Written by Anonymous

8 Jul 2019

This is completely fiction but you never know what might happen.

After speaking to a couple on here things seemed to be going well, and although the female ( I will call her J and her partner A) J is very shy we agreed to meet for coffee to chat and see if we all felt comfortable.

I arrived at the pre arranged place some 5 mins early got a coffee and sat and waited, as arranged J&A arrived they both spotted me and came over J sat opposite me as A went off to get drinks for them.

We J and I made small talk the usual stuff weather etc until A came back with their drinks.

We all sat chatting for a while then A asks what my interest in them was. So I told them what I was looking for and what I like.

J & A sat and listened intently until I finished with and what about you both.

A took the lead saying what they hoped for with J listening she then said hopefully you will maybe kind enough to explore with us.

Wow my lucky day. Well of course I would love to help. We agreed to meet in a couple of hours time.

Again arriving before time I sat and waited.

They pulled up at the arranged place they got out of their car and joined me in mine.

We had agreed where we were heading which was not far at all. Upon arriving I was asked to wait in my car for about 10 mins then to follow the path.

This I did. As I walked slowly down the path in the wooded area I saw them lent against tree he has his in her knickers and she was stroking his cock, I stood where I was not wanting to interrupt.

Then as I watched J went to her knees full undone A trousers as she kissed the top of his cock, cupping his balls she slid her tongue down his shaft slowly and back up again circling his cock head she opened her mouth and slid the head in slowing sinking his shaft in to her mouth teasing her mouth up and down sometime just the tip other time all the way to his balls and she lightly squeezed them. A waved for me to come closer.

It wasn't long before A held J's head you could tell he was cumming I could hear her swallowing his seed.

As J stood she saw me with my cock out slowly stroking it to life, A said now his turn J just nodded.

To be continued