Written by C

First Time
28 Dec 2017

I have known my mate Steve for years now, and our wives get on great. A couple of times a week our wives go to bingo together leaving us at home watching tv, and maybe a few beers. It was on one of these occasions that Steve came to ours, and having said goodbye for a few hours to our wives we opened up a beer and started to watch catchup tv, I put on a dating programme, but a naked one. Anyway, it was a lovely looking girl picking a guy to date, Steve had never seen this, and was shocked to see the different guys behind the screens especially when they revealed the lower parts of their bodies, all different shapes and sizes,. And a couple with circumcised cocks, and all shaved/. I knew Steve was getting a little anxious. Steve started to talk about shaving their pubes off, saying it must be uncomfortable, and bristly. I told him I shaved, and if you keep a regular regime of shaving there is no problem. I told him I like the feeling, and it looks better, Steve enquired to me to show him! I dropped my pants and proudly revealed my cock to him. Steve was staring at me asking to touch me, I let him, and he said he was impressed. Steve went quiet, then asked me straight out, how to do it? I asked him if he wanted his done, and he said why not Julie my Wife has always tried to get me to do it….

I told steve to go upstairs and shower, and I’d prepare everything. Steve came into the bedroom drying himself off, telling him to talc his nether regions he lay on the bed for me, I sat between his legs and started to cut his off firstly with scissors then used my wife’s battery razor, carefully moving around his cock and balls and moved it as I did this I noticed it twitching and growing in size, I was commenting to steve about him being excited, he went red and apologised, No need you are ok and just relax. Meanwhile his cock was growing to the point his foreskin slid back exposing a lovely glans, all shiny and proud, as I worked around it Steve was breathing deeper now. I go my razor blade out and gently finished him off, as I shaved, I touched him around his shaft to check the smoothness, and I notice he had some precum on his helmet, I couldn’t help myself but held it up towards me, and gently licked his knob, then slipping it into my mouth started to run my mouth up and down savouring him, In a very short time Steve started to groan loudly, and I felt a few powerful jets of semen splash in my mouth and throat, all the time I gently sucked him dry. I swallowed a big load, and loved it. Needless to say Steve did also. Afterwards, Steve was embarrassed, but I explained it was my first time with another guy, and we agreed to have regular shaving sessions. We did advance to having mutual satisfaction , usually having a 69 together, trying our best to make sure we both spunked together, that way we both exchanged and swallowed each others semen. Lovely times, and our wives are non the wiser!!! Hope you enjoyed my story?