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The shower Lyn and I were walking off the beach towards the shower to wash sand from our feet. There was a couple stripping off, we thought for a swim. Lyn sat at one shower I at the other. On the other side of my pillar the woman started to shower. A hand covered in soap down the front of her very small nickers. Lyn sat the man in front of her a cloth around him, just hidding his cock. My feet clean I turned away to dry them, Lyn did not. She looked. I turned back to put my shoes on, the woman was still showering. Lyn and I got to our feet. The woman stepped out of the shower and kissed me on the cheek, 'Thank you' she said. 'What for' I asked. 'For not looking' Lyn slipped her arm around me and we walked off. 'Two men were getting an eye full.' She explained. '..but I showered with her' I joked. 'Did you enjoy it?' 'Yes, what about you? Did you like him?' 'He was fit' she admitted. 'We can go back' I said. 'No' Lyn said. I was not sure how I should take her no, shock or did I mean it? For the rest of the day she commented on the couple. I recall brazen was used a lot...she did get me back to bed as soon as we were back in the room. It was the morning after the incident on the beach. We were having coffee at a cafe. Lyn had hardly stopped commenting on the couple. It was a pleasant surprise when the couple walked by, Lyn said hi. I offered coffee and they accepted. We introduced ourselves. They were Adam and Anna. Anna sat next to me and soon had a hand on my leg. I push my leg towards her's. Her hand moved toward my Cock. I kept my eyes on Adam and Lyn. They were chatting but that was all. Suddenly Adam said they needed to get their shower before the beach front got busy. Lyn shocked me telling them we had hot water in our room. Anna squeezed my Cock. We got back to our hotel. Adam and Anna took their bag into the bathroom and showered together. I poured wine into two glasses and two coffee mugs. Lyn was not talkative, she was trying to keep busy. Smoothing the bed, moving chairs. I put my wallet in the safe. Lyn drunk some wine, I topped the mug up. I did not ask if she wanted to play with this couple. I knew she was on a fence. I wanted to see her shag and this was the closest I had got. She had come home leaking once, but she had never wanted to talk about it. I knew she had bedded a few men. Anna walked out of the bathroom dabbling herself dry. Adam was right behind her. Anna held her towel out and turned her back. I took the towel and started to dab her back. Then remembered Lyn. Adam held out his towel, he did not turn around. To my relief she started to rub his chest. Anna pushed her backside into me. I knew she could feel my hard cock in my shorts. Adam has a great cock her said. Lyn started to rub lower. I started to dry Anna's tits. I noticed Lyn had given up on the towel and was handing his cock. Anna took her towel from me, dropped it on the ground and knelt on it, she pulled my shorts down and started to suck on my cock. Adam pulled Lyn's t-shirt over her head and removed her bra. Lyn took a few steps back, sat on the bed and pulled Adam to her by the cock. She went to work. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and smiled. Adam smiled back. He said nice, I was not sure if he was telling Lyn she was good, or asking anyone if it was good. Anna and I got on the bed and she lay out. I kissed her pussy and lay out 69 to her she took my cock in her mouth again and she turned towards me. She bent her left leg opening her legs and I took advantage. I stole a few looks at Adam and Lyn, her head bobbing. Not much later the bed started rocking. Adam was fucking Lyn. Anna must have noticed my cock harden even more than it was. For a few seconds I ignored Anna and just watched, I had been wishing for this for years. Now she was fucking in front of me. I thought, 'Fuck Anna before Lyn changes her mind' and I moved around slipped into Anna. She was hot wet and she clung to my cock, but she was not tight. I came, but was still hard so I just kept fucking. Anna came next pressing her hands into my side and panting heavily. Lyn was next, a very discreet sigh. Finally Adam. Still hard I moved from Anna to Lyn. Suddenly thought none of us had used condoms and thought so what. In I went fucking Lyn as hard as I could. She came again then I did. Then she asked, did I mind. I told her I wanted to see her with Adam, it was fine, I enjoyed it. 'Because to had Anna?' She asked. 'Because I had Anna and because you enjoyed Adam and I saw you fuck. Anna was still on her back legs wide apart Adam's head at her pussy. Her back bent hands gripping the bedding. Anna came. We were all spent so I fetched the wine. We sat on the bed. We chatted, not sure what about, the beach weather the first meeting at the shower the day before. Anna handed me her half full wine and lowered her head to my cock. What could I do, both hands full I was helpless. Adam put his glass down, he started fucking Anna doggy, Anna raised her head long enough to say something. She went back to work as Adam continued to fuck her. Adam finished and sat back. Anna sat up asked Lyn to suck Adam. She did. Legs apart Anna instructed, I got myself in position. I had to use my hand to get my cock in place. I fucked Lyn gently. Adam ran his hands over her body. I came, way to quick and sat back. Anna pulled a finger along Lyn's wet valley. She reached over Lyn and offered the sticky finger to Adam, he licked and sucked her finger. Anna ran her finger along Lyn's pussy again and wiped it over her own breast. I kissed her breast and she handled my cock. I finger fucked Anna. By the time she came Lyn and Adam were hugging and watching. Anna and I watched Adam and Lyn fuck once more. This was what I had wanted for years. Lyn enjoying sex in front of me and her seeing me fuck. Anna said she was hungry and we went for lunch. They left their bag in our room. They were coming back. Lyn went to to the toilet and Anna followed. That gave Adam and me time to chat. We congratulated each other on our choice of wives. Then Adam got down to it. 'Is she Bi, does she take anal was I bi' 'She does not do anal, don't ask her. We are not bi' 'Anna will take it up her at ass anytime. I was going to suggest dp' 'DP is fine, but not today this is Lyn's first 4sum' 'She has taken to it' Adam smiled. That is when the wives came back. We finished lunch and went back to the room. Anna was naked by the time she got to the bed. I pulled my t-shirt off, Lyn pulled her shirt off and I freed her tits, took hold of one and kissed her. Adam took the other tit and my hand went south as Adam sucked her nipple. 'AH, you pulled my hair' protested Lyn. Her pubic hair was matted with spunk from the morning session. I left Adam to enjoy her, I went to join Anna on the bed. She was on the bed fingering herself. I lay beside her hand on her hip. We lay there as Adam guided Lyn to the bed. He spent time eating her. Finally her lay between her legs. Lyn pulled his lips to hers as he entered her. They kissed. He handled her tit and she pulled her legs up. They tipped on their sides and I could see Adam easing in and out of her. She was leaking the mornings fillings. Adam's sack was glistening with cum. Anna leaned back and whispering to me told me she like to see Adam fuck. I whispered back that I was enjoying seeing Lyn fuck and fucking. Lyn released an almost painful sound as she came and Adam left her, fell away from her. Anna told Adam, 'you gave her a good time'. Neither Adam or Lyn spoke. Anna swung her leg over me and guided my cock into her. I reached for her breasts. Anna gripped my wrists and held my hands 8 to her hips. As much as I wanted to hold her breast I let her have her way. She moved her hips and took her pleasures. Adam had hold of Lyn but she pulled away to kiss me. Adam did not let Lyn's kneeling position go to waste. He found her pussy and started fucking. Lyn stopped kissing me and her tits swung above me. 'Fuck harder' she demanded. It was the first time I heard her say anything like that. She had always used other words, never fuck or shag unless it was to insult someone. Anna let go of her hold on me as I wanted. Now I held a tit in each hand, one was Lyn's one was Anna's. Anna was leaking, down my cock, over my balls and between my legs. Suddenly I came and lay there, I had made no effort but I was exhausted and sweating. Finally Adam pulled away and Lyn kissed me. Anna bounced off the bed went to the balcony opened the door and stepped out naked. The balcony had a view of the sea over a car park. No one could see unless they looked up 4 levels. Lyn pulled her t-shirt on and followed. Adam and I followed and by the time we arrived they were both looking out to see. We hugged and looked over their shoulders. After a while Lyn edged back and braced herself on the balcony. Adam lifted the t-shirt clear and slipped his cock into her once again. Anna turned, saw what was happening and said, ' Well done Lyn'. Anna pulled a chair to her and placed a foot on it. That was an invitation. I stepped forward I push my cock down to her pussy. She went on tiptoe making it easier to get in. Once I was fully in she went back to flat feet. By now I knew what she liked, more deep and pressure than in and out. Adam was quick, Lyn stood up, looked out to sea, pulled her top off, she moved away. When Anna and I finish I turned and found Adam and Lyn sat looking, wine in hand and two more glasses on the table. We sat in the sun chatting. They agreed to come back the following day and they left. Lyn was confident when we were all having sex. Now they had gone Lyn asked was it alright? Did you mind me and Adam. I told her I enjoyed everything. I don't think I convinced her, but we had a shower, then dinner. After a few drinks in the bar we went to bed, we made love. It was the following morning, we were now waiting for their return. Lyn was excited but feeling guilty. The door bell went and went to answer the door. I was naked so checked the eye hole in the door. It was them, I opened the door and let them in. Anna was first with a big smile and hello. She headed for the bed and Adam followed. Anna undid two buttons on her left shoulder, her dress slipped down her naked body. Her walk was only broken as she kicked her shoes off and stepped out of her dress. Adam started undoing his shirt and struggled with his shoes. Anna rushed to the bed and climbed on. Lyn was sat her legs open, showing it all. Anna sounded excited, 'look what Lyn has done for you Adam' Anna reached for Lyn's newly shaved pussy with the flat of her hand. Lyn closed her legs quickly and Anna pulled her hand back. 'Sorry' I sat on the bed, Anna in easy reach. Adam walked around the bed and touched Lyn's mound. Smooth and nice Adam commented. Lyn opened her legs and Adam kissed her mound then her clit, she opened wider and Adam went deeper. He pulled her valley apart and sometimes lifted his head, Anna and I got glimpses of her pussy. Lyn came and Adam plugged his cock into her. Anna pulled me to her and she demanded, Fuck me. I lay on her and did as I was told. She whispered, I want to eat Lyn's pussy. You can't I told her. Fuck me she ordered, I pushed harder into her. She whispered, I want Lyn to eat me. Don't ask her I whispered back. Fuck hard she told me, I did. She whispered, I want your Cock in my arse. Later maybe I replied. She came, I felt nails dig in, a few more hard thrusts and I burst into her. When I rolled on to my back I saw Adam kissing Lyn and his finger in her pussy. She was pulling at his semi. Anna was enjoying the sight. After what she whispered I thought, she was wishing it was her finger and I was thinking the same. A fantasy. Lyn came, still kissing him. Anna did not let Adam rest, she sat on him, pulled his fingers to her mouth, sucked on them and rolled her hips. She must have been thinking of Lyn as she fucked Adam. I started to eat Lyn, I knew Anna was thinking about doing that herself. Lyn came quickly, she was still halfway there from Adam's attentions. Once she came I slipped in and left another load. I went flaccid, but Lyn turned on my limp cock and sucked but nothing happened. We rested over wine and went for lunch. My thoughts were of Anna and Lyn 69. After lunch we came back to bed, the door to the balcony was open, the warm breeze moved the curtains. Lyn went to work sucking Adam's cock, kneeling, her pussy positioned to receive my cock. I slipped in and fucked her slowly. Her pussy leaked Adam's spunk dripping down her legs. Anna lifted my hand from Lyn's body and placed it on her's. Anna started to touch Lyn. She slipped her hand around Lyn's inner thigh and spread leaking spunk and pussy juice around. I kissed Anna. I came! I don't think Lyn knew it was not my hand. Anna and I lay on the bed. Anna said ' I love a spitroast, but do you know what I like moreโ€ฆ..dp' DP asked Lyn. '2 cocks in my pussy. You should try it.' Anna climed on me and eased my cock into her pussy. She lay flat on me, kissing. Adam knelt over my legs and positioned his Cock. Did he spend too much time touching my balls, finding his way? He pushed his cock in along side mine. We were hot and sweaty. Anna made sounds of enjoyment. Perhaps more than she felt. Adam started to fuck. Anna encouraged, 'Fuck that's so good. More please. Oooh. Deeper. I love that. Just like that'. The more Adam moved the more cum leaked form her, down my cock, over my balls, it spread between us, between my legs. All the time I felt Adam moving Anna came 3 times, or did she fake one or two for Lyn . He came, pulled out and there was a sudden big leak. Anna sat up and started to grind, she continued 'that was good Adam. I love a double fucking.' She was glistening with moisture, I reached for her tits. She held my hands to them and we came together. She fell off me and lay beside me. ' I'm fucked' she said. After a while I noticed Adam was running his hands over Lyn's body. He asked her if she would like to try. Anna held my hand and squeezed. Lyn and Adam almost whispering to each other continued sometimes kissing. Finally she said yes! Just as suddenly she followed Anna's example and sat on me. She whispered in my ear is this OK. It is what I want I told her. Adam took his place, he did not spend as much time finding Lyn's pussy hole, he pushed in, I felt my cock harden a bit more. Lyn asked if he was all the way in. Adam assured her he was and he started moving. 'My god' she said. She was tense but started to relax, kissing and touching as much as she could sandwiched between us. 'OK' I asked and thought 'Lyn had come home full of Cum, yesterday I had shared her with Adam but today we were both in her. Both cocks at the same time.' Lyn breathed deep and softly answered yes. Lyn did come quicker, quicker than normal, she even gasped. Adam dropped his load. He did not pull back, he just fell out limp. Lyn lay on me not moving. I moved my hips, thrusting. She gave me space and I kept thrusting till I came. At last she sat up, then parted from me. Sitting beside me. She looked at me, looking guilty. I smiled. Adam touched her, she pulled him to her and kissed. Anna got up and went on to the balcony, Lyn followed. They shut the door. 'She is fabulous' said Adam. I agreed and told Adam Anna was leading Lyn. Adam agreed and told me 'she does that but Lyn is a very fuckable woman'. We discussed the last three days and what we would like to do. He reminded me Anna liked a man in her back door. Anna and Lyn returned, we drank some wine. Adam and Anna played, Lyn and I played and then we swooped. Adam started to Fuck Lyn doggy. Anna and I hugged, but she did not want to watch her husband shag. She climbed on me, wiped my cock along her spunk filled pussy then back, back to her other hole. When she lowered herself down my cock entered her ass. She looked down and smiled. I smiled back and she started to bounce. For an ass she was not tight but tighter than her cunt. Good, she asked. Good I told her. I'm sure she was smiling wider and more than any other time. I think we both came at the same time. Then she surprised me. She turned around and started sucking my cock. We locked in 69 and I pulled her buttocks apart and gave head to her cunt, clit to ass hole. We were both exhausted, I forgot about Lyn and Adam. It was getting late and we were going home the following day. Anna asked me to shower with her, I got a nod from Lyn and we went for the shower. Fuck my ass again Anna asked. She turned her back to me and braced herself on the wash basin. I pushed in and took long thrusts, shagging her fast and hard. That was the last time I fucked her. We stepped into the shower and took a long time, each soapy, she wanked me off and enjoyed my fingers. At last we dried each other and went back to Adam and Lyn, they were shagging. I stood behind Anna, hugging her tits, my hard cock in the small of her back. We watched waiting for Adam and Lyn to finish their shag. They went for their shower, I covered Anna with moisturizer and made sure it was well rubbed in. Her pussy was wet, I knew that because I eat it. Adam and Lyn returned. We had to say goodbye. We arranged to keep in touch and meet the following year in the same hotel. That was the last time a saw Lyn fuck another man. I asked her to bring one of her men home, she said no. I invited her to a club or party, she told me to take one of my gf. I am looking forward to next year, seeing Lyn shag turns me on. Lyn seeing me fuck turns me on. Lyn says I liked Adam fucking her because I could fuck Anna. That's part of it, but I would do a mfm with Adam. Next yearโ€ฆโ€ฆ.
Written by Tony

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