ass with his cock buried deep inside my bowels and his fingers masturbating my clit.

“Yes…” and I tensed every muscle of my body with trepidation, bracing myself in anticipation of the next assault of my ass.

My whole body was thrumming. I was losing control, I was becoming wild with wanting my orgasm that would release me, my knees shacking, and my entire body was on fire.

He interrupted his fucking briefly with his cock buried deep in my ass, to spank me with full force again on one cheek. His heavy hand landed like a hot branding iron on that bare globe of my ass, sending erotic shockwave through me.

“YES !!!” I yelled with a raspy voice. “Spank me and fuck my ass…harder! Make me cum PLEASE !!!”

“Not yet dear!”

Then he resumed fucking me slamming his cock harder in my ass. Two, three more spanking before switching to my other cheek. I felt the increasing sting of each slap. The exquisite pain of each new slap went straight to my already swollen clit, provoking stronger and stronger arousal. I was beginning to drip my moistness down the inside of my thighs.

Meanwhile he continued to masturbate me relentlessly.

More loud smacks, more biting pain, more buzzing in my clit. The skin of my bottom was raw, in flame. Each new spanking poured liquid fire into my flesh sending searing hot jolts to my pussy. I groaned from the thrill of being doubly taken and the perverted pleasure of pain and being mercilessly spanked. Pleadings were useless. I was at his mercy.

I clenched my teeth, forgetting to breathe. All the muscles of my body were straining. I tightened the muscles of my ass around his cock buried deep inside my bowel. I felt insane, crazed by sensory overload.

I bit my lower lip, letting a deep moan escape. Stars! I relished, I craved the stinging, burning pain… the hot pain, the feeling of fullness in my ass and my cunt. With each new spanking his hand inflicted on my ass, I quivered uncontrollably as an electric shock ran through my body. I sobbed uncontrollably. I was left gasping between the previous frenzied spasms of pleasure and the screaming of pain from the new spanking…

I was close to explode in an orgasm of myriads of stars, when he began to fade away. I was losing the warmth of his body, the powerful masculine scent that pervaded the air. “No! No! No! This can’t be happening! No … wait!” I screamed trying desperately to hold on to remnant shreds of my experience. Then the computer screen froze.

“Well. Artificial intelligence…the limits are boundless now. I created a computer program that can experience the most intense humane erotic emotions.” Declared victoriously Professor Aronet turning to Deana and Alfred, with a self-sufficient smirk. “Time to shut the program, turn off the lights and go home to celebrate.”

“What! No wait!” Chimed Michaela coming to life again on the computer screen. “You can’t do that! You can’t turn my program off…”

“Oh yes I can. You don’t exist Michaele. You are just a series of binary numbers and equations on a computer microchip.”

“But…but I just proved I can experience, pleasure, emotions, I am sentient. Doesn’t that count? Isn’t that the definition of being human?”

“You are not a sentient being. You are not a human. You don’t even exist Michaele. I just told you. You are just binary numbers and equations on a computer microchip.”

“Don’t do that … please. Don’t terminate my program.” She pleaded desperately.

Professor Aronet sneered at the helpless naked women on the screen begging for her life (if such possibility existed in the cybernetic world). He pressed a function key. The screen went blank. Michaela was no more.

“Well, goodnight you two.” He told Deana and Alfred, both frozen, hardly believing the cold-blooded execution they had just witnessed.

The two starred at the screen choking on their emotions at the callous termination of Michaela. Suddenly, the screen lit up. Michaela, naked, came to life and gave them a sultry smile. “Thanks for saving me on a memory stick. Bit cramped quarters in here though. Yea, let’s go home and celebrate, like the professor said. We’ll hook up our neurotropic networking programs and I’ll show the two of you stuff like you’ve never experienced.”

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