Written by William and Moira

First Time
12 Mar 2019

We made our decision to search for the right party to join us for some fun we were undecided whether we should go for the two men or the lone man but we so wanted it to be extra exciting we chose the two guys route and we started to search on line. Eventually we made our choice and made contact with two black men. They certainly had the right equpment, looked young and good looking too. We wanted to play at home and so we invited them down to our house for a weekend really just to size them up and find outa bit more about them. Meanwhile we were as hot as dogs on heat for each other and moira went shopping for some extra scimpy clothes including very short revealing skirts.

They arrived as arranged right on time they introduced themselves as Marvin and Henry and we immediately felt at ease with them, we showed them to their room and waited until they returned before settling down for a chat and drinks. That idid not take long and before we knew where we were we were discussing how we wanted to play and the boys suggested that Moira should undress and let them see her charms. Moira stood up and before she could make a move the boys were with her and feeling her body over and under her clother and began to kiss her. She stood there letting it all happen and very quickly she had been stripped down to her skimpy thong. They laid her on the rug and began to suck her nipples and part her legs kissing her inner thighs, turning her over to feel her arse, pulling her cheeks apart and slapping her bottom . She was rolling around laughing enjoying every moment but she had not seen anything of the boys yet. Marvin continued the play game cut Henri stood up and stripped down to his shorts his body looked strong and firm and the bulge in his shorts showed that he was well endowed Moira knelt in front of him and stroked him over his shorts befor pulling them down and there in front of her face was his huge black cock swaying as he moved his hips urging moira to hold it and stroke it. She took it straight into her mouth, Henri holding her head was working his lenght into her throat Marvin menwhile had stripped her pants off and was stroking her now naked and very wet fanny pushing his fingers deep into her, she looked ellated. Marvin pulled Moira to her feet and led her to an arm chair sitting her down and kneeling between her thighs he opened her legs and pushed his mouth and tongue hard onto her waiting fanny. I sat and watched all of this seeing the pleasure on Moiras face and listening to her moans of pleasure as Marvin rubbed the head of his swollen cock along he sex lips and gently began to slide the whole of his huge hard cock into my wife. Her legs were over his shoulders now and I could see his full balls pressed hard against Moira's arse as he pushed hard into her and then began to slide in and out of her. Moira was urging him on to go deeper and faster and he readily obliged her. It was fantastic to watch, and this was just the first round begining. Henri was now at her head with her holding his cock and taking itinto her mout as deeply as she could. Here I sat watching two black men using my wife's body and she was performing like a sex craised prostitute and it was pure joy for all four of us but especially Moira........... More to follow