First Time
27 Aug 2019


I recently had the opportunity to visit a local gay/bi club with a friend and the memories are still firmly stuck in my mind.

We have known each other for some years and often played in the back of his car, our games getting more adventurous as time went on and he suggested we visit the club for more safety and where we could be more relaxed. I agreed and we set a day to go.

As we parked up and walked nearer I told him how nervous I was but he assured me all would be fine. We paid our entrance fees, were given a towel each and reminded by the host that today was ‘naked day’, which was fine by me. We went into the locker room and stripped off, then, clutching our towels and locker keys, my friend then gave me a tour of the club and its facilities.

The huge Jacuzzi looked very inviting, the private play rooms (some with windows), the open seating areas, sauna and steam rooms, and the fetish area with glory hole rooms, swings etc all peaked my interest in one way or another. My friend urged me to go into one of the glory hole rooms, which I did and a few moments later my cock was deliciously receiving the attention of his mouth. This lovely feeling was interrupted by the door to my room being opened ( I didn’t know they could be locked as it was so dark) and a pair of very gentle hands were exploring my skin from my shoulders down my back and over my buttocks, all with finger tip strokes. My unseen visitor was stopped when my friend returned however plus I hadn’t noticed my cock wasn’t being sucked any more. The hands were obviously more exciting than the attention my cock was enjoying. I never did see who was touching me so gently, shame!

We decided the Jacuzzi would be our next port of call so we showered and climbed in together, luxuriating in the wet warmth and bubbles playing over our naked skin. I began only at that time to relax to the atmosphere of the place and enjoy myself.

After a while, my friend suggested we try the steam room as that is apparently his favourite space. Another shower and off we went. To be honest it was too hot for me and I wanted to leave. He suggested I try the sauna.

Up to this point I had not ventured alone so my nerves spiked a little. However, in spite of knowing exactly where I was and knowing certainly what occurred there, I was reassured by the ‘No means No’ signs prominently displayed everywhere. I had no intention of playing with anyone other than my friend, however, that was to change eventually.

The sauna only had one other occupant when I entered and I settled opposite him and we soon started chatting as though we were just two guys maybe sitting in a pub somewhere, in spite of both being stark naked, cocks and balls on open display.

After ten minutes or so my friend appeared at the door and he joined us for a while until he suggested a smoke break and then some fun together, which I was certainly ready for.

We chose a private play room and were soon in each other arms, the pleasure of naked skin on skin thrilling me and him too. We touched, kissed (not everyone’s bag I know but we like it) and were soon in a 69 on the bench sucking each other’s cocks. He stopped, climbed off me, and told me to turn over. He lifted my hips and pushed my legs apart and with no warning started to rim my arse, something he had never done before, I loved it as he gently licked and probed at my hole. He then stepped back and rolled a condom onto his stiff cock as I watched over my shoulder. He squirted lube onto my arse and over his cock and then asked if I was ready. Of course I was, I had wanted this for a long time!

The sensation of a stiff cock slowly entering my arse was not something I was familiar with (this was only my second time with my friend) but there is nothing like feeling slowly stretched open and then filled. He was very gentle and slowly pushed his erection into my willing hole until I could feel his balls touching my skin. There was no discomfort, just a feeling of being full. He withdrew and then pushed in again, asking if I was ok before repeating the action. I told him I was fine and to carry on.

He slowly fucked me for a short while as we listened to someone nearby clearly being fucked hard. ‘My turn’ I said and my friend speeded up his thrusts. It wasn’t long before he was pounding me as hard as the guy not far away and I was grunting almost in time with him.

We were both very hot and sweaty by now and I told my friend to stop. I know he wanted to play elsewhere so didn’t want him to cum in me. We collapsed together after he withdrew and cuddled for a while. We had done what we came to enjoy together but there was more fun to be had, possibly. Another shower definitely need!

I returned to the sauna and he to the steam room, but only briefly as he reappeared and asked for my help. ‘I need a condom and your lube’ he said ‘ A guy wants me to fuck him’. He led me to the fetish area to a guy settled in one of the swings legs open and with a massive erection. My friend quickly put on a condom and with no preamble and not a word spoken slid his stiff cock into the guy’s hole and started to fuck furiously. ‘Play with my nipples’ my friend ordered, which I did willingly. This always gets him really hard and the grunts from the guy, whose face I couldn’t see, assured us he was enjoying the rapid thrusting. With a few load groans my friend exploded into the condom, withdrew, whipped of the full rubber and walked away leaving me staring at a heaving body in the swing. My friend always goes completely cold when he cums but even I was surprised at his quick departure.

The guy was laying still in the swing, his cock still hard as rock, and what a cock! He was blessed with, and no exaggeration, at least eight inches of meat. I couldn’t help myself but stroke it along its length as well as stroking his balls. I stayed and enjoyed the feel of this beauty until my mouth was drawn to suck on the magnificent knob for a while. My cock was hard too but strangely I had no desire to fuck him too, although I felt he would have submitted willingly. I was fascinated by his cock!

When a guy came up beside me and thrust two fingers into the guys arse it broke the spell and I too walked away, leaving him maybe open for attention from someone else.

I found my friend smoking and gathering himself. He said he was leaving and was I staying on? I decided I would stay for a while longer, all nerves now gone.

I returned again to the sauna. Eventually a guy of about 40 entered and sat next to me, who started slowly wanking, which I enjoyed watching as he was also well hung.

Eventually I left and went into the next room to watch some porn, he followed and sat next to me. By now he was fully hard. What a lovely body this chap had, fit , not too much hair on his chest ( I prefer smooth to be honest) and shaved balls. His cock was again magnificent!

I couldn’t help myself as I wrapped my hand around it and he lay back and closed his eyes as I wanked him for a while. He found my cock too and after a brief chat he kissed me before I engulfed his length and sucked him for a while, watched by another guy opposite. I was past caring by now.

Sadly, I came far too soon and he rubbed my cum all over my softening cock and balls. He smiled, said thanks and left me gasping. It took me a few minutes to compose myself. I had another shower, dressed and went to work.

Would I go again? Of course I will! Maybe my friend will fuck me in one of the rooms with windows (we like to be watched in the back of his car). Will I meet someone with gentle hands and a huge cock to enjoy, I hope so.