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It's mid January 2021. Lin has started to talk about Anna and Adam again. She goes from guilty to excitement sometimes in the space of a sentence.   The week before our holiday she shaved her pussy. I knew that was for Adam.  The original plan was to go back to the same hotel as last year but Anna had found a villa with a private pool so we agreed to share costs. Now we were arriving in a taxi. It was late afternoon but the day was still warm. The villa had small high windows.  I knocked on the door. Soon Anna opened the door, she had a wrap around dress with a belt knotted around her. I carried our bags in. Inside, a corridor led forward. Two doors on the left and at the end a door opened into a large room. By the time we got to that door Anna was naked.   Adam met us also naked. He took the bags and told Lin 'Lin I will show you your room'. Off they went.  Anna helped me undress to reveal my hard cock. As we kissed we made it to one of the large sofas. She sat sucked my cock, and it ached to fuck her. I tipped her back and buried my head in her  pussy. She was just like I remembered,  juicy, hungry and wanting. I could wait no longer, I pushed my cock into her feeling her engulf me. ' nice to be back' she laughed. It did not last long, we both came quickly.  Only then did I think of Adam and Lin.  I would  be surprised if he was not in her by now. Anne 'I have a confession'. We were sat up on the sofa and I was considering which way to fuck her next. We are not renting, we are staying with the owners.  I was worried that Lin would want to leave and not sure how the two weeks would go now. 'You better introduce me before Lin comes back. ' We walked out to the pool, though sliding doors and turned right. 'This is Jon and Emma, our hosts. ' they were both naked. Jon's cock hard. Anna kissed him. 'This is Tony, Lin is with Adam, he will keep her busy for sometime. ' Jon offered his hand, I shook it and Emma kissed me on the cheek and took my still wet cock in her hand. Telling me she wanted it in her. I turned to Anna, 'I wish you had told us, you know Lin is shy' 'If we told you you may not have come. What do you think Lin will say' I  admitted I did not know. 'What will Lin think you will say.' 'She will think I'm all for staying and bedding you both, but I  don't think she will be keen, Adam is a special case.' 'It's ok, Anna and Emma will keep me happy.  It doesn't mean you can't shag Emma ' Jon told me. Emma started wanking my cock,  which was beginning to dry. She was slim, well tanned,  her long hair tied in a high ponytail, small tits and shaved pussy, no tan line. 'Have you all been using condoms ?' I asked as Emma took my cock in her mouth.  Anna answered, 'No.' She smiled.  'No point in us using them then' I pulled Emma to her feet and took her back to the sofa. Jon and Anna followed.  They sat on the other sofa. Emma and I were kissing by the time we sat. I wanted to eat her pussy give her a good time but I wanted to fuck her before Lin came out. I went straight for the goal. I was not the first that day. I was only half interested in her fun. I dumped my load and then took my time to eat her pussy. Licking up spunk, licking her clit and finger fucking her. She came, I looked up to see Anna kissing Emma with a hand on her tit. Jon was fingering Anna. Anna lifted her head as she came gripping Emma's tit tightly.  Jon licked his fingers, looking me said, 'You taste good' Anna told Emma, 'I told you he was good.' Emma sat up and Anna sat the other side of me. 'You will enjoy being here.' Anna told me and I agreed I would.  Lin and Adam came back, she asked 'You want to stay don't you?' I told her I did and she said,  she knew I would. She looked up at  Adam,  hugged him tightly. 'Adam said I can say no to anything or anyone. ' Jon assured her she was right. 'No one wants you to do anything you don't want ' Anna told her.  I told her no one would force her to do anything.  Lin, 'You have had her haven't you.' I told her I had  and she agreed to stay. Anna asked Lin to help her and Emma to make dinner.  Us men took a drink and sat by the pool. Jon assured me he would not push Lin for sex and I told him I would like her to shag him. Adam said Lin was an incredibly shag when she got started. We chatted about the house, the private beach. Jon hinted about bi, Adam told him it would be best to play straight.  Lin had not been pleased when Anna touched her pussy last year. Then the conversation drifted into sexual experiences.  Lin was the least experienced,  she shagged other men but Adam was the only one I had seen her fuck. I had been to parties with girlfriends, Lin knew that but never wanted to come.  It turned out Adam, Anna, Jon and Emma were all bi and very active on the swinging scene.  We had dinner outside. It was a long sociable affair.  Conversations about everything but sex.  After dinner we took our drinks inside to the sofas. Lin sat on one sofa with Adam and in order, Jon, Anna, me and Emma sat on the other.  Anna asked, 'Lin who are you sleeping with tonight?' Lin looked a little lost so I suggested Adam.  She asked if I minded. I told her I wanted her to. Anna gave me a passionate kiss, Emma started work sucking my cock and Anna turned to Jon, kissed him and caressed his cock and balls. Lin knelt in front of Adam and her head started bobbing. My cock got even harder than it was. Soon I was enjoying my cock in a wet mouth and my wife performing in a 6sum. My hand ran down Emma's back, over her buttocks and down her upper leg. Emma turned over her head on my lap. My hard cock against her ear. My hand ran over her tits, down to her clit and I pushed a finger into her. She shivered and adjusted her position.  Lin was still sucking Adam when Emma came lifting herself up and kissing me like a starved woman. I let her calm, then walked over to Lin. I sat next to Adam and stroked Lin short hair.  She looked up, looked at my cock and started sucking. I let her for a few moments then lifted her, sat her on the sofa and slipped into her. It was the first time she had been fucked with two other couples in the room. She was in the mood, full of want. I left my calling card, spunk. Handed her back to Adam and said goodnight. Adam took her by the hand and started for our room. Anna told Lin to enjoy him. I watched the door shut. Anna was by my side. She hugged me tight, I gave her a long kiss and Jon took her off to her room. Emma and I went to her room. As the door swung shut we were on each other.  69 on the bed. Cock and pussy getting head. She let my cock fall from her mouth, taking it in her hand and taking first one ball then the other in her mouth.  I was getting heady  and passionate my tongue on her clit and nose in her pussy. She let go of my balls keeping my cock in her hand, her tongue moved towards my ass. She stopped. 'Yes' I said . We both went for it. 69 and rimming each other. She was totally free, her legs wide open. She kept licking my ass as I opened her's, and pushed a finger in. I moved, she knelt and took my cock in her ass. I gave her long deep and hard thrusts. Banging her till I dropped my load.  'Anna told me you like ass.' Emma informed me. 'I do when the lady is willing.' 'We will have to see how much you like it.' Emma may have smiled. We fucked three more times that night, resting giving head and finger fucking. I woke up with a woman in my arms. It took me a moment to remember her name. When I did I whispered softly, "Good morning Emma." She straightened her body and stretched, then snuggled her backside into my hard cock. I kissed her softly on the back of her neck. She wiggled her bum against my cock. "I was hoping you had recovered  " she informed me. Just as I was thinking how I would like to take her she turned over, pushed me on my back and though a leg over. She lowered herself on to my cock. I slid in past the morning dew. Into her hot clinging pussy. Staying upright she started to move her hips.  All I could reach was her knees.  She kept her tight little breasts out of reach until I injected my first load of the day. Then she place a hand each side of my shoulders and continued her rhythmic movements. She was beginning to to smile and bite her lower lip. I  reached up felt her hard nipples ran my hand down her back. "Don't go soft on me." She demanded and I assured her I had no intention. Sometimes she lowered herself to kiss me, then she let out a long exhausted sigh and dropped onto me. She had not worn me out I tipped her on to her back pulled her legs high around me and tilted back onto our sides. I held her close and took control giving her long slow hard thrusts.  Her legs started to grip me tighter and just as I dropped my second load she let go another sigh this time muffled by my neck.  We showered and went to  get breakfast, it was 10.30.  Anna and Jon had started theirs.  Anna and Emma air kissed Jon and I nodded.  "Was I right?" asked Anna. Emma said yes and asked what I would like.  As she retrieved my yogurt from the fridge and I poured us both coffee Jon asked Emma if she enjoyed the night.  Emma told her husband that she had.  "Are Lin and Adam up" I asked. Anna informed me "Adam was up I heard Lin cum."  She laughed.  Thinking about Adam fucking my wife gave me a twitch in my cock. "You better go get them up, if we are going Shopping. " Emma reminded me. I knocked the door and walked in, not waiting for an invite. Lin had her head on Adam's shoulder, Adam had his arm around her.  She turned to me as I sat on the bed. I kissed her. "Time to get up. Did you enjoy?" Lin through her arms around me and hugged tightly. "Has he filled you." I  fingered her pussy as she opened her legs. I hardened and claimed her back. Adam lay on the bed watching,  when we finished Lin kissed him. She went to shower. I washed my cock in a hand basin and went back to the kitchen. It was approaching midday when  we left. The women in one car driven by Emma and us in another driven by Jon. Adam asked 'Do you think Lin will fuck Jon' 'She fucked you and I never thought she would fuck in front of me.' I replied.  'She is a very nice fuck. Good to take a swinging virgin ' Adam commented.  'I enjoy helping ladies to cross boundaries. Best was seeing you fuck her. I could not believe it when she invited you to our room. ' I told them both. Adam replied 'Good to help'...'What about your boundaries. '  'What about them?' 'You like ass, Anna told me.' 'That's one of Lin's boundaries,  my boundary is not upsetting Lin.' 'What about a man's ass or cock?' 'Let's see how things go.' After a short pause we continued to chat about the sun the beach, nudist, sex. It was one o'clock when we stopped at a restaurant overlooking the sea. Then on into town.  We spent some time walking about then to the market. We split up, Lin and I took a shopping trolley.  Adam and I paid for the three trolleys. It was more expensive than I thought it would be but Emma and Jon were taking the accommodation payment in our bodies.  We got back about 5 PM, the Shopping was soon away and we were naked soon after. Lin and I were in our room, I asked her bluntly 'Do you want Jon?' 'You want me to go with him….don't you.' I have known Lin long enough not to tell her I do if she wants to. Instead 'I want you to have him. Adam and I want to see Jon in you.' Soon Lin was laying on the bed, her legs open. I went to find Jon, 'Jon can I barrow you. Lin wants to play, but she may not wish to shag.' I told him what Lin had agreed to and we went to our room. Lin was still on her back, her legs open. She closed her eyes as we entered the room and I closed the door.  Jon sat on the bed and ran his hands over her body.  Lin did not move, I was about to call it off when  Lin lifted a hand and touched Jon on the shoulder.  I nodded and Jon kissed her nipple. Lin ran a hand down his arm and back up. He kissed her, she responded,  I was aware my cock was hard. On the bed things were taking their course.  Lin pushed his hand down.  Jon parted the folds of her pussy and was soon eating her. He took his time then slipped into her, she opened her eyes and closed them. Jon started to pump her and that was my que to leave. I left the door part open. 'She fucking him.' Anna asked. She knew there was no need to ask. We sat on the sofas and listened sometimes petting lightly. Anna and me, Adam and Emma.  Lin and Jon came out,  Lin looking sheepish. Adam got up to meet them, 'Was that nice.' Lin nodded, 'Can I. ' Adam asked. Lin nodded and he felt her pussy and rubbed his fingers in the sticky filling. He sat her on the end of the sofa and took her. Soon she was enjoying him, soon he was standing in front of her, spent. Lin reached out and I took Adam's place. I was hard, excited, she fucked two men and now she asked me to have her. She was full when I entered her. 'I love you I told her'  'You like me like that?' She asked. 'I like to see you cum.' She never answered. She did cum. I  stepped back. Anna squeezed Lin's hand and asked her if she was sleeping with Jon. Lin looked at me. I told her she could.  She looked at Adam and Jon then me. She took Jon's hand, he hugged her and she said yes. The ladies made dinner. We chatted about Lin and Jon having sex. Adam gave him hints.  After dinner Jon and Lin performed for us and we all went to bed, Lin and Jon, Emma and Adam, Anna and myself. As we fucked and played Anna asked me if I liked Lin slutty if I like to see her shagging around.  Anna always knew which buttons to push and when. How to arouse me, but I  always thought she was planning deeper depravity.  I was dreaming of sex, being inside a woman. I had no idea who she was. Slowly the dream became reality.  I opened my eyes,  Anna was gently rubbing my cock. As I pulled myself from sleep Anna leaned down and sucked on me. I rolled over and began to eat her 69. Just as she was about to cum, I slipped into her pussy doggy. She came twice before I did. I do enjoy a lady giving me head but I am blessed by the fact I almost never cum that way. Yes a blessing,  after 69 I still have further to go than the lady. We were last to breakfast.  Lin gave me a kiss. We spent the morning on a little beach, the only access was from the backdoor of the house or the sea. The steps down were easy even carrying lunch. The first job was taking the large cushions from the locker and arranging them on the covered platform.  The water was not cold but it was cool so we never spent long in the water. Lin, who has never linked cold water, led Adam back to the platform.  The next time I  looked she was riding him. Her tits bobbing as she rose and fell back on to his cock. Anna was close by and she must have had the same idea as I did. We made love with her legs and arms wrapped around me. As each little swell washed towards shore our weight changed in the water. Sometimes my feet almost left the sandy bottom.  It only added to the experience.  Finally we were all on the padded platform.  I in  full shade, Emma in full sunshine. The others arranged between us. While laying there I realised the difference between the women. Lin was my wife, sex was gentle loving and emotional. Anna was wild, willing to try anything leading others , I knew that there was nothing that she would not say no to and if she did there would be no damage to the relationship. Emma traded sex for contact, maybe Jon married her for that reason.  As the morning progressed we played. We had lunch at midday.  Anna managed to get chutney on her breast and invited Jon to clean it off. Which he did with his tongue. Lunch continued,  food was spilt, food was eaten,  pussy and cock was cleaned, spill or not. By 1.30 it was getting very hot. We packed up the cushions,  packed the bags and went back to the house.  Jon suggested a game of monopoly.  There were house rules. Once a hotel was built a sex club could be purchased for the price of a hotel.  Landing on a sex club got double the rent of landing on a hotel.  If 2 people landed on a sex club they could have sex, it did not have to be the same club as long as they were both on a club. It took a few hours to buy land, build house, hotels and finally clubs. So we played and then we 'played' then we did not need monopoly. We never worked out who won or had the most money.  We all helped make dinner. Just before we all sat down Anna pulled me aside. 'Would you like to give Lin to Jon and Adam? You can have me and Emma, we will play for you.' 'Bi?' 'Bi, you can do anything you like, fuck me as I eat your cum from Emma. Anything you want we will do for you.' 'If Lin wants she can have them.' I agreed. We had dinner washed up and sat on the sofa. We chatted about the day, asked what we would like to do tomorrow. We settled  on the same thing, lunch on the beach. So we chatted about the beach, Adam gave Lin his cock to suck, Anna told Jon to fuck her, obeyed,  then she asked if she was sleeping with they both. Lin looked at me. I walked to her, said, 'Yes, but first.' I shagged her and then told her, 'Go, be nice to them.' 'So you can have them.' 'So I can have them, yes.' That is what happened. Anna and Emma performed for me. Anna encouraged me to fuck Emma. Then  she did what she said, she eat Emma and I fucked Anna. They played while I recovered. Anna lubbed Emma, and I took her back door. If anything happened after that I was not involved.  It was morning again. I woke with my arm draped over Anna and my hand on Emma. My cock was hard and pressed against her back. She reached back and positioned my cock at her backdoor. I took the hint and her backdoor. We woke Emma,  who turned over and started to kiss Anna. As I fucked Anna and they kissed, Emma sometimes allowed her hand to roam over my shoulder. Then I bust my morning load into her. I rolled on to my back and Emma lay on Anna, they began to eat each other.  We went for breakfast.  Lin, Adam and Jon came out about an hour later. I never gave her time for breakfast or a shower. I kissed Lin full on the mouth and my cock hardened,    I laid her on the sofa. Her pussy was stretched she was full off spunk, she squelched as we fucked,  she almost screamed as she came and I added my donation to Adam's and Jon's. When  I  looked up the other four were watching.  Anna asked Adam and Jon, 'I bet you were both in her together last night.' Lin answered 'They were, endlessly.' Then she regretted it for just a moment. Then totally unexpected Lin flung her arms around me and said 'I love you, do it again.' So I  did. This time the others did not watch,  they played.  After everyone finished breakfast we spent the morning on the beach and lunch before coming back to the house.  After lunch we played cards. Jon had a specially made set. We were each dealt cards. The idea was to get a desirable set; a room, a position or sexual act and a person.  We took turns picking up and discarding cards. When someone got what they wanted they laid the cards down and went off to play,  probably laying someone. That took us through to dinner. Dinner was relaxed, chat included sex and DVP. Anna mentioned how she loved two cock rubbing against each other in her pussy. She was pushing the boundaries of dinner chat.  After dinner we took wine to the sofas and had a bit more than normal. Chat continued,  sexual acts began. Lin bent over the end of the sofa and I took her doggy. As I banged away slapping my balls against her as the other four kissed and caressed before Adam and Jon went to bed shutting the door behind them. I came first delivering cum to Lin's pussy. A few more thrusts and Lin's 'a a a' became 'hur'. She came and I let her up. Anna said 'let's go to bed' Lin asked 'Where is Adam?' 'He has gone to bed with Jon.' Lin looked at Anna and Emma, 'With each other?' 'Yes hun' Anna answered up beat with a tone that indicated it was normal, 'they fancy cock tonight.' Lin dropped back on the sofa dumbfounded.  Anna asked, 'Did you enjoy sex with them both?' Lin nodded. 'Will you enjoy sex tomorrow,  it will be the same.' It was a long wait, finally Lin took my hand, 'I never knew.' She was going to say more but never. Anna urged, 'lets go to bed.' Things moved slowly, then Anna sucked my cock, lifting her head, 'your turn Lin.' Lin sucked. Slowly. Then faster and deeper. Anna claimed my cock lowering her pussy on to me, Emma kissed me and Anna told Lin, 'lots of room you Lin.' Lin reached in and touched me.  Anna lifted off and told Lin to fuck me. Anna moved and took Emma's hand pressing it to her pussy. Emma was finger fucking Anna a few feet from Lin's head as I fucked her.  I was not sure what I was hoping; that Lin would not know what was happening and not run for our room or she would see and I would know what the response would be.  Anna let out a moan and the secret was out. Lin bent her head saw I kept fucking she let me finish.  Lin held me close as I pulled my cock from her. 'Thank you Emma, would you like to try Lin.' Anna asked. 'Women do it better than men. Women know what a pussy needs.' There was no answer other than Lin hugged me. Anna bent her head to Emma's pussy and we both watched. Emma slowly built to an immense organism.  Anna sat close to us and asked me if I liked seeing women play  with each other. I  told her I did and Anna ran a finger over Lin's nipple (hope I , hope Anna was not pushing too much). Anna instructed, 'Tell me to stop whenever you want.' Lin did not move, her body was warm against me. Anna ran her hand over Lin's breast, up to her ear and back to her breasts. Anna bent her head to kiss a nipple. Lin turned her head to kiss me, she was looking for comfort.  Anna's hand moved down Lin's body, Lin opened her legs, Anna started to work Lin's clit. Lin kissed me harder. Anna moved her lips from nipple to pussy. Lin kissed me harder, turned her body to hold me leaving her legs wide apart and allowing Anna to bring her to climax. Her body pressed against me and Anna's mission was over. Anna sat up, Lin relaxed and Anna asked if it was good. Lin did not speak so I answered it looked like Lin enjoyed. I took Lin again.  On her back. I supported myself,  there was room for both Anna and Emma to run fingers and lips over Lin's breasts. I  came fast far to fast but I  remained hard so I kept going till Lin came. 'Good' Anna asked, 'you can lick me if you like.' Lin shook her head, Anna took Emma 69. Lin snuggled into me and looked up. I thanked her, and told her I enjoyed it all. Anna and Emma finished each other and we all fell silent.  It was Lin that asked 'What are Adam and Jon doing?' Anna made it very clear, but kept the language soft. She never said fuck she said male intercourse.  Lin thought for a long time. '....they still like women?' Emma, 'They enjoy fucking you, they enjoy women,  you must have noticed…...who is best licking you?' 'Tony and Anna' she told us diplomatically.  Emma, 'Can I taste you?' Lin looked at me, held my hand, lay down and opened her legs. I could see she was enjoying,  Anna kissed a breast and I played with the other. Lin came again and we all relaxed.   Anna started asking about the card game.  Emma said there were some more cards with bi options. Lin asked if I would suck a man's cock. I told her I would. Then she asked if I would have male intercourse. I repeated that I would suck cock. Everyone let me get away with that answer. We fell asleep.  Breakfast was a slow affair.  Emma dropped a little yogurt on herself.  Anna licked at the yogurt cleaning her breast. Anna dropped fruit on to her lap. Adam bent his head and went dipping,  Anna opened her legs and Adam came up with a cube of watermelon in his teeth.  After that everyone started dropping things. We all moved to the sofas, no longer a need for food. 'O, look a cherry' I  told Lin, and bent to her lap.  Emma giggled and said, ' That cherry has been well and truly picked.' '...and a very sweet cherry it is' Adam commitment. Jon agreed and Anna whispered something in Lin's ear.  I ate Lin's cherry then I fucked Lin. We sat on the sofa, Lin leaning against me and watching the other four play on the other sofa. Lin had come so far in a year. Last January she had invited Adam and Anna to our room. it was our first swinging together. Now we were simply watching others shag. We still have 10 days left and Anna was bending Lin's boundaries, and if Anna pushed too far, well it was not me who suggested it! Jon and Emma finished, sat hugging and watching Adam and Anna finish their shag. We all sat hugging our wives. Everyone was chilling.  There had been a storm over night and the sea was still ruff,so we spent the morning by the pool. There was still some clouds but it was comfortable sitting in the sun, but not too long, I burn easy.  Emma had no trouble, she soaked up  the sun. Time passed with no one playing. Two hours, it was the longest time that nothing happened.  We just lay in the sun or shade. Somehow it was natural. When I  arrived I thought it would be 24 hour sex, but it was not. We just lay there. Emma invited me into the sun with the temptation of her body. I sat on her poolside bed. She went straight to my cock, sucking hard. I ran my hands down her back enjoying her attention. Soon she stood up and I was sucking at her nipples and handling her buttocks.  I caught sight of Jon slowly wanking as I lay his wife down and slipped into her. The sun on my back, her warm body below me. I expected someone to join us but she was all mine. Mine to kiss, mine to handle,  mine to fuck,  both her hands caressing me. She had excited me a little too much, I  burst into her far too soon. I rolled off her and began circling her clit, lubricated by my own cum. I  could see and feel that her body was about to cum, she pulled me tight to her and almost screamed in my ear. I do not know how long we lay there. No one disturbed us.  I was still in Emma's arms when Lin and Anna returned, I  never noticed them go, I must have been distracted. I never did discover everything about their disappearance. Anna told us all Lin wants to see the men sucking cock. It was a bit of a shock,  I have sucked husband's cocks, but never told Lin. Adam walked over to Emma and myself. He offered his cock. I took it in my mouth. 'He's a natural. ' Adam said. Jon joined us and started to suck me. I'm not sure which was distracting me form the other more. It was the first time I had a man at both ends. Adam flooded my mouth with com, and I swallowed.  Adam stepped back, I could see Anna stood behind Lin, her arms wrapped around her, they whispered to each other, sometimes kissing. Emma was sat alone, her pussy open and her fingers playing with herself.  I lay back enjoying Jon sucking at me. 'He never cums that way.' Lin told Jon. She was right, oral hardly ever does it for me but I do enjoy. Anna came to us and whispered in my ear. I went with Anna and Lin. Everyone followed.  We have something for you. Anna kissed Lin lightly on the lips. This was a day to remember.  The first time I saw her kiss a woman. My cock was getting hard again. Lin sat on the bed and Anna started to eat her. Lin responded,  I held her hand, and watched Anna, her shoulders pressed against Lin's thighs, her head buried in pussy. Lin finally came. That was not my gift. Anna kissed Lin again and said something softly to her. Lin turned around and bent over on the bed. Anna pulled Lin's buttocks apart and kissed her anus.  She spent time and raised her head, she took my hand and placed it on Lin's buttocks, I  bent my head to rim. I could not believe she had always refused anything like this. Anna leaned towards Lin and asked her if she was OK. Lin said something.  Anna told me, 'Lin would like to try anal, but you have to as well.' I was not sure, I had fucked men, never enjoyed it as much as women.  I had had women finger me and use small toys on me. I would have said no but the thought of Lin trying won me over. 'Do you have it all planned.' I asked Anna. 'I do, go around the other side of the bed.' I stood there, Emma and Jon taking turns at my cock. I  got to kiss Emma when Jon had his turn, sometimes fingering her pussy. All the time could see Lin on the bed, Adam and Anna taking turns at her pussy. She came at least three times. Then it was time for us both to bend over the bed. If we both bent are heads we could see each other. I reached out with both hands Lin took them. My legs were slightly parted and I felt cold lube fill my crack. Lin objected, 'That's cold' but squeezed my hand. I felt Emma and Jon explore,  a finger penetrated my anus, more lube, then a different finger. Anna asked Adam, 'you will  be gentle with her.'  I bent my head up, Adam was stood behind Lin. Lin squeezed my hands tight. At the same time I felt Jon push at me, I squeezed Lin's hands. I  felt my ass stretch like a constipation but that soon passed. Lin and I both took anal cock together for the first time. I  could make out a growing smile on Lin's face as Jon picked up the speed and vigour.  I came my spunk trapped between me and the bed. Soon after I was not sure, something inside me and Jon left.  Still holding Lin's hand I pushed myself up to see unmistakable relief on Adam's face as he delivered his load to Lin. He left her, he must have drop his cock into her pussy, he started to hammer away at her. She came panting. Adam left her, she stood up and turned to Anna. Anna smiled, touched Lin's face and they kissed. It was a long energetic kiss. I still could not believe she was kissing women. 'Next bit?' Anna asked Lin. She nodded. 'Come round this side.' Emma sat on the bed, Lin knelt and started to eat pussy. I still could not believe this day. I  was standing between Jon and Adam all watching. Anna came to us. She gave Adam  a quick but deep kiss. She held her face to mine and whispered. 'How do you like your slutty, do anything wife?' 'The more fun she has the more I like it, especially if I can see her.' 'Do you want her as?' Anna was being deliberately crude. She kiss me long and hard. She lifted her leg and pushed her body against me. I pushed my thigh as close as I could into her pussy, it was warm and damp.  Anna could feel my cock hard against her. She pushed me away,  checked out Jon and Adam. Suddenly 'Three hard cocks need three dirty holes.' Emma stood took Lin's left hand,  Anna took Lin' right and they bent over the bed holding hands. Adam took a large squirt of lube from the bottle, rubbed it over his cock, which shone in the light.  He took another squirt and passed the bottle to me as he rubbed lube into Anna's crack. I repeated the process and passed the bottle to Jon.  Adam was already in  Anna when I started to ease into Lin's backdoor. Adam had already stretched but she was still the tightest bum I have ever had. I took my time. Hardly pushing at all. I  let her adapt.  Finally I was In her. I  pulled back slowly and pushed in slowly. I  felt her getting easier. I came quickly,  she was tight and I have never been in her backdoor.  I jerked as I  came in her, pulled out Lin turned around and 'is that what you wanted' she asked me. I told her it was just what I wanted. Anna asked if she enjoyed it. Adam came and let Anna up, she put an arm around Lin's waist. 'It was much better than I thought it would be.' Lin hugged and kissed me. 'That was your special gift' Anna told me and they all left shutting the door. 'Did you really like it ' I asked. 'Yes …. ' she told me. We lay on the bed hugging.  When we went back to the others they all hugged and kissed her. It was time for lunch. After lunch we played monopoly then dinner and bed. That night I spent with Lin. I did not take her backdoor that night. We woke together and hugged. 'OK' I asked. Lin nodded. 'No regrets ' Lin shook her head. 'Want to make love?' Lin rolled over my body and descend,  my cock slipped into her pussy. She began to grind. My mind slipped back and forward between my wife grinding away above me and the day before when she kissed women, eat them 69, and taken cocks in her ass. She came first, but kept grinding. I came, sat up still inside her. We kissed. She asked, 'Do you still love me?' 'I love you more than ever.' This was about as good as marriage could get. Together, sharing each other's pleasures. I knew I had Anna to thank for it all. Her scheming, and Adam who had tempted Lin on the beach last year, when she invited them to our room. We went for breakfast. Everyone was excited to see Lin. She had went further than ever yesterday and they wanted to be sure she was OK. The sea was still a bit choppy so we swam in the pool. Lin took Adam away. Anna stretched out with Emma. Soon Emma was eating pussy. Jon and I were watching. We both had hard cocks, he asked if I wanted to fuck him. There was no pussy so I  said yes. 'Wait till I'm in Emma.' He said. I grabbed lube, it was warm from being in the sunshine. As I wanked gently my cock grew even harder. As I turned back to the three of them Jon had started to fuck his wife, she was eating Anna and I placed my cock at Jon's ass and pushed in. He stopped moving and I started to fucked him, his cock pushed into his wife each time I pushed into him.  It was Anna who came first and as soon as Emma stopped eating I started to thrust harder. It was hot in the sun, I was working hard and sweating when I  came, when I did my cock deflated and it was just Jon fucking Emma. We all lay down. Anna and me on one couch, later Jon and Emma on another. Lin and Adam had still not come back.  Anna asked how Lin was after her adventures. I told  her she was good, keen to continue. Then I told Anna, 'It was all you, how do I thank you?' 'For now you can fuck me, later we can invite others around for a party.' 'Can we take that slowly? I'm not sure about Lin expanding her partner list.' 'Trust me, besides she doesn't have to fuck! Come on fuck me.' I pinned her arms, she opened her legs and my cock filled her pussy. We were both hot and sweaty. Banging away at her just made us hotter. We came together,  the best way to come. I fell beside her. She panting from the contortions of her body, me from the sheer pounding I gave her. Finally Lin and Adam came back, she was glowing, smiling widely, welded to Adam's side.  'Had fun?' Anna asks them both. 'Lots' Adam confirmed.  'So have we .' Anna told them, hugging me. It was lunchtime.  After lunch we lay in the sun or shade. I took a couple of swims once Lin joined me and we made love in the water.  Dinner came and went, we looked at the full set of playing cards. There was nothing we were going to remove for the next game,but Lin did ask about one place card. The 'love swing'. Jon got the swing out and hung it up outside. There were biting insects outside so we went back in promising lynne we would show her how it worked in the morning. She did ask again but Anna said it was best to show her. Lin excepted that. Anna was becoming a major influence on Lin. It was getting late, not that time mattered much, but we split into couples and went to bed. We woke, had breakfast and showed Lin the Swing. The morning was still cool but promising to be a hot day.  'How does it work?' Asked Lin. Anna patted the swing and said 'sit here'. I helped Lin up. She lay back, Anna strapped Lin's left leg and I strapped the other.  Lin lay in the swing her pussy open and on display, unable to move her legs. Everyone closed around her. Adam and Jon, their cocks close enough to suck and Jon offered his. Anna slipped away. Emma placed her hand on Lin's tit. I knelt. Lin's pussy wide open, I began to eat her. She was sweet and soon very wet. Soon Lin was bucking but unable to move her legs. I stood up and pushed my cock into her cunt. I  moved in and out. Anna had returned,  she had spread scented oil over Lin's tits and body. As I banged myself into her the swing moved gently,  then it moved further. Lin stopped sucking cock and looked all around, 2 women and 3 men. I  came before she came again and stepped away. Everyone moved round.  Anna took my place and started to eat the cream pie. Lin had Jon's cock in her mouth with one hand on Adam's cock and the other on mine. Everyone was rubbing oil into her apart from Anna who was eating my cum from Lin's pussy. Lin came, everyone moved around.  Lin started to suck my cock, Adam started to fuck. The swing swung and Adam came. Jon took his place, he took his time slipping his naked cock into her but once in he hammered away. Lin came again and then again.  I  was enjoying watching her molested and fucked. Jon came and we all moved around.   As Emma started to eat Lin, Lin gripped my arm and she gripped Jon cock, by the look on his face harder than was comfortable. Lin came, her eyes were wide open. As was her pussy when I took Emma's place. Even after the eating she got Lin was leaking. I hammered away at her and she came again before I did.  That was the end of it, Lin asked to be let down.  Lin could not stand,  her body was shivering.  She was worn out, I counted 10 organisms. Anna and I helped her to bed and lay each side. The last I saw of the swing was Emma climbing in. Anna brushed hair from Lin's face. Anna smiled at me, I smiled back. We lay there, I'm not sure how long. Eventually Lin kissed me and lay back, then she surprised me, 'I'm totally shagged out.' 'Would you like to do it again. ' Anna asked. 'Not today. ' Anna laughed.  'We could have  a party.' Anna offered after a short pause.  'Party?' Lin asked. 'Two or three more couples. '  It seemed forever before Lin answered 'Yes' and that was that.  The next few days went as normal breakfast,  swim, sex, lunch, sex game, dinner,  sex and bed. Saturday morning we started preparing for the party. Emma and Jon had invited some swinging friends. We nibbled through the morning, food not each other.  By midday everything was ready. Food in the fridge covered or waiting for a quick blast in the oven and wine on ice. We all took time out for a shower or bath. We spread condoms and towels about.  The first couple to arrive walked up from the beach. Irene and Jim, they had come by boat. They both gave Emma a peck on the cheek. Jon introduced Lin, Anna, Adam and myself.  Lin slipped herself under Jim's arm and hugged his young 20 something body to her. Irene glanced at her partner,  then me, she stepped towards me and asked if I would get her a drink. I noticed Anna hold Adam's arm as Irene and myself went for a drink.  We chatted, Lin was getting very friendly with Jim. That surprised me.  Irene, early 20s,  long blonde hair, a very small triangular white patch around her pussy, wearing sandals and a smile. She looked at me and I asked her 'would you like to play' 'Can we go to a room.'  We went to our room. 'How do you want me.' She asked. 'Anyway,  so long as I see your face.' She smiled and we settled on the bed. For a moment I thought 'how is Lin doing ', it was the first time in a week. I touched Irene's chin, our lips touched,  my hand ran up her side,  her hand went to my shoulder.  We held each other and the dance began. We lay on our side, kissing,  caressing and searching for those special spots that the other enjoys. There was a little aa as I nibbled her ear lobe. She rolled away, ripped a condom open and rolled it over my cock. It was ribbed and blue. She settled herself on me and made a circular motion. I twitched my cock. 'That's nice.' She told me. She moved her hips back and forth, never moving me in and out of her. Keeping control of movements she learned on her hands. Her hair falling on my face. She continued to grind.  'Emma said this is your first party.' Irene said as she moved. 'Lin's first party not mine.' I  told her feeling my pleasure grow and her breast. 'She is going to have every man here, I can tell.' ' I  know, and every woman who she can.' I told her. 'Good, we are staying tonight. ' with that she came, and started to rise and fall on my cock. It did not take long before I came. She got off and lay beside me still touching me. I started to eat her, a slight taste of condom and raspberry. I rolled my tongue around her clit and she sucked at me. I soon forgot the taste of condom and pulled her thighs apart, grinding my tongue into her pussy. Soon she was pushing her pussy into my face and she came.  I turned around,  grabbed the first condom to hand and was in her as soon as I  could.  Mmmmm she breathed into my ear as I pushed in and out. I  took my pleasure, felt myself fill the condom,  wished it was not there, felt myself deflate pulled out. I left the condom behind and plucked it out with my fingers. 'Sorry ' I told her. 'That's OK' she told me. We took a few moments to recover then went back to the party. Anna was walking to a room with a man but took long enough to tell me, 'You have some catching up to do. Lin is 2 ahead of you.' Lin continued to surprise me, she shagged every man and some women. I was happy to play with the women,  and couples.   About midnight the others left, but Irene and Jim remain all night. The night was punctuated with sex. I never slept. Anyone who wanted sex found someone who was awake moved away from anyone that was sleeping or dozing and pleasured each other.  Irene and Jim were close friends of Emma and Jon. They had always played bareback, so I  got to do what I  wanted...Irene with no condoms. Jim sucked my dick after had her. Jim sucked all three of us but that was as far as he went. Sunday, was a strange day, dozing,  no proper meal and loads of sex. We all enjoyed the day. Irene and Jim left late Sunday.  I  slept 14 hours Sunday night. A few days later Lin and I flew home. I was hoping to meet Lin's lover, but she never invited him over. We did go to clubs, but only when we were away from home. I still saw my lover and took her to clubs, but I was not allowed to bring her to our bed.
Written by Tony

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