Written by Jimbo

First Time
1 Jun 2019

Best to read the whole story about my wife Carly starting on the 6th ,16th and 27th May before this last one.

Kenny and 4 friends meet most Wednesday nights at his place , have a drink and watch porn videos, so taking Carly when they are all there was a bit frightening for her. Before we went she nearly changed her mind so I took her for a few drinks so I could talk her into it as it was all arranged and the guys would be there waiting for us. I knew if she had a drink or two she'd want to go cos she'd been looking foward to it. The drink worked because she nipped to the toilet, came back and said 'come on then if it will keep you happy'. I told her they'd be sitting watching porn films and wanking thinking of her coming round. She said its alright for you, but its me they want to fuck. Then she said come on before I change my mind, but make sure they dont want anal or I'll stop.

I knew she had been keen earlier cos she'd shaved her fanny specially for the night and put her stockings and suspenders on with a skirt that could be lifted right up so she didnt have to strip off . She wore her extra see through blouse she liked wearing when I photographed her, and a cupless type bra that lifted her bare tits. After going to all that trouble I knew she wanted to go and impress the guys. We drove round and parked in the street and he came to the door andshowed her upstairs and took her coat. He said 'Hope your not shy and she said she said I'm I'm bliddy terrified but excited aswell . We walked in and they all had their cocks waiting for her so we sat on a little Sofa . Her nipples were hard and easily seen through the blouse, cos one of the wankers went 'wow , looking forward to a suck of those '. I asked if she was ok? so she put her hand on me to see I was rock hard already. So to get started I opened her blouse and sucked on a tit.As I sucked lifted her skirt up so her stocking tops. . The guys were watching and one guy came over, then another so I got up to sit on a chair and watch my sexy wife enjoying herself. They helped themselves and had the skirt up near her waist. I'd told Kenny earlier she'll go mad if they try to strip her off. One guy was sucking her tits and the other was licking her fanny after pulling her knickers to the side. She looked so sexy in those black stockings and skimpy little black knickers The guy licking loved the bald fanny and was soon slipping up it and fucking it. The guy sucking her tits had her stroking his cock but it was too fast so he told her to go slower or you'll make me cum. . Kenny and the other two guys sat waiting patiently , stroking cocks and watching. I had my cock out and she looked over and saw me wanking slowly. She also saw Kenny and the other two guys with their cocks out waiting for their turns . She told me later that once we'd broke the ice she was looking forward to some fun .. Then other 2 guys got imatient and went to her so she was surrounded by the 4 of them, all wanting into her. Kenny was happy to wait. They positioned her on her lying back on the sofa with her legs open and took turns kneeling between them to fuck her. She was enjoying all these young guys and it wasnt long before they'd all fucked her but they wanted second helpings. Afterwards Kenny fucked her and she was dripping with spunk. It was nearly my turn so I nipped to the toilet , and when he finished fucking her I got up her. She had a lot of spunk in her and it was all over me. After I cuame in her she needed to go to the bathroom and then after cleaning up she wanted to make a swift exit. She told me a few days later that one of the guys said 'Does your husband have to be here' and she said not really, so he said come over some night and Kenny will get us to come again, but keep it a secret.

When she told me I said 'You wouldn't have the nerve to go there on your own? ' and she said ' I bet I could, cos the hard bit for me was that first time, so it'll be easier'. I had a hardon when she said that cos I knew she'd do it so I dared her. The next night as I listened she rang Kenny and told him what the guy said. He said 'If you enjoyed it why not? aslong as 'he'(thats me) doesnt find out'. He wouldnt have had a clue I was listening . She said 'When' and he said tomoro if you want, so she said ok, see you then. We had a great fuck after the phone call cos she was redhot and so was I. Next night I dropped her off at the top of the street at 9pm and she got back home about midnight in a Taxi. When she atrrived Kenny had decided to invite 2 more guys from work so there was 6 pals plus Kenny waiting for her. . Kenny knew she'd enjoyed it so inviting another 2 guys seemed ok to him. She said 'what could I do? I had to go through with it'.

I was was amazed she'd went through with it without me there.

I didnt see Kenny after that cos we'd been waiting to move hous for weeks and weeks but just a few miles away, I think we dont see him is cos his girlfriend found out something. Maybe he thought I found out? I dont know.

I know she missed having extra cock cos once a woman gets used to that its hard to go back to just your husbands cock. I used to wonder when she came home 2am after a night out with work colleagues (all girls) , whether she'd sneaked off to Kenny's. Dont think she would cos she would probably have told me.