Written by godownonu2

6 Jan 2012

Where did you meet your slut wife? I got mine, (de facto, we haven't done the wedding bit, yet) after a long night of drinking with a biker, playing poker, his mama against my Audi. Five years ago now, here's how it happened.

I live in flat in Sydney where I mostly work. After my divorced I bought a small property in the hills about two hours drive away that I use as a weekender. It's about twenty miles up a narrow winding road once off the freeway. I was driving up there one Friday evening, going quickly as I know the road well, but not racing to get there. With the windows down, stereo loud I enjoyed driving a fast car quickly in the balmy evening air of late summer.

I became aware of a motorbike behind me. He'd been gaining on me and now he'd been on my tail for a couple of minutes. There were very few places to pass on this road, but as we rounded a bend a long sweeping curve to the right became visible, I moved to the left and the biker took the opportunity. In seconds the distinctive blat of a Ducati at full throttle. I noticed the shapely curves of the waistline and bum of his passenger and he was gone, braking hard into the next bend.

I thought to myself 'an accident waiting to happen', given this road at dusk. We get a lot of wildlife here that become active at dawn and dusk. I'd noticed we got more bikers up here on weekends now, the word getting out that this road was a ride with few coppers and little traffic.

About a mile up the road, rounding a bend I saw the red bike laying next to a tree. Screeching to a stop, hazard lights on I called out “Hey, anyone there? You guys OK?” I rushed over to the verge, a narrow strip of thick undergrowth before a steep drop into the deep gully below.

“Awe fuck me!” A male voice called. I rushed over, a guy scrambling up the bank, slipping I held out a hand pulling him up the last bit.

“You OK?” I asked.

“Yeah mate, few bruises. Fuck! Where's Sue?” He looked this way and that, calling her name. We split, looking through the bushes for his passenger. I found her a minute later, tangled in a bush. Reaching down I took her hand. “She's over here!” I called loudly the softly “You OK miss?”

At first she said nothing, then groaned and with some difficulty disentangled her and helped her to her feet, an arm around her slender waist the other taking her hand I helped her up the steep bank, her boyfriend taking her other hand assisting her the last steps up to the road, then removing her helmet.

The guy was in his forties I guessed. They both wore the colours of a well know, how shall we say, motor cycle club? Sounds less sinister than 'bikie gang'. He was tall, maybe 6'2”, square shoulders but a bit of lard around the middle indicated more time at the bar than the gym.

The woman was small, maybe 5'2”, early twenties, blue eyes and strawberry blond hair, high cheek bones and full lips. She struck me as very pretty rather than a great beauty. Her black leathers were quite flattering to her shapely bum and waistline, probably not a huge bust, hard to tell with the square shoulders of the jacket I thought.

The guy was over at the bike now. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck it!” He cursed. The reason became obvious as the handlebars were badly bent, smashed lights, possibly bent forks. Hard to tell in the fading light. “Fucking wombat!” He picked up a rock and through it across the road in the general direction that the animal causing his current distress had scampered.

“Cool it bro! Get yer head together. Face it, you won't be riding that tonight. Come up to my place. We can come back in my truck to collect it. I can take you into town in the morning.” I offered seeing little alternative.

“Oh. Thanks, but I couldn't. I'll call road service.” His anger subsiding he pulled out his mobile.

“No you won't.” I said flatly. He gave me a look, I continued “There's no coverage here. Mobiles sometimes work at the top of the hill on a good day.” He checked and saw I was right.

“Well, if you could bring your truck and drop us into town, I'll make it worth your while, thanks mate.”

“How about you both come up to the house with me.” He was very reluctant. “Look, your missus looks pretty shaken mate. I think she could do with at least a sit down and a cup of tea eh?” He gazed at his feet sheepishly replying “Yeah, I suppose you're right.”

With that I drove them up to my place. The introductions occurred as we drove; he was Matt, she Sue. They were on their way to meet friends for the weekend but took a detour as they'd heard about this road. A wombat crossing the road, stopping in the middle at their approach, he changing his line through the bend hit a pothole then he's on the gravel verge sliding towards the trees. He finished “Had to put her down or we'd be gonners mate.”

At my place I lead them in, put on a kettle, showing Sue to the bathroom. She was sore from a couple of bruises but the bushes had saved their lives; they could have hit the trees.

I gave her a cup of tea telling her to make herself at home while we got the bike. I loaded a plank and some ropes on my pickup. We retrieved it with some difficulty in the last of the twilight and were back at the house in an hour.

I persuaded them to stay the night as there would be nothing open in town at this hour except the pub and pizza shop. “How's about a beer 'n' steak Friday?” I suggested handing Matt and Sue a couple of cold ones.

“Sounds like a plan!” Matt said. I told them to sit, but Sue had to make herself useful, tossing a salad while I cooked. She was feeling much better now, more scared than hurt. She said it wasn't the first time she'd come off a bike. We chatted, a friendship quickly developing by focussing on things in common. They loved getting away to the bush, favourite bands, gigs we'd been to.

As we ate when I expressed an interested in the biker lifestyle, Matt was quite forthcoming. He said the local chapter was like an extended family, the club as a whole like a tribe. Other clubs were generally the enemy, competing for turf and shall we say, business; but occasionally combined when beneficial if bikies as a group were under threat.

He told me some had wives or girlfriends, other girls were 'mamas'. They might hang around one guy a lot, but were considered a communal resource to be shared by anyone and everyone as desired. They drifted in, usually hung around a few months or years then drifted off if they didn't become a girlfriend. It became obvious Sue was a mama, not a wife; she seemed embarrassed by the exposure.

Wanting to put her at ease I responded “Well, not much different to swingers in their middle-class suburban homes or the rich with their high priced call girls, toy boys and celebrity parties.” They looked at me.

“Well, who'd 've thought. You're pretty broad minded.” Matt said.

“I been around; I try not to judge people. Can't see why people make such a fuss of sex when it's such harmless fun.”

After dinner Sue insisted on doing the dishes. Matt and I sat on bamboo framed easy chairs and a two seater lounge I have out on the large veranda sipping beers and having a smoke. “Thank's mate, for everything. Not many would stop for people like us, much less invite them into their home. I think you're really cool for a dude.” I was about to say something when he continued “The club owes you one. If ever you need a favour, just tell any member you know me, you're a bro.” He held out a hand, we shook on it.

“Well, thanks mate.” I answered sincerely, understanding this was a serious undertaking, not given lightly, and meant a lot to him. Sue joined us, delivering more beers. Before she'd sat down Matt said “Hey Sue, Bob's a bro now. Say thank you to him.”

She put her beer on the coffee table then knelt at my feet, resting her hands on my knees, she looked up at me seductively, pink tongue touching her upper lip, a slow lick making it obvious how she planned to thank me.

My head told me this was uncalled for, that she was letting these goons exploit her for their deviant pleasure; my libido told me I'd love to feel those lips around my cock, and much, much more. It's been said God made man with a cock and a brain, but only enough blood to run one at a time. With my rising cock, my intellect was switched off for the night.

Sue gently pushed my unresisting knees apart, expertly undoing my belt, button and zipper of my jeans. She gently reached into my pants, soft fingers fondling my erection then deftly freeing it from my jocks. She leant low, licking the tip, pursing her lips at the helmet, sucking me into her mouth.

Matt grinned at me. “She's a fucking hot little slut. She would've been keeping four of us happy tonight.” I sat back, lifting my buttocks as she tugged at my jeans, pulling them around my ankles, removing my trainers and then my jeans and jocks, my cock never leaving her mouth. Now she let my cock out, lifting it with finger and thumb, licking my balls and up the shaft, gazing up at me sluttishly with her clear blue eyes.

I stroked my fingers through her wavy red hair, brushing her cheek tenderly. “Mmm, that feels lovely sweetie.” I said softly.

She caught my eye, slurped up the length of my shaft saying huskily “I've had lots... lots and lots of practice.” Then her lips engulfing the head, sucking the shaft deep into her mouth, the barest hint of a gag and I felt the head hard up against the back of her throat, her tongue pressing firmly on the underside of my cock, licking from side to side.

I noticed Sue undoing the button and zipper of her leathers, her right hand slipping between her thighs. Reaching forward I fondled her breasts through her figure hugging red tank top. “Take it off man. She's got the nicest little tits.” Matt egged me on, he sitting back, legs spread wide, a boner obvious beneath his leathers.

I pulled the tank top over her head, she helping me get it off her arms, then her little bra, it falling to the ground at my feet. Sue paused for breath, licking me she said “Mmm, that's a lovely big cock. Hey Matt, can I fuck him? Please. I want to be fucked.”

“Not yet. Suck him off first.” Matt grinned at me. “She's fucking lazy mate. Just likes to lay back, spread her legs and get the blokes to do all the work. I like to make her earn a fucking.” He laughed, Sue set about sucking me off in earnest.

She wanked me as she sucked now. I stroked her hair, sometimes fondling her tits. Matt had undone his leathers now, stripping off. “Ya mind if I join in? I can't just sit and watch this anymore.” He said.

He strode forward, had Sue take off her leathers and black panties. He pushed her face down roughly to my groin, kneeling behind her he slapped her buttocks a couple of times then thrust his cock all the way up her. Sue let out a muffled grunt. I looked concerned but Matt said “Its OK, biker chicks like it rough. Ain't that right Sue”

“Uh” She grunted her agreement, her voice muffled by a mouthful of cock.

“The guys call her Spitroast. Spitroast Sue. She loves a good spit roast, this one.” Matt grinned, picking up her panties, handing them to me. “Get a wiff of this mate!”

I took the proffered article, stretching them out, inspecting the dainty black lace around the legs and waistband, the sheer satin of the fabric felt soft as I brushed it against my cheek. The gusset though was stiffer and sticky. One sniff and they were pretty rank. Matt laughed. “She was fucked by four bro's before we left. Bent over the pool table, one after another.”

I wiffed the panties again, and again. Looking down Sue's back, her head diligently bobbing up and down, the gorgeous curve from her narrow shoulders along her slender waist to her welcoming hips, her buttocks wobbling with each pounding she was receiving got me very aroused. Images of her fucking four guys on a pool table flooded my mind and I felt my orgasm building.

“Oh fuck! Oh! I'm cuming!” I announced, thinking she may want to pull back. No way, this little slut knew her duty, redoubling her efforts, sucking harder, head bobbing faster. I saw beads of sweat at her temples, a dribble running down her cheek. My balls tingled, I squeezed inside to prolong the ecstasy then came with a heaving rush, my hands to her head gripping her hair as my cock throbbed spurt after spurt into her hungry little mouth.

“Ain't that a fucking great mouth fuck!” Matt grinned, thrusting her harder and faster.

Sue's lips closed over my cockhead, then she looked up at me, her mouth agape to show off her tongue relishing my sperm. She swallowed, sluttishly showing off her empty mouth then squeezing my shaft up from the base, milking more sperm onto her tongue, licking it over my cockhead and swallowing. “Did I get it all baby? Did I get it all?” She asked nastily.

“Oh yeah! You got it all baby!” I smiled at her. “Thank you. That was fucking the best head I've ever had sweetie.” I praised her, she smiling proudly then returned to licking my penis while Matt continued fucking her. His slap, slap, slap went on for another five minutes then he came, holding her hips tightly to his loins as he squirted it deep inside her.

Matt kept it in her for maybe another minute or two then I saw his semi-flaccid cock flop out, eight inches of it, glistening with milky cum. The next thing amazed me. Without being told, she turned around, kneeling before the now standing biker, took his cock in her mouth and licked him clean. “Why dirty a hanky when there's a trollop with a tongue.” He grinned at her wickedly.

He sat back on the easy chair. Sue got up. “Hey! Put yer fucking knickers on! Don't yer know it ain't manners to drip all over our bro's floor ya slut!” He slapped her buttocks and she got her dirty pants, pulling them back on. “Jeez, talk about a filthy slut eh?”

“Yeah, I suppose so mate.” I said realising he was a little pissed and probably quick to violence if crossed. Sue went to the kitchen bringing back more beers. “Do you guys ever use condoms?” I asked.

“Yes 'n no. With wives, girlfriends and our mamas we don't. With other sluts we usually do. We don't normally have outsiders fucking our women, but if a mama's being shared we make the others wear 'em. Keeps the club clean eh?” Matt said. “I thought I'd make an exception with you bro, figure you don't get much that'd be filthy; you're probably pretty clean.” He grinned.

“Yeah, I don't come across many like Sue here.” I grinned too, then catching her eye I smiled at her. “Mind if she sits on my knee a while? I'd like to play with her.”

“Suite yourself, she's nothing to me, mate.”

I patted my knee and Sue sat there, my left arm around her, the other hand fondling inner thighs. I took in her scent, could do with a shower, but so feminine. Sue nuzzled her head to my shoulder, her cheek on my chest. “Mmm, you smell nice.” She said softly, her bum squirming on my lap.

Pheromones, I thought. We must have complimentary immune systems. Women are attracted or repulsed by men with different or similar immune systems. A woman can tell by scent with one sniff what scientists need a lab full of equipment to find out in weeks.

I had her sit around, her back against my chest, her legs spread astride mine. I sat back, she relaxing against me as I fondled her breasts. Matt watched on saying “Better show than Friday night TV.”

“Yeah, reception's pretty crap up here” We laughed, “but this one's as pretty a pictures as you'll ever get.” I breathed on her neck making her squirm and giggle. After five minutes I stroked down onto her thighs, then around the curve of her panty legs. Sue sighed, encouraging me with little thrusts of her pelvis. “Does pussy want a pat?” I asked softly in her ear.

“Ooo yes! Please pat my pussy. She loves being stroked.” Sue purred, getting into the game. My crotch was wet with the spunk and pussy juice that had leaked out of her freshly sodden panties. I slipped the index fingers of each hand under the tight elastic. Sue rocked her pelvis up a little giving me better access.

My finger traced over her mound, along the sides of each labia, lightly teasing and arousing her. I took my time, letting the desire to be touched become an aching necessity. Then brushing my finger delicately over the top of her pussy lips, not opening her slit. She flinched and gasped when it made contact with her protruding clitoris. “Pussy likes that?” I whispered.

“Mmm yes! Pussy loves that mister.” Sue purred. I stroked the tip of her clitoris several more times then sliding it down her clitoris, parting her puffy flaps to rub firmly along her slit to her gooey hole. God she was wet, I thought, then what do you expect, she's just had a cunt full of cum. Took me back to my footie days and the gang bangs we used to love so much.

I rubbed my finger up and down her messy slit for ages, chatting mostly with Matt, laughing and joking. He had a lot of funny anecdotes, some that couldn't be told in some circles as the activities of him and his mates weren't always legal, but humour is humour. Ann joined in a few times too, she was quite a lively little spark I thought, quick-witted and more intelligent than one might suppose.

“If you give me a swig of my beer luv I can keep fingering you.” I spoke softly, my breath tingling her ear. Sue giggled placing the bottle to my lips as I rubbed her slit, sometimes very firmly, sometimes tantalisingly softly.

“That's so fucking nice Bob. I'll fucking feed you beer all night, just don't stop doing that.” She moaned softly as I had a guzzle of Becks.

“Would you like to cum?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah!” She spread her legs wider, rocking her hips.

“Mind if I make her cum?” I asked Matt.

“Be my guest mate.” He laughed. “I don't give a shit if she cums or not.”

I slipped both hands into her panties, left index finger pressing her labia firmly. My right hand slightly higher, her clitoris clasped between her soaking pussy lips I began to vibrate my right hand, rubbing her clit between the pussy lips, wanking her the way chicks do it. “Oh my God!” Sue squealed loudly in surprise, her neck craning to kiss me.

My lips met hers, tongues probing, I licked inside the roof of her mouth, behind her teeth where it tingles so. She squirmed and moaned all the more as I frigged her slit. In moments her thighs were shuddering as an orgasm coursed through her loins, then she bucked several times as I did it faster and harder, then I slowed, her pelvis undulating.

“That's a neat party trick!” Matt laughed. “You find a switch in there or something? Careful you don't get zapped!”

We laughed. “Something I picked up watching an old girlfriend. I figured if chicks can do it, it can't be that hard mate.” More laughter. I figured it was best to go along with his sexist banter. Sue didn't care, she was gone, eyes closed, head back, her hands reaching for my hair, caressing my neck and groaning all the while. I kept varying the way I masturbated her, hard and fast, slow and gentle, slow and firm. Each brought her to a peak then different sensations.

My wrist was aching after fifteen minutes or so. Suddenly Sue squealed, bending double, her thighs clenching on my hands she cried “Stop! No! Ahh! No more, please! Stop!” I felt a squirt in her pants as she momentarily lost continence. Letting her go she leapt up, running to the loo.

“I fucking love wanking them til the wet themselves!” I said, Matt cacking himself with laughter.

“Fuck, wait til I tell the bros about that!” He grinned wickedly. “Fuck me, wanking til she pissed in her fucking panties! The dirty fucking slut!”

Sue returned, her face downcast, cheeks flushed with embarrassment. “Oh God! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to...”

“Hey, its cool. Happens to blokes too if we continue too long after cuming. Don't worry about it, I find it a huge turn on sweetie.” I said reassuringly. “Another beer Matt?” He nodded. “Do us a favour, bring him a beer and make me a cup of tea. I've had enough beer for now.” She disappeared to the kitchen. “You got her well trained mate.”

“Yeah well, sluts' got to know their place. Give 'em a right good spanking or fucking if they don't do what their fucking told.” He giggled, “Trouble is they like it when you give 'em a hard fucking.” he paused thoughtfully, “Come to think of it, they like the fucking spanking too, mate.”

Sue sat back on my knee, her head leaning against my shoulder. She'd made herself a cup of tea too I noticed. Matt guzzled his beer, chatting about the likely repairs necessary for the bike. I looked at my watch, just after eleven. “Well mate, I think it might be time to call it a night, if we're gonna find a workshop open with enough time to do anything, we need to be in town early eh?”