Written by Debs

1 Mar 2007

I am glad some of you are enjoying the story, thank you for your comments and here is the next part:

I had a totally shattering climax and almost collapsed afterwards. My master helped me to shower then lay me in the bed and I drifted off into sleep as he was putting my wrist cuffs and collar back on.

I awoke next morning feeling bewildered, then snuggled up to my Master as I realised where I was and what I had done. My body ached from being stretched over the table and having my legs forced wide open by the spreader bar, and my arse and pussy were sore from so much use and abuse. None the less I was deeply contented, and decided that I was merely the type of person who likes to give pleasure and that I was well suited to my new role.

My master slowly awoke and steadily looked at me.

“You were great last night my little slave, he said, caressing me with his voice and fingers. “Are you willing to carry on as my slave?”

“Oh yes please master”, I whispered.

He started to stroke my slit, and suck my nipples.

“Oh Master, I’m too sore”, I protested.

He quickly sat over me and grabbed my hands, clipping the cuffs together and holding my hands behind my head. His knee forced my legs apart and he quickly bent down and licked and sucked at my cunt to make it wet.

“You are my slave to play with as I want, remember”, he said as he gently eased his cock into me. “You do not say no to me. I will be gentle with you, but you are mine”.

He fucked me so tenderly and gently to start with, kissing me deeply but still pinning me to the bed then thrusting more forcefully as I got carried away and lifted my hips. We climaxed together and he whispered “You are mine. Just remember that.”

So that was how it all started.

A few weeks later my master had asked me to bring a proper overcoat with me as we would be shopping on the Sunday. I had protested but he told me that I wouldn’t have to walk round the city centre or anything like that and not to worry. I was still a bit dubious when I arrived at his flat on Sunday morning and my suspicions were roused when he told me to put on the leather and chain slave outfit, a tiny black thong and my collar. He slipped the lead into his pocket.

“But Master,” I started.

He interrupted me saying, “Look, I don’t want to punish you so you have the humiliation of walking about with a red arse but I will in a minute. We are going straight to the fetish bazaar, so it’ll be fine, they’ll be all sorts of people about the place. They’ll look at you because you look so good and they are jealous of me, but there will be loads of weird outfits and people.”

I hung my head. “I’m sorry master”, I said, and bent over and touched the floor so he could smack my bottom. “Thank you.”

He was right of course. The market was held in a seedy sort of club, and although some people were in street clothes a fair number were dressed in fetish wear. As my master had said, we received admiring glances and a few men congratulated him on such a lovely slave as he took me round on my lead.

My Master made me try on a corset; it made my waist look tiny though it was a bit uncomfortable. The stallholder assured me I would soon get used to it and I have to say it looked very horny.

Next we looked at nipple clamps. My Master had asked me several times to have my nipples pierced for him, but I had flatly refused saying they were too big, it would hurt too much. He had maintained that it was because they were so big they would look fantastic pierced, but I had dug my heels in on that one, even using the safe word. It looked as if we had found a compromise: I allowed him to buy me some nipple clamps, the proviso being they would not be too tight as standard ones would really hurt my large nipples. He also got some fine chain to link the clamps together. They did look very sexy especially with the slave outfit and even just trying them on did weird things to me.

It made us both laugh when a man told my master that I had lovely tits but he ought to get them pierced. He also asked if I had a pierced clit.

We wondered around some more and my master couldn’t resist buying a little maids outfit for me, with a short skirt and frilly apron.

“Well, I do ask you to do the odd bit of housework now and then”, he said, “You may as well look the part.”

When we got back home I dressed in the maids outfit and tidied round the apartment whilst my master got on with some work at his computer, though I’m not sure how much work got done!

He called me over and explained to me that it was time to train me a bit more, as I was getting too cheeky and bold, and was not being properly submissive. (I daresay you may have noticed this already, but my Master isn’t quite like the ones you tend to read about in stories; we have a very real relationship, of which his being my Master is just part) He told me I must learn some slave positions and must instantly assume a position when ordered to by him or any of his friends.

The first was “kneel”, where I was to kneel up, facing him, looking down at the floor but with my hands held tightly behind my back so that my chest was forced out.

The second was “down”, and I had to kneel facing away from him, my forehead touching the floor and my arse in the air, my knees were to be apart so that my pussy was visible.

The third was “bend” which meant I had to bend at the waist, legs wide apart, hands holding onto my ankles, again facing away from him.

The final one was “sit”, where I had to straddle his lap and offer my tits to be sucked, again looking down. If I was wearing any underwear I was to pull it away from my pussy with one hand assuming my hands were free.

Any failure to do so would be punished. The second and third positions were especially suitable for inspection and punishment, whilst the first and last were particularly suitable for me to pleasure my Master.

We practiced these positions during the afternoon whilst I carried on cleaning. I was too slow coming over to his lap the one time so my nipples were clamped and the screws fastened fairly tightly. I gasped a little bit at that, so was told to fetch my masters crop, then to “bend” and had my bottom smacked several times. The next time I was told to “sit” I rushed across the room and climbed very quickly onto his lap, pulling my frilly panties to one side. My master tweaked my swollen nipples and his hand stroked my smooth pussy,

“My, you are getting very wet,” he murmured, “Kneel, then give me a bj”

“Yes Master” I said and got down to that delicious task, after holding the pose for a few seconds. I held the shaft in both my hands and ran the drops of precum over my lips like lipstick then ran my tongue up and down his erect cock, lapping over the head, feeling his cock grow even bigger…

I worked at him with my hands, taking him deeper into my throat then releasing him and running my tongue down and over him, till I could tell he was about to come. I took him out of my mouth at the last minute so that the cum spurted and spurted into my mouth, a bit going onto my face, which I licked with my tongue.

Then I cheekily climbed onto my Masters lap and kissed him deeply, rubbing my breasts against him.

“Hmm, it seems I can’t stop you from being a cheeky minx,” he laughed.