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My First & Only MM Experience

"As I looked through the magazine I felt his hand on my thigh"

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One afternoon I was helping a friend (Mike) prepare his bike for a race at rhe weekend and as it was a hot day we stopped for a cool drink and went indoors.

I noticed some magazines that he had put on the table, which contained photos of nude couples. This was a long time ago and today they would not even be deemed as erotic sex.

As I looked through them I started to get an erection and as I was standing Mike pulled his chair closer to me. Then I felt his fimgers feeling my cock and balls through the trousers. I had known Mike for several years and there had never been any indication of a desire to play with another man.

The sensation was good and better than wanking myself off, so I pretended not to notice and continnued to look at the mags and see what would happen next.

As I had said nothing Mike became bolder, pulled down my zip and then released the belt. As my trousers dropped to the floor he saw my hipster briefs were wet with precum and took a firmer grip of my cock and balls. He used his other hand to pull his trousers and pants down and released his cock. It was a good size with a foreskin that needed attention to expose the frenulum and the sensitive area for a good wank.

Mike then suggrsted we go to his bedroom and lie on the bed to play with each other. By now he was very keen for me to wank him, as I had avoided any suggestion that I would go further. I laid on the bed beside him in 69 and he continued playing with both cocks.

I had always thought about being in bed with his Mother. She had a beautiful figure and I would love her to take my virginity. So It was at this point I decided to strike a deal, that I would wank him, but only if I could have a pair of his Mother's knickers to keep and wank into at home.

Mike said he would look for some and came back with a white pair from the laundry bin that had signs of dry pussy juice on them. As he had done his part I decided to give him a really good wank to see how much cum I could drain from him. I kept him close to a climax as I alternated between his cock and pulling gently on his balls. He continued to wank me, but his mind was elsewhere and there was no sign that he would give me a big orgasm.

Then it all became rather strange, as instead of letting me take him to a climax, he suddenly moved away and went into the bathroom to finish off. I Iay waiting for him to come back and continue with me, but on his return he just got dressed and that was it.

We carried on checking the bike and the incident was never mentioned again, but at least I had gained a lovely pair of used knickers belonging to his Mother to empty my load into as I wanked off that night.

A little later I had my first car wank with a girl as described in my story 'First Time Sex In A Car' and knew that girls were my choice for the future.

Written by playingtime

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