Written by Anonymous

First Time
25 Jul 2019

For the past 6 years me and the wife have done a bit of sex play started with dogging then moved onto going to a few clubs. But to my best efforts of having a black man inside her the most she had done was a quick snog and a blow job .then last may she had to stay away for work for 2 weeks. She was staying in a different hotel than everyone else about 9 miles apart . All was as normal till the last night there when they all went out for a drink at the main party's hotel. I got a video call about 8.30 and she was well pissed as was everyone else. 10.45 and she text saying she was getting a taxi back to her hotel I said to let me know when she got there. Well 11.30 nothing 12.00 nothing I text nothing 1.00 I rang it went straight to answer phone. I thought she must of pasted out soon as she got back. 8am I get a text saying she was OK and she'll see me in a couple of hours when I pick her up. So 1pm I pick her up have a cuddle she was looking very sheepish. So as we was driving I asked her what was wrong. She just turned to me and said I'm so sorry. I asked for what and she said she didn't get a cab someone from the hotel gave her a lift back. She said Paul was a black guy 6 foot tall and when she got in the she joked with him that I always wanted her to have sex with a big black man . He laughed and said you wouldn't be able to take what I've got. He got her hand and put it in his lap .she pulled away and said I was joking. He then pulled over and pulled down his joggers. She said I couldn't help myself his cock was huge and before I knew it I was wanking and sucking it .next thing his hands was inside her knickers. She was so wet she said all I wanted to do was to feel that huge cock inside her .the was to small so he bent her over boot .she said it hurt at first but he just pushed till he was in . He grabbed her hair and fucked her hard and roughly she said she passed out on the first thew thrusts but then she didn't want him to stop fucking her after a few minutes he started to buck she said not to cum inside her but he just fucked her harder till he let out a yell and filled her full of his cum . He then made her get in the car naked and said he was taking her back to his as he wasn't finished with her . She said she had sobbed up a bit now but she to wanted more of his lovely cock .she thought he'd give her clothes back to her when they got to his place but she was wrong he made her walk from the street to the front door naked with his cum running down her legs. Whilst opening the door he had a finger playing with her arse. Soon as the door was open she just pulled at his joggers pleading with him to fuck her there .when she felt a hand grab her hair pull her back and to her surprise a woman's voice said your mine first. That bit I'll leave till later just to say when she text me at 8am they had just finished fucking and she didn't have time to get changed . So I pulled over and told her to give me her knickers which was covered in drying cum. Forward a couple of months to my birthday we was staying in a hotel in London and I had found his number in her phone and arrange to meet him and his girlfriend at the hotel her face was priceless.