Written by Anonymous

29 Jul 2019

Julie and I had been married for about 4 years and she knew from the start that I wanted her to finger my hole during sex. This led to her sometimes using her vibrator on me while I sucked her clit but sometimes she would use a strap-on double ended dildo so we both got pleasure.

I worked from home and Julie travelled the country as a rep so she would sometimes be away for a week or more. We had no kids so to help pay the mortgage; we rented our spare rooms to a couple of lodgers called Phil and Stuart.

Julie and I were never quiet when we fucked and when Julie was away, the three of us would watch porn and they would joke about how it was good to hear us having such fun and if we wanted they would happily join in.

When she returned home a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned this to Julie and she said we should leave the door open so they could watch us having fun. I thought she was joking but that night she told them that they could watch if they wanted.

I was secretly hoping they would, but when they actually came into the room, I was worried. Julie was fucking me with her dildo and I thought they might think it was a bit weird.

They were both naked and were obviously hard. Stuart asked if Julie wanted him to take over with fucking me. She looked at me as if to ask if that was OK. I kind of nodded and before I knew what was happening, Stuart’s fat cock was pounding me and Julie had started to suck Phil’s cock.

I’d never had a real cock inside me, but the feel of it was so good. As his balls were banging against my arse, I could feel his full 8”cock pushing at my P spot. I was moaning so loud, that Phil and Julie had stopped and she told Phil to fuck my mouth instead while she used her vibrator on herself. All of a sudden, I had a cock in both my holes. The head of Phil’s cock was actually fucking my throat and without even touching my own cock, I started to come. My arsehole involuntarily and repeatedly squeezed Stuart’s cock so much that suddenly, he came inside me at almost the same time that Phil came in my mouth. I swallowed eagerly and knew that I definitely wanted more cock.

Stuart went for a quick shower, but Phil was amazingly still hard. He took the vibrator from Julie’s cunt and winking at me, lifted her up so she could sit on his cock. As I watched her getting fucked, Stuart came back into the room. We were both soon hard again and as I pushed my cock into her mouth, Stuart pushed her forward slightly and although I thought he was fucking her arse, he was actually pushing his cock alongside Phil’s into her cunt. She was moaning louder than I have ever heard her and she was obviously having multiple orgasms because I was able to hold her head and quite literally fuck her throat. She told me later that double penetration was amazing and I said I’d maybe someday like to try it.

After Phil and Stuart came inside her, they told me I should clean her up. Since I now knew I liked the taste of cum, I eagerly complied. Unbelievably, Phil was still hard, and he took advantage of my very willing arse. As he banged my hole over and over again, Stuart fucked my wife’s mouth.

The following day, they told us that we would be having a party over the weekend. We had no idea what they meant until a large group of people (10 men and 2 women) arrived and began taking off their clothes....

Julie was soon quite literally impaled by a huge man (I mean 10” huge!) who carried her upstairs with her legs wrapped around his waist and a look of ecstasy on her face. They were followed by two of the other men. Stuart and Phil went up with the women and 4 of the other men.

I was left with 3 strangers who were obviously horny and looking at me. I decided that I should enjoy myself and began sucking the nearest cock. Before long, I had a cock up my arse. The third man was left out so I tried to suck him off too. I couldn’t get 2 cocks in my mouth so I said that he could try double fucking my arse.

I said I’d never had 2 cocks before, so they slowly stretched my hole with their fingers using loads of lube and then gently began pushing together. I thought I would never take it but before long, they were both in!

They were both thrusting hard into me at different times. (I now knew how Julie felt) and I also had the pleasure of a cock fucking my throat.

Over the weekend, we all swapped around. I fucked and got fucked. I think new people arrived too but it was all so fantastic, it was just a blur of almost continual orgasms

I even got the 10” man up my arse. To begin with that was actually too much for me, but he never seemed to get tired and after about 30 minutes, it just became heaven...even more so, when Julie rode my cock while Phil fucked her mouth.

Stuart hosts these parties every month and I think he is probably making money by selling us as sex slaves as he also takes us dogging to some nearby woodland places a couple of nights a week where a lot of random men will fuck us. There’s also a Club in the city with dark areas, swings and large glory holes where we roam around naked and get fucked over and over again.

We don’t care though because we can’t get enough hard cock.