Written by AJ1959

2 Jun 2014

When I awoke the next morning, I thought I was still dreaming because I could feel my back and my buttocks being massaged with scented oils. Mmmmmm escaped from my lips, and I moved my hands – well I tried to but they had been secured above me. Then I tried to turn over, only to discover my legs were being held spread apart by a solid bar between them, and straps around my ankles. “Master” I said, only to hear a womans voice in my ear that simply said “Good morning sub”. I recognised the voice from the night before – it was madam. “Good morning madam”, I knew she was one of masters’ friends and so I had no reason to fear her or to question why she was there in my room. “I hope you’re enjoying my massage sub, now I am going to rub this oil between your ass cheeks and across your pussy and clit. Just relax and enjoy yourself – then I have a very special treat for you dear. Don’t answer me, just lay quietly – but first I am going to blindfold you. Now lift your head slightly and I will cover your eyes”. I did as madam bade me to do and she once again commenced her massage of my back moving down to my buttocks and pussy. She applied the warmed oil to my buttock cheeks and pulled them apart. I didn’t notice as she slipped her finger into my ass hole as the oil had lubricated it so well. Then she moved her hands and fingers down to my pussy. She was every bit as aggressive as she had been the night before when she got to my pussy. She plunged two fingers straight into me, but this time there was no complaint from her about my wetness, just a small laugh escaped her throat and she finger fucked me mercilessly. She applied a large amount of pressure to my clitoris, but as she started to feel me cumming she stopped finger fucking me and told me that if I was wanting to cum I had to beg her to allow me to fuck her and lick her out. I had never had sex with a woman before and so I did not beg madam – this seemed to make her angry. “Very well sub, if you will not play the game my way – you will learn some other way, and make no mistake before I am finished with you, you will be begging me to allow you to suck my cunt, lick my ass and let me fuck your ass with my huge strap on. Now you are going to be treated to a little pleasure of mine”. I felt pressure as she pressed something hard against my tight anal opening. It was cold and very hard, and it was starting to hurt. “Please madam, stop that hurts” is all I managed to say before a ball gag was placed in my mouth and a sharp stinging sensation as my ass was hit with a crop. “I did not give you permission to address me, you WILL learn sub”. She went back to trying to push into my ass whatever it was. The pressure was causing me a great deal of pain, but I was now unable to cry out or even move, as I felt a pair of masculine hands holding me down to the bed. Madam continued to push the object into my ass – when suddenly my sphincter opened and a little of it slipped inside me. “Mnghhhh” I cried out, but madam had no intention of stopping now, and my discomfort only served to heighten her pleasure and ardour. “I hope you’re enjoying this sub, because once this is in your tight ass your cunt is going to get fucked as well”. I didn’t know at the time, but what madam was forcing inside me was a large solid glass butt plug which she would leave in situe whilst I was being fucked. Finally with one final triumphant push she had it embedded in my ass which felt so stretched. She gave it a final twist for good measure, I think it was just so she could enjoy watching me writhe in pain. “Very nice my dear – now let’s get a cock in that deliciously sweet, tight cunt of yours. It’s time you learned how it feels to have both your holes generously filled at the same time”.

I tried to move away from her and from the bed, but felt a body climbing between my legs as I was face down. I felt the cock rub against my clit and presumed it was master – that was until suddenly I heard Master N’s voice, “Stop right now! What is going on here? Madam kindly explain what you are doing with my sub, and how you got into her room without my permission”. It was then I realised it was NOT Master N that was about to fuck me. “N, come now, you KNOW how much I wanted to fuck her, punish her, teach her and so I came to visit early this morning, only to find you were still sleeping. So I bribed the receptionist to let me in with his pass key, came in here, found her naked and asleep and thought I’d have a little fun with her before my toy fucks her. I was looking forward to seeing her fucked – especially as she is unable to stop it from happening.”

“You can get your ‘toy’ off of my subs bed, and move away from her! You are very aware madam I will NEVER allow another man to fuck my sub. She is my dominion and mine alone. You may fuck her if I give you permission, but NEVER another man. You have known me long enough to know my rules. What else have you done to her – I see a red mark across her buttocks and there is oil on her skin”. Madam simply turned to her sub and barked at him to get off the bed, get dressed and go wait for her in the suite. Then she turned to Master N, “All I did was to give her a wonderful massage, but she didn’t appreciate it. I finger fucked her ass a little then finger fucked her cunt. She was being difficult so I hit her once across her ass with a crop. I only blindfolded her to heighten her pleasure and as she was moaning so much, I put a gag on her”.

Master instructed Madam to remove the gag and the blindfold and then asked me if I was hurt. When I informed master that madam had inserted something into my ass and had told me it would be left there whilst I was fucked, master was not at all happy with madam. “You and I have known each other for a very long time, and although I know quite how cruel you can be, I never thought that you would abuse one of my subs without my explicit permission. To even consider that your toy would be allowed to fuck my sub is absolutely out of the question. I am very disappointed my dear, very disappointed in deed. I am going to ask you to take your sub and leave my suite now, and we shall speak again very soon. Then I shall be the one deciding YOUR punishment for your transgression. Now you may leave – but rest assured you have NOT heard the last of this”.

I had never seen master so angry with anybody before – usually so calm and in control. He didn’t raise his voice to her, he didn’t shout, wave his arms about or anything, but the tone of his voice told me quite how serious he was. It obviously told madam as well, because she came to Master N, kissed his cheek, (which he didn’t even acknowledge), and without one single word left my room. I heard her bark at her sub to follow her and they left the suite.

Master N came over to me and removed the object madam had left embedded in my ass. “Anne I am very sorry for what happened with madam and her ‘toy’. You know I would never allow another man to fuck you, and although you had to learn to accept such a large item into your ass, such as this glass butt plug, it would have been when I was ready to introduce you to it, and I would have been as gentle with you as I have always been. The difference between this glass one and the butt plugs I have used on you before is that there is no give with the glass one, and that is why it was so painful for you. Because you have been so badly treated by madam today, I am not going to fuck you, nor will you undergo any training today. You may soak in the tub and then relax for the day. I have business I have to attend to, and I shall be back early this evening. We shall dine together and then I just may allow you to suck my cock and pleasure me before we enjoy more time together”.

With that, master helped me off the bed, led me into the bathroom, kissed me gently on the forehead and left for the day. I ran myself a warm bath with bubbles and as I sank into the warm suds, reflected on what had taken place. The reminder being the sharp sting as I sat down into the warm water.

I lay my head back, allowed my mind to drift and took a leisurely bath before returning to my room to lay on my bed and drift away thinking about when master returned that evening and the pleasures that were to follow.