13 Oct 2017

I’ve contacted Jeff and it’s all arranged for tonight, I tell Cy to strip naked and just put her big black coat over her. “Why what are we doing?” she asks. I tell her it is the treat I promised you, we are going out and you said you would do whatever I asked without question. She smiles and without another word goes upstairs and does exactly what I have told her. I drive her to the car park telling her we are going dogging, being very naive she asks what dogging is? I say you will soon find out, we get to the car park, there are three cars parked again up in the far corner leaving a space right in the corner, I pull into the space. “What are we doing?” she asks. Don’t worry I reply just start kissing me and let me undo your coat. I’ll give her credit she did as I asked her. Soon there are faces at the window, Jeff is there and big mouth and his mate from the last time but also another guy who I don’t know. I can hear Cys breathing getting heavy and can sense as I am kissing her she is getting worked up with these blokes watching her. I open her coat wide and reached over opening the door, ask if anyone would like to join in. They are like bees round a jam pot trying to get in. Hang on a minute I shout give her a chance, let her get into the back seat there’s more room. I lean over her, kiss her and say this is your treat, another night you’ll never forget are you OK. She smiles and getting out of the car gets into the back seat.

Within seconds there are two guys in the back seat, one either side of her, they have her big coat wide open exposing all the front of her, each guy has a leg hooked inside one of hers pulling them apart as far as they would go. One has a hand on her tit whilst sucking the other nipple. The other has about four fingers up her fanny as far as they will go whilst kissing her. She has her back to the seat and a dick in both hands but the guy I didn’t know has a dick that must be 8 inches or more and she can’t get her fingers around the girth. She’s writhing and groaning with pleasure as the Big Dick moves his hand from her tit and starts rubbing her stomach. He then let’s go of her and gets out of the car, “get out slut and bend over lean on the seat” he says. She smiles and does as she’s told; leaning across the seat she’s looking straight at the second guy’s dick so she gets hold of it with her hand again and starts to wank him.

I lean in the car from the other side to get a better view, when all of a sudden big mouth from the previous session pushes me in from behind; I sprawl across the guy she is wanking. “Get your mouth round that smart arse,” big mouth say’s. I try to get up but he pushes me down again and the guy on the seat gets hold of me while big mouth unfastens my pants and pulls them down to my ankles so I can’t get up or do anything. The guy holding me says “Oh yes get your fucking mouth round this”. Cy is looking straight into my eyes about a foot away, smirks and says “Serves you right, it’s what your always telling me to do so you see what it’s like.” She doesn’t realise that I have recently reawakened an old lust that has lay dormant with me for 50 years and I can’t resist sucking cock. The guy gets hold of my head and pushes it over his rampant dick. “Go on” Cy shouts “get it in.” So I open my mouth and he shoves it in and pulls my head down till it’s at the back of my throat and I’m nearly choking. I control myself and look up into her eyes at that moment big dick stood behind her rams his massive weapon into her. I see her wince for a second then a huge smile breaks out on her face, “Oh fuck that’s lovely,” He say’s as I can see him pumping backwards and forwards building up a rhythm.

“Come on slut” the other guy says whose cock I have got throbbing in my mouth “get fucking moving” I look at Cy she’s smiling at me, “Well don’t just lie there slut get sucking.” She says, so I start to warm to the task. Cy and I keep looking in each other’s eyes, I see her getting worked up as big dick starts to groan and hammer his huge weapon home. Her breath is coming in short gasps her cheeks are red. Suddenly he slows down, and withdraws and looks across at me, he doesn’t want her to come yet I thought but no he’s looking behind me.

Suddenly I feel wetness around my bottom and big mouth is stood behind me applying lube to my anus and his dick. I haven’t signed up for this so I try to get up but I can’t move, the first guy is holding my head over his dick. I struggle at first but as I feel his finger rubbing the lube round and sliding slowly into my hole the excitement starts to build up. Fuck I can’t believe it, my stomachs churning again the excitement mounts I’m getting flushed, I’m going to be fucked and I’m that exited I can’t wait, hell I want it.

Big dick suddenly calls across, “That’s it Bill give the slut a good fucking.” I can feel big mouths dick start to press against my hole when suddenly Cy shouts “Stop.” I feel a bit relieved as she walks round to my side of the car wrapping her coat round her. She’s going to stop it, I think perhaps it’s as well. When she gets next to me I can’t see her as big mouths mate has still got hold of me.

“What do you want?” Big mouth say’s to her. “I want to see this” she replies I feel her hand get hold of the cheek of my arse and pull it aside, she gets hold of Big Mouths dick with the other one and with his thrust shoves it into my hole. At first the pain is incredible but once the head is in I relax and it’s as if it’s sucked the rest of the way in up to the hilt. Cy leans over and whispers to me, “Take that slut; I want to see him give you’re arse a good fucking. That’s what you always wanted to do to me, now see how you like it.” Big mouth starts to fuck me bringing his dick right to the edge then ramming it in. The pain is excruciating at first but then eases off. After a while he takes it right out then keeps pushing it in and out several times. I am going through the pain barrier every time it enters. “Right bitch he says how do you like that?” I can hear Cy encouraging him, then she calls to Big Dick, he goes round. “Come on big boy, you fuck him with that thing you’ve had up me see how he likes it.

So big mouth stops his tormenting of me but I’m suddenly trembling, the thought of this huge cock and the girth terrifies me. I feel a load of lube being slapped around and inside, my backside is already as sore as fuck. I hear Cy’s voice, “right Bill let me guide it in I want a real good view of this.” She pulls one of my cheeks apart and I feel someone else pull the other.(I later found out it was Jeff trying to make it easier for me). Getting hold of his dick she puts it just over my hole. “Are you ready darling, I can’t wait to see you enjoying this little chappy that I’ve had to have shoved up me. Go Big Dick go, give him a good fucking. With that a searing pain shoots through me, my head burst’s into stars and my legs almost gave way. I have managed to get the guys dick out of my mouth while this is going on but he keeps hold of me. I give a cry as I feel the huge head thrust inwards, split my tight hole and then push on the sphincter. As that begins to give I give out a long cry of pain, it seems to last minutes it is probably seconds before the head finally goes through and as the sphincter slips over the head, the pain becomes almost bearable, but I still feel stretched past the limit.

My head starts to clear a bit and I can hear Cy saying. “Right Take it right out, let’s give him the pleasure of getting it in again, wait till I give you the go all right. With that she move’s round the car to the other side and leans in on the seat her face looking at mine. He’s taken it out but I’m still in agony, the tears are rolling down my cheek, she holds my cheeks as she kisses me. “Enjoying it darling? Don’t look, sad don’t worry he’s not stopped you’re going to get some more.” She looked up across at big dick, then looking into my eyes she says, “This is a night you’ll never forget darling, right give it him” Again I feel tortuous stretching and stretching until I think I am being torn apart, the pain is excruciating, I’m being torn to pieces. The last thing I see is Cy’s smiling face a foot from mine as I shut my eyes and cry out and the tears come down my face again. I hear her say “Go on Bill give him a good fucking” then she kisses me and says “Excuse me love but I have to go and watch I can’t miss this” With that she walks to the other side of the car and I hear her say “Bill get behind me and finish me off I’m gasping for it.”

With that she puts one hand on the car the other on my side and bends over watching Big Dick fucking me her face about a foot away, while big mouth gets behind her lifts her coat up and starts fucking her. Meanwhile my guy decides he wants part of the action and gets my mouth over his dick again. Big Dick really gets into his rhythm now and is slamming it all the way until you can hear his groin slapping on my arse. Within a minute or so my guy shoots his load into my mouth, I swallow it down quickly and get my head up, I am in agony. Big dick is having a great time, I pray for him to come quickly. I can hear Cy getting thrashed just behind me her breath is coming quicker. Then to my immense relief big dick begins to cry out and slams harder into me, then all at once he grabs my waist and ram’s it as far as he can into me and cries out. I would love to say I felt a flood of hot spunk spurting into me filling my orifice again and again as he pumped on and on but I didn’t feel a thing, all I felt was pain. When he finally slipped it out my legs sagged and I rested my knees on the seat.

It was finally over, I had heard Cy cry in the throes of her orgasm watching big dick come into me, which then set off Big mouth as he shot his load into Cy. Thank God I thought, relieved it was all over. But no I heard big dick say Come on Jeff, it’s your turn fuck the slut he’s been broke in for you. I heard Jeff say “No it’s all right I don’t need it tonight and I think he’s had enough”.

“Fuck that “says big dick, “get over here and get your dick stuck up him, we don’t want to let him down do we? Then again perhaps you want us to see to you.” Jeff came over I felt him gently get hold of my waist, I felt his dick between my cheeks. He leaned over and whispered in my ear “I’m Sorry”. “Don’t worry,” I said “put it in quickly while it’s still gaping it will go in easier and please enjoy it.” He straightened up and I felt it go in. It was sore but there was no pain as on the previous occasions. He soon got a lovely gentle rhythm going and I thought one day when I’ve recovered I would really like to enjoy this. I even tried to give his dick a squeeze but it was too much. Within a very short time however I felt his hands tighten on my waist, he cried out and empted his semen in me to mix with that of big dicks. He drew it out and the guy in the car finally let go of me.

Pulling my pants up a bit I walked round the front of the car squatted down and emptied as much out of me as I could. Wrapping a tissue between my legs I pulled my pants up and collapsed onto the back seat of the car I was wrecked. The other guy had gone back to his car with big mouth. Big dick had regained his erection and I could see through the windscreen he had Ci on the bonnet of the car with her legs over his shoulders and his huge dick was well ramming into her. Jeff sat next to me in the car apologising. “Don’t worry; you were the best thing about tonight, apart from seeing Cy get a good fucking”. “Doe’s it not bother you, seeing her shagged like that?” He asked nodding in their direction, I looked at them in front of us, “Well It doe’s a bit, I wouldn’t like them to damage my bonnet.” He laughed. “Do you know we have met twice now and you have never climaxed yet, can I undo your pants now and help you?” I looked at him I felt like anything but, yet he was so caring and gentle and looked so sad. “Go on, please do I would love it.” He took out my dick and putting it in his mouth started to work me, it felt absolutely wonderful. I put my head back on the seat and run my fingers through his hair as I watched Cy performing on the bonnet, she was loving it. After a while I was getting excited and I could tell she was going to come again any second, my dick started to react and I started breathing heavy. Jeff kept up his cock sucking as I watched her face. At that moment Big dick did what he does best and crying out rammed his dick as far as it would go, as he emptied his balls of every last drop of spunk he had. It must have shot straight into her uterus it was that far up. Cy cried out in her orgasm, wrapped her legs round him to lock him in, he wasn’t going anywhere until she had squeezed the last drop out of him, at the same time my dick exploded into Jeffs mouth and pumped and pumped even after there was nothing to come, then it stopped, I felt totally exhausted.

“That was the most wonderful experience ever, I love being with you, can we meet again?” Jeff asked, “Preferably on our own” I replied “and perhaps in a hotel, it would be much nicer.”

Jeff smiled and got out of the car, “Be in touch” he said. “I can’t wait.” I replied. Big dick got dressed and went to his car; Cy fastened her coat up the front and got in the front of ours. “Thank you so much darling, that was a lovely surprise, I’ve had a fabulous night and as I said I think you’ve had a night you’ll never forget