Written by ANOther

9 Jan 2017

For clarity, previous accounts of sexual exploits, how I persuaded my wife to indulge my fantasy, are true. This 'story' is yet to take place, but I do expect it is inevitable. I have already met and played with this lovely couple, and I had a second meet (this one) arranged, which was to take place before Christmas, but had to be postponed, due to the couples daughter arriviste early for the holidays.

I was fortunate to meet a lovely couple on line from a town close to where I live. K & L had been childhood sweethearts, married, settled down, had children and now, at quite an early age, grandchildren. Life was good. K was a mad keen footie supporter and L loved her family and occasionally went out with girlfriends for the evening.

Their love life was good, but they were looking to maybe spice it up a little. Although very nervous, after a few social meets with me, I was invited to their lovely home, a secluded bungalow, where I was invited by L to kiss, touch and please her orally, which I did without hesitation and she returned the favour while K watched on.

This was some while ago and despite the parting being very amicable there just didn't seem to be the opportunity to get together again or maybe there was a hesitation from L to allow me to go further and fuck her. ( despite K being determined that was what he wanted)

I had chatted with K about me going around to pick up some DIY equipment so I could do a job at home, as an excuse to see L. Finally he persuaded her to let me take her out for a drink.

I called at the door and L was ready and waiting. She called out to K to say goodbye and I sensed a nervousness in her voice. I waited until we were in the car and then reached over a gave her a peck on the cheek and said good evening. She looked great and smelled fantastic and I could see had a short skirt that showed off her fabulous legs. I told her I had booked a table at a restaurant that was a little way into the countryside, so we were unlikely to bump into anyone either of us knew and she sat back as I drove. I asked what K was going to do, and she told me he was in for the night and was going to take a bath and get an early night. I honestly ed that we might be getting back to join him, so he could watch one end again, but this time as I fucked his voluptuous wife.

The table we were shown to was perfect. Out of the way so we could chat without others overhearing. Most tables were large parties of Office Christmas Party folk so they were not interested in the couple in the corner, who they probably imagined were husband and wife.

I thanked L of coming for diner and asked if it was her idea or K's. She said he suggested it but she was happy as she enjoyed my company and knew I would be a gentlemen and respect her. I confirmed I would that she did make me feel very horny and that I have ed we would have the chance to have a kiss and cuddle beforehand re I dropped her back home. We chatted during diner about family stuff and decided we would not bother with coffee and get going.

Once back in the car we just looked at each other and I leaned over again and kissed her, but this time full on the lips, which she offered passionately. We both pulled back, looked into each other's eyes and then kissed again but this time with open mouth and tongues exploring ins de each other slowly. I cupped her head in my hand and pulled her closer so we were locked together kissing and sucking each other's faces. My cock was stirring and I gathered from her shuffling body she was getting aroused.

She put her hand on my leg and did the same to her. She moved hers to my crotch and I stroked her leg. She parted them slightly and I ran my hand up the inner thigh and established they were stockings. Amazing! She rubbed my cock through my trousers and it would have been easy to get carried away, but we were still in a public car park of the restaurant and I asked if she wanted to go somewhere more private or home to see K? She asked my preference and I sad I thought it only fair we give K some excitement. She agreed, but not before I had managed to get one finger to slip her silky knickers to one side and slip it into her wet fanny. I told her it would be nice to maybe have some fun on the sofa and then join K in bed if that was OK?

We set off and she called him and let him know we were on the way back. She told him to get to bed and she would see him there. He started to ask if I would be with her but she said he would get a nice surprise but would have to wait. Poor guy didn't know if he was going to get to feel a pussy full of my cum or to enjoy the full show in close up.

We entered the house quietly and there was just a small side light showing from their bedroom and no noise. We tiptoed into the lounge and she removed her coat and we took up kissing where we had left off. My hands were all over her body and I had great handfuls of L's fabulous tits through the silk blouse.

I sat in the sofa and she sat in my lap. After a few more minutes kissing I made her stand and remove her skirt. Her stocking clad legs let fantastic and my cock was almost through my trousers with an erection. She could feel it and freed it and started to wank me. I know had her tits over her bra and was sucking them noisily. We heard K call out. 'You bought him her me then' She stood, took my hand and led me to their bedroom. En route I lost my trousers and shirt and the sight that greeted him was his wife in stockings with tuts over her bra and me with a stiff cock showing through my boxers.

He asked how far had we got and L told him we have some nice kissing a touching but we're saving the best to share with him. He pulled back the covers and was naked with just a smile and a hard on. He moved to one side and L lay next to him. He felt her body and kissed her deep. He removed her knickers and said that he would just like to see me please her and with that I knelt at the base of the bed and positioned my head between her legs. She opened her pussy lips and I ran my tongue around and then inside her cunt. She was s wet. She reads he'd over and took K's cock in her hand and kissed him and thanked him for arranging this evening. Within a very few minutes she was climaxing while kissing her husband.

His cock was hard and she knelt up so she could suck him. She looked amazing, her large breasts hanging down and gorgeous arse in the air I ran my fingers up her leg to use her juices to moisten the lips of her cunt and slipped just the very tip of my cock inside her, doggy style. I was gentle but deep and soon had a perfect rhythm that saw her sucking K' cock right up to his balls as mine slapped against her arse as I fucked her deep. It didn't fake anytime before I reached that feeling that I was going for sure to unload my spunk inside her. We all sensed it sand the pace slowed but my thrusts got deeper until finally I shot a jet of cum deep inside her. It was fantastic. I think she was coming again too but couldn't be sure. She was making all the right noises.

As I slipped my cock out she rolled on her back and opened her legs for K to inspect. He knelt over her exhausted body and put two fingers inside his wife's pussy. He pulled out Goddard d quantity of my cum and rubbed it on his cock to lubricate it. You won't need to do that L said. She opened her pussy lips to show a stream of spunk oozing out and told him to get inside her quick. He told me afterwards the feeling was amazing. He could feel the heat of my cum on his cock and the way it slipped in and squelched did win his balls was something he had always anted to experience.

He came inside his wife, who was now kissing me as I played with her sensitive nipples. She cam again and he said he could feel the muscles in her cunt doing overtime.

I never did get the coffee but didn't don't complain. I had got to fuck the lovely L and K had watched as his wife was serviced and then joined in.

Fingers crossed this will come to pass as K will be sharing it with L and hopefully it is just what we all have planned.