8 Jul 2017

It was a usual Friday night in the office. Mark, the MD, and I were the last ones in, and had finished our work for the week. We’d been friends since before Uni, and generally we finished off our weeks with some expensive tequila and good chat. Usually Paige would finish her day at work at about 7.30, and since the office was between her job and home, she’d stop in and we’d walk back together.

Over the course of the last few months we’d chatted about all sorts, but as we got a bit tipsy we’d generally make our way over to raunchy matters. Bit by bit I’d told him pretty much everything that Paige liked, and he’d told me about all his frequent conquests, and he’d made it very clear that he really got off on being dominating with women.

I was two tequilas in, but Mark didn’t seem to be drinking, not exceptionally unusual, but definitely out of the ordinary, but I wasn’t really feeling much pain, and didn’t really care if he felt the same! I’d just finished telling him how I’d gotten a rare pre-work shag that morning, and he clapped me on the back.

“Come see my latest purchase! It arrived today,” he said as he perched on the edge of my desk. I followed him past the other desks and into his office. It was a swanky office, with three of the walls made of glass. One looked out on to the various buildings of the city, but the other two looked out on to the office floor, made of that one-way mirror glass so he could see out and watch us working, but we could never see in to him. Other than the door through to his PA’s little vestibule, the final wall was entirely covered by a bookcase, groaning with the heavy volumes.

In the corner was a new addition though, evidently his new purchase. It was a high-backed chair, looking a lot like an old-fashioned barber chair. “It’s top of the range,” he told me. “Only three of them in country. Sit down.”

I did as I was told, sitting down and placing my arms on the armrests. “OK, watch this,” he said. With a practiced hand, he pulled two straps over the armrests, and suddenly my arms were bound in place. “It’s the best fucking bondage chair in the land mate!” he said with a smile. “Actually, maybe that should be the best bondage fucking chair! Here, I’ll show you how it works.” I was pretty impressed, to be honest, I couldn’t move my arms at all but it wasn’t uncomfortable. A few minutes later he’d fastened further straps round my ankles, thighs, and chest. I was completely immobile, but failing to see why it was so incredible.

“OK, I’ll admit, it’s pretty comfy and I definitely can’t move, but I don’t see what’s so amazing about it. I mean, you’ve told me before that you’ve basically done the same thing with rope and a dining chair before!”

“Aha, I’ve not shown you the clever bit yet!” He walked to a desk and picked up a remote, and pointed it at the chair. A button clicked, and suddenly my legs were being pulled obscenely apart. Another button click and the chair rocked backward, which would (had a girl been in the chair) put the recipient in a prime position for fucking. Another press stretched my arms above my head. One last click returned me back to sitting, with my legs together.

“Fucking hell mate, that is fucking clever,” I told him, with a gigantic beam on my face.

“Oh, forgot to show you this bit,” he said. “Close your eyes.”

I did as he asked, shutting my eyes as I felt him fiddle around next to my head. The movement stopped, and after a minute I opened my mouth to say “can I open my eyes now?” but as soon as I parted my lips he pressed forwards, and as my eyes shot open I found myself with a U-shaped bit of metal passed around my face, evidently attaching to the head rest that my head was now tightly clamped to. But between my lips and attached to the restraint was a ball gag, preventing me from talking. Nevertheless, I did my best to smile around the gag to show how much I appreciated how amazing a piece of kit it was as he talked away.

“Sorry for the surprise! I just really love that bit,” he said. “It’s got loads of different types of gags. Ones that force your mouth open, ones shaped like a cock, even one that’s like a urinal. Best purchase I ever made mate!” I gave a thumbs-up, but at the moment the buzzer went in the office to indicate that someone was waiting outside. Mark moved behind me and pushed the chair until it was at one of the windows looking out on to the office, directly facing my desk.

Mark went out to answer the buzzer, and with a start I realised that it must be Paige, finished with her day and ready to head home. As I realised that they passed in to view, heading for my desk.

“Sorry about this,” I heard Mark saying. “I had to send Will out on an errand, but he should be back soon. Do you want a drink while you wait?” She said yes, and he poured out four shots of tequila. “Actually,” he said, “I’ve already had two!” A bald-faced lie, since he hadn’t touched a drop yet, but he continued “maybe you should play catch up?” Paige just gave a cheeky smile, and quickly polished off the two shots with a definite grimace. I was getting angry and worked up, unable to move, unable even to make a sound, watching as Mark refilled her glasses. They clinked the first glasses together, she downed it… and he surreptitiously dumped his out behind him. The same happened with the second glass, and she was now four tequilas in the hole while he was soberer than a priest on Sunday. They chatted away for a little while, her sitting in my office chair, him leaning against my desk, and bit by bit I could see the cloud falling over her face as the alcohol took hold.

Paige said something about showing him something on her phone, and turned around to her bag. In her drunken stupor, she ended up on her knees as she rummaged through her bag, and when she turned back round she was face to face with Mark’s cock. He’d looked over at me behind the glass as he unzipped his fly and fished out, and I was bucking in the chair, seething with rage. That rage melted away into surprise as his dick flopped out. Soft, it was the biggest cock I’d ever seen outside of porn. I’d never realised he was carrying around such a massive tool, and evidently neither had Paige. She was staring at it with her mouth slightly open, and as he wrapped his fingers around it and started to gently stroke it, her eyes were following it from side to side.

“Do you like it?” he asked her. She didn’t reply, but from where I sat I saw her tongue snake out to lick her lips. “Do you want to taste it?”

She looked up at him, then. “B…but Will…” she muttered.

“It’s fine,” he said. “Won’t be back for a while yet.” He took a step forward, and suddenly his cock was on her face. He rubbed it all over it, and she moaned. Her tongue snaked out again, and as his cock rubbed over her lips she licked it. “Get that tongue all the way out,” he ordered, and she obeyed. He lifted his massive cock up, and presented her with his balls. As soon as her tongue touched them, it was like a switch flipped. She stopped being passive, and attacked his balls with her tongues. She licked them all over, sucking first one then the other in to her mouth, licking between them and up to the base of his cock. She was like a woman possessed.

I should have still been failing that rage, but it was gone. All I had now was lust as I watched my wife slather away at another man’s balls. He asked her if she wanted to suck his cock, and she nodded. “Tell me,” he said. She whimpered. “Tell me,” he said again, the forcefulness in his voice cracking out like a whip.

“Please let me suck your cock. I need to suck your cock,” she yelled, and he smiled.

“Actually,” he said, “I’m not sure whether I want you to suck my cock.” She let out a sad little moan, and he continued. “Actually, I think I want to fuck your face.”

“Oh fuck yes, fuck my face with your dick” she yelled.

He quickly pulled off his tie and used it to fasten her hands behind her back, and in doing so made sure she was exactly in profile to me, just six feet away, so I’d see every detail. He put his cock head at her lips and told her to kiss it, to kiss it all over. Her lips and tongue moved over it, making love to it and making it wet, until he eventually pulled back and told her to open wide. He placed the tip of his cock on her tongue, and as he slowly pushed it forward into her mouth her lips wrapped round it, and her cheeks bulged in as she sucked on him. He fucked it slowly into her mouth with little stokes, until his cock hit the back of her throat. I saw her gag slightly on his cock, and my eyes bugged out. When she sucked me, my dick would only just hit that spot, but he still had a good five inches left outside her lips. He didn’t stop though, he just adjusted the angle slightly, and with a pop that I could almost hear he sank another inch into her mouth, and down her throat. He’d got what he wanted now, and started pulling back until just the tip was in her mouth, and then driving forward and down her throat, burying another half inch with each stroke. Finally, with one colossal push he forced the entirety of his dick down her throat, his massive balls on her chin, and held her head there, his own thrown back.

“Cum for me, you little slut!” he yelled, and she did. Not one touch on her pussy, but I recognised the tell-tale signals as her body shuddered with this enormous cock gagging her. I could hear her garbled cries, and in that moment, I don’t think I’d ever felt so horny, or been so hard.

He pulled his dick slowly from her mouth, her mascara soaked tears streaming down her face. As the cock head pulled from her lips it left behind it a long, thick stream of her saliva, until it finally broke, severing their connection.

“I’m going to fuck you know,” he told her, and her face lit up with the biggest smile I’d ever seen. He lifted her to her feet and untied her arms, then turned her to the mirrored window, and bent her forward. She braced her hands on the glass, and I was staring into her tear soaked face. He pulled her skirt down and smiled at the lacy panties she was wearing, before pulling them down too, until she kicked them away across the office.

I could see between her legs to her bald pussy, and watched as he rubbed his cockhead up and down her slit. She moaned deeply and bucked back to try to get him inside her, but he kept pulling away.

“Ah just fucking fuck me you fuck!” she yelled. She looked back in the mirror as he sucked his thumb in to his mouth, and got it wet.

“Who gives the orders here?” he asked, and jammed his thumb into her arsehole. Her eyes shot open and she tried to pull away from him, but he used his other hand to hold her in place. “I said who gives the fucking orders here?”

“Ugh, you do!”

“You do, what?”

“You do, sir!” she screamed, and in one move he pulled his thumb from her arse and fucked his cock into her pussy. Her eyes shot open again, but this time with pure lust instead of surprise.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck… You’re so fucking big!”

“Bitch, I don’t even have half in you yet,” he snarled, and started fucking her, hard. I watched as his cock ploughed relentlessly back and forth, impaling her, stretching her, splitting her. She cried out as orgasm after orgasm crashed over her body, and still he wasn’t fully in. He reached an arm round and fingered her clit, a trick he knew she’d love from our Friday evening chats, and her eyes rolled back into her head as the orgasms kept coming, not stopping, not giving her a moment.

“Are you ready?” he asked, but she just kept on moaning, and screaming, and with one huge thrust he filled her completely, and fucked away, pulling out to the tip and jamming in to the base. I watched between her legs as his cock disappeared inside of her, and gazed in pure lust as it withdrew soaking wet.

She’d been fucked into oblivion, no longer able to hold herself up, his strong arms had grabbed her wrists behind her back, using them both as leverage and to keep her upright.

“Ugh,” he groaned, and locked eyes on the mirror where he knew my head was. “I’m not going to last much longer. You’re so fucking tight. You’ve obviously never had a proper cock before.”

She came around a bit at hearing that. “No, no cocks. Never been fucked till right now. Cum for me. Cum for me nooooow!” she moaned.

He pulled her tight to him, his cock buried deep in her, and her back arched upwards till she was against his chest, her arms reaching up to wrap round his head.

“FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!” they screamed together, both cumming, his cock buried deep. I could see his balls between her legs, contracting as pump after pump filled her pussy.

I’d just watched my boss fuck my wife, and I’d never felt hornier. Her arms were still wrapped round his neck, his were around her waist, and he looked into the mirror, looked at me, and smiled.

If I hadn’t have had this gag in mouth, I’d have been smiling too.