17 Feb 2018

After my first blowjob experience (well, the first one where I was the mouth and not the cock) things calmed down a little. Paige was still insatiable, and I was being drained dry at least twice a day, and ordered to pleasure her in other ways if the flesh was weak, and Mark and I had discussed things and decided that while enjoyable, it probably wasn't something I'd want to repeat.

A few weeks after the incident with the chair, Paige was getting ready for a night out with her friend. It happened every couple of months or so, they'd pick somewhere for a meal, have too many drinks, come home very much the worse for wear. This time they'd picked a casino (I think the allure of a free £5 chip with their meal had swayed them. Last of the big spenders!)

This time I'd managed to convince her that I should be allowed to choose her outfit, and so she was going out in a see-through lacy top, with her bra on full display, with a waspie underneath, and a skirt so short that it didn't reach the top of her stockings. She gave me a quick demonstration once she'd tried it on, and if she bent over the roulette table to play a far-away number it slide invitingly up her arse, exposing just the hint of her green underwear.

As she leant over the kitchen counter, watching for the taxi out the window, I hitched her skirt up, pulled the pants down, and buried my tongue in her slit, licking her with wild abandon, but not letting her cum. By the time the car pulled up outside she was soaking wet and horny. I pulled her pants up, slapped her on the arse, and wished her a good night.

I plopped down on to the sofa, and spotted the notification light blinking on my phone. I had a message. "Is everything on?" it read. You see, the thing I hadn't told Paige about tonight, was that I'd let Mark know where she was going to be. And funnily enough he'd decided tonight would be the ideal night for a spot of Poker.

It all went quiet for a bit, and I settled in to watch a movie. Paige sent me a selfie with her friend, and a photo of her (very tasty looking) meal, and then about 75 minutes after she'd left, Mark text again to say that they'd come out of the restaurant, and were stood at the roulette table, but hadn't seen him. I knew what his plan was; he was going to walk up to her table and lay down a bet, and in doing so press himself into her arse, and then walk away. He did it a couple of times, and on the third occassion he text to say they'd had a mutual "Oh hi! I didn't realise it was you! How are you?" conversation, and he'd walked away again.

After that, I got a text from Paige, that read "There's a guy here who keeps coming over and pushing his crotch into my arse, and it's making me super horny!"

'Some guy,' it said. Not Mark. 'Some guy.'

I text back to say "Next time he does it, push back against him." Her reply just read "Really?" and I told her I'd be disappointed if she didn't.

Her next message read "Oh God, his dick was pressed against my arse cheek and he was so hard." I told her that next time she had to try to get his dick between her butt cheeks, and squeeze down on it. She does it to me some times, and I absolutely love it. I knew it would send Mark wild.

"Oh fuck. I'm so horny I'm gonna have to go to the toilet and rub one out!"

"Don't you dare!" I replied. "You can go to the toilet, but only to take your panties off. Next time he comes over, slip them in to his hand."

I didn't think she'd actually do it, or at the very least would argue against it, but the next message I got was from Mark, with a photo of a very recognisable pair of green underwear in his hand.

I text her again. "If you've got no panties on now, I want you in that toilet waiting, and if he comes in, I want you to drop to your knees and suck him like your life depends on it."

"Are you serious?" she asked.

"I'm rock hard just thinking about it. Swallow his dick, but your pussy is mine."

The next thing I knew, I was getting a video call from her phone. Once it had connected, it was clear that she wasn't the one calling me though. Mark was holding it, showing me my wife on her knees, unzipping his trousers and bringing his massive semi hard cock out. She wasted no time, she was licking up and down the shaft in no time, jerking it with her hand while she sucked on his balls, and as I watched it grew to it's ridicuolous length, and she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked with abandon.

Her head bounced up and down, taking as much of him as she could, until his other hand came into view, wrapped itself around her hair, and forced her head down, slowly, so slowly, until she'd taken the whole thing. When she was allowed to cum up for air she had black tears rolling down her cheeks, but she didn't stop, she just kept on sucking and jerking his cock.

Soon I recognised the tell-tale grunts of his approaching orgasm, and he quickly pulled out of her mouth and fired the first two thick, heavy streams of cum onto her face, then slammed the tip of his dick back into her mouth. I saw her throat working as she sucked down the remainder of his cum, and as he pulled out, she delicately licked the last drop from the tip.

"You're not allowed to wipe that off, do you understand?" I heard Mark saying. "I want you to send me a photo of your spunky face when you get home."

"Yes sir," she replied. It was hard to believe that the girl who routinely ordered me to lick her to orgasm was so subservient to my boss, but she stood up, took her phone, and kept the video call going. I watched as she walked through the casino with spunk all over her face, waved goodbye to her friend, headed outside, and jumped in a cab.

On the journey home she chatted to me like nothing was amiss, until I heard the taxi driver say "Sorry love, you've got something on your face."

"It's just some cum," she nonchalantly replied. He stammered a bit, and shut up, but I saw her lean over to look, and she told me she could see his hard dick through his trousers. At that, he just stammered some more. They pulled up outside a few minutes later, and I watched through the window as she leant over the back of the front seat, unzipped him, pulled his cock out, and started stroking him, hard and fast. I watched as he shot his load all over her hand (and his top, try explaining that away for the rest of the night) and she skipped out of the taxi, having paid no fare. As I believe I said at the start, she does love a bargain.

She walked through the door, snapped a selfie to send to her 'some guy,' looked at me, and said "Oh god I need your cock in me." I didn't need telling twice. She was up on the kitchen counter with my cock buried in her in no time at all. I was so horny I knew I wasn't going to last long, but luckily neither was she. I managed to get two orgasms out of her before I reached the point of no return. I pulled out, threw her to the floor, and added my load to Mark's. Her face was a mess and her eyes were glued shut by the time I'd come down from wherever my head had gone.

I quickly snapped my own photo, before she said "What's your tongue waiting for? Clean me up!"