Written by dr3w

2 Apr 2010

As we arranged I arrive at yours on time. You think it is strange that I'm picking you up as I don't drive, but your happy not to be driving so say nothing. Before we leave I tell you that you need to put this blindfold on. You look at me and say, "what are you upto?" "I say do you trust me?" You look into my eyes and say "yes with my life" and put the blindfold on.

I guide you to the car which is a stretch hummer that I have hired. When you get in there is music playing and I say "give me your hands". I tie your wrists to the head restraint. Seconds later it becomes apparent to you that we are not alone as you feel six sets of hands run over you body and start to undress you. Two of the guys take one each of your massisive tits into their mouth and start to suck and nibble on your breasts. One guy sticks his huge cock in your mouth for you to suck, then two take it in turns to fuck you hard.

You soon realise that you don't feel me touching you and wonder why. After an hour of the six of then using you as their toy, I say "that's it guys" and the limo stops and they all get out and the car starts to go again. I untie you and start to help you get dressed. You look at me and say, "thanks that was so fucking horny but why did you not join in?" I say "how do you know I did not?" "I'd know your touch anywhere and I did not feel it." "That was your treat" I say, "mine is in a bit!" We pull up at a hotel. "What more?" you ask. "Yes are you up for more?" "Yes hun. I've been given my fantasy by you tell me how I can repay the favour?"

We walk in to the hotel and once in the lift I put the blindfold back on and take you to the room. I slowly undress you and put you in the shower and wash every inch of your body. Then I take you out and dry you off kissing and teasing you as I do, then take you back to the bedroom where I take off your blindfold. "This is for me" I say. You see a bunch of toys and a beautiful BBW on the bed. I look at you and say "are you ok with this? I've never ask you before." Before I can finish saying what is coming out of my mouth you kiss me and push me on to the bed where the second girl starts to kiss me and you start to tease my cock. As you are doing this you grab the thai beads off the bed and slowly push them in to my ass, one at a time, then you and the girl both get on top of me. You climb on my cock and she sits on my face.

You both start to ride me and kiss each other, playing with each others tits, massaging each others nipple and nibbling then. I cum and you then start to play properly with the girl and put on a show for me. As she licks out my cum from you she shoves a huge dildo in your arse and and you scream "Im cumming." As you do we both put our faces between your legs and you squirt all over us, then we start to lick the juices off each others faces.

After this we all start to fuck each other in every way possible. You both suck my cock till I say "I'm cumming" and as I do you pull the beads out and I shot with greater force than you have seen before.