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It was my 21st birthday, the first day I was permitted to enter the Great Hall. I was dressed in a very thin pink robe. 

I was born in 2062 and trained as an engineer. I lost my virginity when I was 19. While many got married, everyone knew if you wanted to gain promotion you needed to join the party.

I graduated 2nd in my year and my teachers; Carl and Lucy sponsored me to join the 5th Hall. There were many stories of what happened in the Halls, but my sponsors told me there was nothing to fear.

That day was the 1st time I had passed the guarded doors. I went with my sponsors who took me to a small room. 

"Put your belongings in there." Carl instructed, pointing to a tray.

I put my iGate in the tray.

"Unlock it." Lucy required.

I had always been told not to unlock it for others.

Carl pushed the tray with the unlocked iGate into a locker. "It will be checked for bugs and be sent to your room. "Now remove your clothing." Lucy instructed, moving a tray towards me. Of course I had been naked in front of others before but they were just standing there. I put my clothing in the tray, understanding why they had told me to get ready as if I was going on a date. Finally, I was standing naked, I was nervous and a little embarrassed but I wanted to join the party.

"You have a very nice body put this on, be careful not to tear it." Carl handed me a thin pink robe.

I pulled the robe over my head as Carl and Lucy undressed and put everything in a tray each and pushed it into the locker. It was the first time I had seen my teachers naked. Carl had a hard. Carl noticed I was looking. "Yes I would like to fuck you." He was nearly 20 years older than me, but attractive.

"When you are asked your name, it is Gemma Clair, you have no surname, the party is your family now. Are you ready? Lucy said.

"I am." I was not. How could I be? I had no idea what was going to happen. There were stories of new intakes being tied to beds and being used, but I never believed those stories. Still I had no idea what would happen.

The light above the door changed from red to green. Carl and Lucy each took a hand and we entered the Great Hall itself. It was a long Hall. Each side were beds and sofas. On them were naked people, some having sex, others turned to look at me. I was nervous when I started to walk the length of the hall and I became more nervous with each step. 

"You're doing fine Gem." Lucy comforted me.

Towards the end of the hall the beds made way for a pool on the right and on the left a cross with chains and other strange things. Perhaps the stories were true. We kept walking, both hands held. At the end of the hall, 3 steps above the hall was a throne, it was empty, but there was a towel draped over the seat. To the right of the throne was a large bed, on it, a couple were making love. That is what I called it back then. Now I say fucking, but sometimes fucking is more than sex it really is making love.

We stopped in front of the throne. I looked around. We were surrounded by men and women of all colours and ages, mostly very fit.

The man on the bed finished but continued to kiss and fondle the woman. Then he sat on the throne. He looked about 70. "Who comes before us?"

I did not answer, Lucy shook my hand, it reminded me I had to answer. "I am Gemma Clair."

"Why do you come here?" The man asked.

"I come to serve the party." I replied as I had been told I should.

The man swept his hands across his body. Carl and Lucy pulled at a sleeve each. The robe tore down the middle and I was naked in front of over a hundred naked people. 

The man walked towards me. I know I was breathing heavily. I had no idea what he was about to do. Was he going to have me on the big bed in front of everyone?

He stopped in front of me. "You are welcome here. Enjoy our hall." He placed a hand over each ear and bent my head. He kissed me on the forehead and walked back to his throne.

Lucy hugged me and whispered. "Choose someone to fuck." She kissed me on the forehead. It was the first time I felt a woman's body pressed against me.

I looked around at the men, many with hard cocks. I never knew any of them. I had gone to bed with four men, all in privacy, and I knew them all. Now I was expected to have sex with a stranger in front of 100 more strangers. I picked the only man I knew, Carl. "You Carl, I pick you."

Carl took me to the closest bed. He kissed me. I felt his hands on my pushy. Suddenly I was not nervous,  I was wanting,  I wanted him and I did not care who was there. He played with my pussy and I came.  I could see people looking, wanking, feeling each other. Carl took me bareback. I never objected. He filled me, and was soon replaced by another man. I did not object. He did the same and I enjoyed it. There were hands on me. The man filled me and left. Lucy held a breast, I looked at her and she kissed me. I felt a hand on my pussy. I did not care who it was. I came. Lucy leaned back and a man fucked me. Then another hand was on my pussy, it moved to my backdoor. 

"No!" I exclaimed. 

Everything stopped.

Lucy took me to the cafe for a rest and food. "Are you enjoying it?" Lucy asked. 

"I think so."

"Pacy yourself.  You don't have to do everyone or everything tonight.  You were right to say no."

"I was shocked when he touched my bum."

"If you don't like it don't do it."

"No, I mean I remember it from sex education but no one has done it to me."

"It's OK, it's your boundary. No one will force you."

We went back to the pool. Lucy and I sat on the ledge and soon she was fingering me. I started to do the same to her. She was my first woman. It was more comforting than sexy, but I did cum. 

We relaxed in the pool. We were joined by a man.

"This is Edga. He will take you to your room."

That is another story. 

Written by Gem

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