24 Feb 2019

Here is just a fantasy I think about while I masturbate. We have taken a ride up to a quiet local dogging site. It's a beautiful mild evening with clear star filled skies. I'm wearing a sheer silk dress that buttons up and just a skimpy pair of knickers on underneath. You can see my breasts through the dress although it's unbuttoned revealing them my long blonde hair draped over them hiding my erect nipples.

There are three guys stood by watching me and you in the car. You put a blind fold over my eyes and beccon them forward. I feel the men touch my body and nipples. You hold onto my hands from behind so I can't touch or stop them from touching me. I writh my body trying to escape your hold. A hand reaches down and feels a damp patch in my knickers and teases his hand against my crotch. I'm so fucking aroused from the foreplay and feel ready for that body tingling moment of climax.

One of the three guys gets on his knees and pushes my legs open and pushes his hot tongue inside me and sucks on my clit covering his tongue with my juices. He sees that im aroused and once again pushes his nose up against my crotch to smell my sex.

Two of the other guys stand watching while wanking and explode covering my tits with a massive load of spunk. They start rubbing the spunk into my breasts making a sticky mess. You rub the cum too and push a cum soaked finger into my mouth. I'm a mess and dying for an aroused kiss from you. The waiting and the ache of my clit drives me nuts and I'm having a new kind of reaction one of thought not touch. I don't know what's happening in my mind and I can't see anyone because of the blindfold but every moment is so hot and turning me on insanely.

The guy who was between my legs stands up and holds my head while he pushes his big cock into my mouth. You let go of my hands and guide his fat cock into my mouth and then into your mouth. Together we suck his cock taking turns to take it deep into our mouthes. He pulls his cock out and while you wank him he cums over my face covering it in thick white spunk.

With a few guys looking on you remove my blindfold. I see your beautiful eyes staring at me while you spread my legs open again my crotch is dripping wet and inviting. I groan loudly. You've had enough of watching and staring at my naked body and allowing others to enjoy it. You pull your trousers down and teases your penis head against my sensitive vaginal wall, not pushing it in, but each time rubbing it against my clit. Fuck!!!! It makes me moan so loudly and I want more. I can't remain quiet and I feel and I feel your lips on mine at last. Mmmmmm, that's it, fuck yeah... soon good!!!

You still havnt pushed your fat cock into me. I'm so close to climax as you rub your chest against my spunk covered tits and kiss my spunk covered face, they stick together with the creamy mess already put there and it feels so fucking good. I'm so close.... yeah that's it, pull out and rub it against my wet clit one more time. Fuck yeah!!!! I grip my hand around your head tightly and you feel my orgasm gush throughout my body. It shakes my body with endorphins,  and you push your cock in, pumping me hard while we kiss harder. Your goatee is soaked in spunk from kissing me and rubbing your face in the spunk all over my body and face, and we fuck until you can't take my moans any longer, and thrust into me so hard and you explode inside me your cum mixing with mine and dripping out of my vagina.

Two other guys have joined the session and you hold my legs open while they wank off over my cream filled pussy. You get on your knees and clean it up with your tongue and pull yourself up to give me a spunk filled mouth full as you kiss me thrusting your tongue and the hot spunk into my mouth.

Lyne xx