First Time
12 Mar 2019

My gorgeous best friend Dominique knows I play with couples and men that I meet through sites like this. Recently she booted out her boring husband and had started to take an interest in what I get up to. I showed her my profile on here and the profiles of some of the couples and men I’ve met and she asked me what I’d actually done with them. I could see she was more than curious, in fact quite excited.

A few weeks later she brought up the subject again over dinner and wanted to know if it was necessary to be bi when meeting with couples. I said that it helps as there’s then a bigger choice and that it’s also massively sexy being with another woman, having another woman watch you with her husband and how men love to watch two women. A few days later I mentioned that I was meeting a couple, two lovely people I’d met before, and suggested she could meet them if they agreed, and ask them whatever she wanted. No strings and all very friendly.

We all met at my flat the next Saturday afternoon. Joe and Louise arrived first. We were chatting and having a drink when Domi arrived looking divine. We chatted away for a while over more drinks but Domi seemed to be shy about asking questions. Eventually, as I knew Joe and Louise had to leave early, I said to Domi “Look, we three are off to the bedroom, so you have fun in here and we’ll see you later”.

In the bedroom Joe stripped off quickly and lay on the bed. He always likes to watch Louise and me undress each other then play together and go down on each other while he watches and wanks. Joe is beautifully endowed, shaven all over, as is Louise, and it’s always thrilling to watch him and help him. He asked me to sit on his face and I felt his tongue working on my pussy as Louise was kissing me and squeezing my nipples. She knows that I adore the tingling pain of that and sometimes we use nipple clamps on each other. Joe likes them as well.

I let Joe eat my pussy and rim me for ages, he's so good at it. Then I really wanted him inside me and I mounted him. I saw Louise next to us, her eyes closed fingering herself. In just minutes he'd made me cum. He always does! It was then that I realised the bedroom door was open and Domi was standing there. I smiled at her and whispered “Would you like to join us?” Joe and Louise looked up and Louise said “Please, you needn’t do anything you don’t want to”.

Domi stripped to her bra and panties and knelt on the bed. I reached out and hugged her and we kissed, that was the first time though secretly I'd always wanted to. Louise kissed her and unhooked her bra. They fondled each other’s breasts and Louise slid her hand on to Domi’s pussy. I saw Domi gasp at the pleasure and she was kissing Louise. I climbed off Joe's cock so Domi could see it and took her hand and placed it on his cock. She knew what to do. Joe lay back, all three of us teasing him, and then Domi asked Louise if Joe could fuck her. Louise helped her climb on him, I helped Joe's cock into her. We both held her as she began to ride him, all his length going in and out of her, teasing her, Joe pulling harder and harder on her nipples and Domi whimpering at the pain and whispering for more and harder. We felt her breathing getting shorter as she slid towards her orgasm. We watched her face, her mouth open and gasping for air as she shuddered and quivered as Joe pumped his cum deep inside her. Louise and I went down on her to take Joe’s cum from her pussy.

Domi is still talking about it.

She wants to do it again. Anyone interested?