First Time
21 May 2019

THE MASSAGE - ( names are private and random initials used to protect privacy of this true event ) – PART 1 -

JJ keeps nagging at J to organise another massage she so enjoys them, they do help her relax and stimulating her mussels and body also her mind. In fact she confesses she gets very aroused and turned on sexually. J says lets get a professional to give you a sensual massage for a change your always going on about enjoying another persons hands on your body giving you a massage being so different and quite sexually arousing too. The normal hair saloons and sports centres provide a good service but not as intimate or professional as given abroad when they are on holiday. JJ says oh yes please can you organise a private massage but I want you present too. Ok J agrees pointing out that these massages do get her very aroused and things could get out of hand, JJ says no problem with you there with me and to also be involved in massaging me will be a big turn on be sure I can manage ok. J suggest H is the ideal person he appreciates JJ is used to female’s but he knows H will oblige he is good with his hands. JJ chuckles yes he is! Especially when dancing, bringing back memories, those smooches, at the clubs and parties, umm she smiles.

H is over the moon when J asks him can he oblige by spending an evening giving JJ a massage and also instructing J in the art of performing a very special massages on his partner. H appreciates massages on his clients in the past have been eventful and advises J that he himself can not be held responsible for how JJ reactions during or even after the session in fact he is not sure how he himself will react or control himself. J agrees things could develop in a number of directions and he understands H concern. Both JJ and J have some concerns and were worried about the effect on everyone so they all agree that what ever happen happens and no comeback’s on any one.

The evening is organised H has the studio flat dimly lit by candle light there’s a hint of aroma in the air from the scented sticks and candles. Oil is warmed on the hot plate, at the right temperature, towels on the table JJ is sensing some excitement and entrees the room, she comments on the sweet scented aroma and drops her wrap on to the chair exposing her firm breasts and very erect nipples. She is very excited and wearing G string type knickers only, very brave of her to expose her self so openly and confidently to the guys so quickly. Both H and J are excited and preparing them selves JJ is told to lay on her stomach first, H pours the warm oil down the centre of her back and onto her shoulders and down to her waist, he commences massaging her neck shoulders arms etc. He instructs J to follow his lead and do what he is doing now. Both guys start applying slight pressure to JJ shoulders, moving in a circular motion’s, working their hands finger deep into JJ soft skin, pushing down and pulling up the supple flesh. JJ is floating now as she says, come on boys more I am enjoying this double treatment so relaxing and sensuous. The guys carry on unhurried in their duties both glancing at JJ body, which is starting to respond in a natural way to the treatment she's receiving. They note JJ bottom is rising and lowering in unison with there treatment, rubbing up and down her back in unison both guys move their hands around to each side of JJ torso. Then massaging her on both side’s from under her arm pit to her waist, slightly brushing her breasts on passing down her side. JJ responds by adjusting her body thus enjoying this sensuous massage the effects of the scented aromatic aroma slightly hymatazes her in a super way. Relaxing and sending her in a dream like floating on air mode, she thinks am I just happy and relaxed in their company or am I under the influence of one of those sexual drugs? Hum so lovely I feel, she says let it all continue I want more she says out aloud.

H indicates to J to follow his lead and both start by massaging JJ feet and toes then slowly moving up and working on her calves, now her outer thighs, slowly caressing her thighs and working inward. Then outward.they skip JJ butt and work on JJ back working back lower and lower. JJ is purring like a cat enjoying this arousing effect it is having on her she remains laying there. This is heaven JJ says between her groans of shear enjoyment. H makes for JJ to roll over on her back and assisted by J she is gently rolled over her nipples are so large and erect letting both guys know she is fully enjoying this treatment. Both H and J now work up JJ body from the side to the top then back down the middle JJ body reacts accordingly. H indicates to J just do not to go there yet, mouthing the word lets make her beg for our attention. Just keep on working on her neck, chest and belly. H is enjoying every minute of the session, smiles at J thanking him with a nod of his head indicating he’s getting as much enjoyment giving the treatment as JJ is in receiving treatment.

JJ says to J she is comfortable with H continuing with the treatment on his own, he knows what he’s doing she says. So you can go out the room and leave them both alone. She assured J she is ok in receiving treatment from H in private on her own. J leavers the room to give JJ the privacy she wanted with H continuing to massage her body. J sorts himself a drink and watches the tv about half an hour later he hears JJ saying you can comeback in now hun H has finished and all sorted.