28 Aug 2015

I am a BBW, I wake up in the night and I am desperate for a fuck. I play with myself. But I can not get satisfied. I decide to go out on the prowl and go to a bar to have a drink. I don't meet anyone and decide to go home. I have to stop for a pee and stop in a lay-by. There are 2 trucks parked up and they are in darkness. I start to pee behind one of them, but just as I am half way through I hear a cough, I turn round and find a bloke staring at me. He was the truck driver and had got out to pee. I finished peeing, but was feeling so horny. He introduced himself as Dan, he was 56 from up north. He had a pee whilst I watched him. I licked the last drops of pee from his cock, and then started to suck his cock. I then moved down to his balls. I love to suck balls, I licked his arse, and sucked his balls. He became so hard, I put the whole of his cock in my mouth, I was so gagging for it. Dan asked if he could go down on me, he didn't need to ask twice. I have not been fucked for 8 years. I lay down in his truck, he licked my fanny, wet from my excitement and from my play earlier, also from my own pee which he licked clean. He fingered me and sucked my tits...48dd. I was so excited. We suddenly heard another voice, the other driver from the other truck wanted to join in. He started by going down on me, Dan got into the drivers side and fondled my breasts and sucked and bit my nipples one at a time. The other lorry driver, who did not speak much english started to fuck me, he was so rough and came within a few minutes. Dan licked me clean and started calling me a fucking whore he smacked my arse so hard, I ended up with a bruise. He put me on my front and then fucked my arse, he came in my arse. Lorry driver number 2, started to have a pee. I got down on my knees on the concrete and started to drink what I could. After he finished, I sucked his cock until he was hard again. His cum was dripping from my mouth. I just wished that there were other drivers there, I could have kept going. I went home, lay on my bed and with the smell of the 2 lorry drivers I fucked myself with my vibrator and a butt plug up my did not take long for me to cum. Going for a play now at the thought of it xxxxx