12 Apr 2016

Stripped for action. Fiction/Fantasy

Well I have been talking to a bloke on here and I told him about somethings, like we do when we connect with other people.

Anyway we arranged to meet up one evening, I turned up at his house and he invited me in and took me the front room. I sat on the settee and we had a chat and he offered me a drink, we sat talking and drinking larger. We finished them and he got another couple of beers and sat next to me. He put his hand on my knee and started running it gently up and down my leg. He then said lets get undressed and then we can have some special time.

We stood and he undressed me slowly taking in my aroma, he breathed slowly and started kissing my body as he stripped me.

When I was naked and standing there, he gave me another drink, then he started to strip in front of me, slowly unveiling his body taking ages to get naked watching my cock all the time he was stripping watching my cock get semi hard and rise to the occassion.

Now naked he approached me and started feeling me all over, my cock now standing to attention he slowly wanked me then out the blue he kissed me and his other hand on my arse with his finger in the crease. Um that feels good. Do you like that? Um yes but not really in to kissing, but it was nice.

He led me by the hand and said lets go where we will be more comfortable. Then we walked to another room and he opened the door and he motioned to me to go in, he followed and shut the door behind us and stood against the door.

In the room were about 10 blokes all naked, a couple advanced to me and started running their hands over me and my cock started to rise for everyone to see. One of the blokes said look lads he like being played with. I think we should give him some special treatment. Would you like that he said, like what? Some very special attention, as one of the blokes dropped to his knees and started sucking me. All I could muster was a deep Ummm.

With that I was held from behind and my wrist were tied together, led over to a padded bench bent over it and my wrists were tied down. Then my legs were spread apart and restrained to the legs of the bench.

Then they all walked round me feeling me up and remarking how nice I looked and touching me.

Then one said lets see if he like to suck cock? With that he put his cock in my mouth and said suck it.

Which I did in innocence. Um he like to suck his cock, His cock shows that, standing to attention. Then my arse was rubbed and gel applied and then fingered, with my mouth full how could I complain, or did I want too. I was fingered and then he was playing with my cock and balls. He put a finger in my arse one from each hand and pulled my arse apart and someone was taking photo’s of everything that was happening to me. He has a nice tight little hole here lads, I think it needs filling. With that he put on a condom and pushed his hard cock in to me till it was all the way in me, Ah he is fucking tight just like a little virgin. He said I am going to enjoy fucking him. With that he started to fuck me hard, he had been fucking me for about 5 minutes when he pulled out of me and another cock was slipped straight in me and carried on fucking me. The first bloke came round the front of me and said did you like me fucking you I just nodded with that he put his cock in my mouth and pulled my head further on to his cock and slot his load down my throat. There was a lot of it, it was all I could do was to swallow it. He said to his mates, The boy swallows too. So that is how the evening went on every time someone was close to cumin they removed the condom and fucked my mouth and unloaded in me. 11 cock up my arse and 11 loads down my throat. A few of them had sucked me while I was restrained and being fucked they started to get dressed and some started to leave. As they did, each one of them smacked my arse and said we will have a repeat performance with you soon. When they had gone, the bloke I had arranged to meet in the first place said to me did you like that? I said yes but if I hadn’t, there wasn’t much I could have done about it? He hadn’t untied me and then started to use me for some one to one pleasure of his own, he sucked me till I was almost cumin then fucked me for about 10 minutes then unloaded in my mouth and made me keep sucking him clean he then sucked me to completion and swallowed me cleaned me up then he untied me. Led me by the cock to the shower soaping me all up slipping his fingers in my arse covered in shower gel when I was all clean he told me to get dressed. When dressed he thanked me for giving so much pleasure. I’ll call you he said. Led me to the front door and said goodnight.