9 Jul 2019

Like a lot of men hubby had often fantasised about me being fucked by another man but out turns out he got more than he bargained for. We talked it through and decided on a few ground rules. Hubby would be there, it would only happen if we both agreed and condoms must be used and that’s as far as it went.

A month or so later a colleague from work was leaving and we all went for drinks after work. During the evening we all had a good time and after a few hours people started drifting off home. I was at the bar when a young guy in his early 30's inadvertently bumped into me I turned to see what was happening when he just smiled and quipped" fancy bumping into you here" I shook my head and replied "do you want a cracker to go with that cheesy line" to which he replied " I had to say something in case you had a go at me" he introduced himself as Steve and we started to chat at the bar and he asked me what I was doing there I told him I was out with the work lot but they were all drifting off home he told me he was just having a quick one before going home. we carried on chatting and he started to get quite friendly innocently putting his had on my knee and each time he put his hand on my leg it was a little higher.

I was enjoying the attention of this quite a bit younger guys so I started to flirt with him and he started to flirt back. I asked if he had a wife or girlfriend at home to which he replied he was single and had been for about six months. He asked if I were married as he saw my wedding ring or just wear it to keep away unwanted attention. I told I was married and told him about hubby wanting me to be fucked by another guy to which he replied he would be up for that. I started to get a bit turned on but held back as the deal was hubby was to be involved.

About 10 I said to Steve that I should be making a move but if he gave me his number I would talk to hubby and see what he said. he gave me his number and offered to walk me to the car park as he was going anyway. in the car park we said our good byes . Steve asked if there was any chance of a goodnight kiss I thought why not what harm is a kiss. as he moved in for a kiss he held me tight in his arms and pulled me in close and starting to kiss me quiet passionately reaching down to my arse and giving it a good squeeze I could feel his bulge growing in his jeans I don't know hat got into me but I reached down and started to rub his cock ,feeling it grow in his jeans. he broke the kiss and asked if he could take me back to his .I know I shouldn't have but I agreed. he said I should follow him back to his

Pulling up outside his he invited me in. once inside I asked if he lived alone he said he shared the house with a mate but he was out for the night. we started kissing and our hand over each others bodies . Steve lead me to the lounge and I sat down on the sofa. it wasn't long before he was rubbing my pussy through my trousers I could feel my pussy getting wet as I was rubbing his growing cock. Steve undid his trousers" is this what you are after" he said "oh yes I replied as I started to wank his descent size cock. I bent down and teased the tip with my tongue before taking in all in my mouth and started to suck his cock. After a few minutes he said " you have too many cloths on, I want to get my hands on that sexy little body of yours". I took his cock out of my mouth and we both stood up and got undressed, I don't think i've ever undressed so fast and we were soon naked in front of each other .

Steve promptly reached down and started to play with my already wet pussy before slipping a finger inside me. he worked my pussy like a pro and soon had me cumming as I was wanking his cock faster and faster. my pussy was getting so wet Steve slipped another finger in my pussy he reached to my nipple and started to play with it driving over the edge as another orgasm ripped through my body. he pulled me close to him and started to kiss me rubbing his cock against my pussy teasing my pussy opening. " I think we should use a condom as I said to hubby I would, do you have one" I asked he replied he hadn't as he don't like them. My heart sank then he said "wait a minute I think my housemate has, I will be right back" he left the room for what seemed like an eternity but in reality was probably only a couple of minutes. he return proudly holding a condom , quickly rolled it on. he sat on the sofa I straddled him a guided his cock in my pussy and started to ride him. his cock filling my pussy I was soon cumming again" you're a good fuck you sexy little slut" hearing him say that just turned me on even more and I rode him even harder.

He lifted me off his cock and stood up behind me " you need to be fucked from behind " he said with a dominant tone in his voice. he bent me over and pushed his cock in my wet pussy and resumed fucking me. Something felt different about his cock I reached between my legs where his cock was going in and out my pussy OMG I couldn't feel the condom" I think the rubber has come off" "no it hasn't "he replied " I took it off ,I prefer fucking a pussy bareback" I should have told him to stop but I was enjoying to much for that " well you best fuck me then" I said . he fucked me hard calling me a little married slut . he fucked for what seemed like ages before he grunted and cried out that he was going to cum. I felt his cock start to throb as he filled my married pussy with his spunk" fill me up "I cried out, he fucked me for a while longer before pulling out leavening a trail of spunk running down my leg.

he sat on the sofa looked at me and said " I think you should clean this up as he waved his cock in front of me. I did as I was told and knelt between his legs and took his semi harm cock in my mouth and sucked it clean tasting his spunk and my pussy juice. It was then I heard the front do go I glanced round to see his housemate standing at the door. I realised that I was bent over in front of him and he could clearly see my bare arse and pussy." my what have we here than "Steve's mate asked " I picked her in the pub, her husband wants her to fuck other men so I thought id oblige" well in that case I may as well help out" his mate chuckled as he walked over to us un zipped his fly and pulled out his cock. I promptly proceeded to take it i'm my mouth and suck on it like a woman possessed " fuck she is good "Steve's mate exclaimed" Where is her phone we need to send her husband some pics of his wife" I stopped for a moment but was told to carry on . Steve returned with my phone and took a couple of pics of me with his mates cock in my mouth. "enough of this I need to fuck this slut!" Steve's mate Colin laid me on the sofa lifted my legs in the air and sunk his cock into my pussy and started to fuck me fucking like an animal .making me cum over and over I never dreamt id enjoy being a slut but I was. Steve took the opportunity to take a couple more pics of Colin fucking me. "what's your husbands name I want to send him the pics" Steve asked "No don't do that" I replied in the middle of being fucked "if you don't tell me I will send it to all your contacts"" no don't do that his name id Chris" a couple of minutes later Steve said "all done"

Steve knelt beside me" I've got something for you "he said as he offered me his cock. o took it in my mouth and proceeded to suck it being a true slut with a cock in each end. Colin started to fuck me harder and deeper then I felt him release his spunk in my pussy then just after I felt Steve cum in my mouth as I swallowed it all which was quite a lo considering he had already cum once. Colin pulled his cock out of my spunk filled pussy pulled his trousers up and said he was going to bed.

I got dresses and Steve showed me to the door and thanked me foe an enjoyable evening and said if I wanted a repeat performance I had is number. I got in the car and started to drive home it was then it hit me what would hubby say. I Pulled up outside hoping he was asleep but the bedroom light was on I walked in the house and went upstairs to find hubby watching TV in bed" have a good evening "he asked" judging by the picture you sent me it looks like you did. I spent the next 30 mins telling him all that had happened and he took it well and all he really said was that now its my turn. He fucked me but it didn't feel the same I liked the thrill of being a slut to other men. maybe I should give Steve a ring

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