Written by corby_guy

11 May 2008

Last night I sent the Mrs out on a mission. Pulling up outside a busy pub complete with beer garden and play area I slipped her an envelope containing £20 for a cab home, an instruction letter, and a condom.

An hour later she returned and went straight upstairs. I followed 5 minutes later to see that she had done exactly what I told her to do in the note.

The instructions were to get a black guy to fill the condom on site in the pub. I told her I didn’t care how she got it done and didn’t want to know. She could do anything from asking him to DIY in the toilets to fucking him over the pool table. The most important thing was that she returned home, stripped, and showed me the full and tied up rubber in her pussy. Sure enough she was naked on our bed, legs splayed, to reveal the tied end of a rubber showing between her lips.

I gently removed it from her to see the guy had almost filled the whole thing. Got hard wondering how many shots he’d taken or indeed how many big black dicks she had either fucked or played with. I stripped, handed her the rubber, and slid inside her while she pierced the rubber with her fingernails and emptied the lot onto her tits. Watching her rub it all in made me cum quickly. I withdrew and she dutifully sucked me clean.

I still have no idea if she simply sent 1 guy into the toilet or screwed a whole football team of black studs. Might send her out again soon, just need another idea