Written by juicylucy

10 Aug 2010


I am a 44 year old BBW, this is my fantasy. I like the older man…over 60…..could this be you. I stop off at a road side café, I need to go to the loo, there is only one and it is out of order. It is 10.30pm and the café closes at 11pm. I feel embarrassed by walking in, so I order a coffee. There are 2 guys on one table, they are a bit loud and leery, although I wouldn’t mind them fucking me, I worry that they might make a scene. I go and sit by 2 guys who are a little more mature, I say hello to them as I sit down. I get my book out, but notice one of the older guys is looking at my breasts. I pull my top down slightly so the guy can see a bit of my cleavage. I reckon one was early 60’s and the other maybe late 60’s or early 70’s. They ask me what I am reading we talk a bit about the book…it’s a bit dirty…..and I tell them that I have just read about 2 guys fucking a woman. The guys get a twinkle in their eyes, and I begin to wonder if they would be on for a bit of fun. They ask me to join them…which I do. By this time, my bladder is beginning to throb, and this turns me on, I sit quite close to one of the guys, and he touches my knee as I sit next to him, I just smile and open my legs a little bit, his hands moves up my leg a bit, his fingers begin to get to my cunt, I am quite wet at this time, throbbing with excitement and with my full bladder. The guy opposite starts playing with his cock, I take my left shoe off and start to stroke him with my foot. The 2 other guys have left, and we are just left with the guy who is running the caf…he turns out to be a friend of the 2 who I am playing with. He closes the café, and turns off the main lights and asks if he can join in. I am so turned on by this stage that anything goes…I haven’t had sex for 2 years. I get on top of the table, and open my legs, the tables can move, so whilst one of the guys takes off my knickers and starts to finger fuck me, the guy I was stroking with my foot gets his hard cock out and shoves it in my mouth, I start to suck, he has a big cock and I begin to gag but I don’t want him to stop. The café worker starts to get my tits out and sucks on them really hard, I start to wank him whist he is doing that. I then suddenly feel a hard cock up my cunt, the other 2 guys switch and I start to suck the café worker’s balls, I get them whole in my mouth, and wank him with one hand and start to wank the other guy. I feel the guy who is fucking me cum in my cunt, the café worker takes over and starts to suck my cunt and lick all the cum and juices from me. They then stand me up, and I get fisted up my fanny. I am turned on my tummy and something is shoved up my cunt, it was a handle or a bottle or something, the café worker then fucks my arse, I then suck the cock and balls of the guy who has just cum in me, I taste my own juices. The caf workers eventually cums in my arse, they stand me up again and then one fists my arse and the other my cunt……I am so turned on that I want the whole world to fuck me. They continue this for some time, I suck one of the guys off, I am lost to who is who by this time, but he cums in my mouth and I swallow the whole load. My main problem now is I am dying to pee, I tell them this, the loo is out of order, but one of the guys asks me to piss in his mouth, so I oblige and sit over his mouth and try to get my piss in his mouth. He then licks me clean, one of the other guys needs to piss, and my arse hole is still expanded so he has a go at pissing in there, the guy that has just swallowed my piss, then licks my arse and cunt and gets what he can of the other piss. The guys were meeting to go dogging, and they ask me to go with them, one of them has a van, we soon get to the site, they open the back door, and any of the guys who are there dogging can cum and fuck me, by the end of the night, 6 other guys have fucked me, at one point I am having double penetration….I can barely feel it I am so numb. Suddenly I am left with just the café worker we go back to my car, he then asks to fuck my arse once again….I oblige.