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Emily had her baby in July, my baby is due in November and we have no idea who the fathers are. 

Emily has purchased a five bedroom house on the edge of town. I had no idea she had that much money. We had our room specially decorated,  but the other rooms were being finished off by regular decorators.

The decorators were a man about 20 and one about 40. We took them tea before they started for the day.

"Have you seen our room?" Emily asked them.

"No." The older man answered.

"We'll show you if you like." I offered.

"Fuck me." The younger one, Harry exclaimed looking at the airbrush wall and ceiling. 

It was soft focus, men and women of all colours having sex and on the ceiling winged cherubs in aerial sex.

"Fuck me." Harry exclaimed again. 

"We hoped you would think that." Emily commented. 

Harry looked at us, then the older man Jim.

"Go on son, you're only young once." Jim said as he began to turn.

"You can be young at your age." I told Jim.

"I'm married." Jim complained. 

"We will not tell, will we, Harry?" Emily assured. 

I ripped his overall open and pulled him towards the bed by the overall. 

"What about them?" Jim asked meekly. 

"We are fucking right here." Emily told him, dropping her housecoat and revealing everything. She backed up to the bed.

I pulled Jim's overall down. Harry was pulling his off and getting naked. I opened Jim's trousers and pulled out an average cock.

"That's nice and big." I exaggerated. "Fuck me."

I pulled my skirt up, lay back on the bed and exposed my cunt. Harry was climbing on the bed. Jim was hesitating.  I stood up, stripped and sucked on his cock. That was enough. I climbed back onto the bed tugging him by the hand. He did not wait, he pushed his hard cock into me. Emily turned on the motor and the bed started to slowly revolve. As Jim enthusiastically fucked me my view of the cherubs change.

I came quickly,  but so did Jim.

I looked at Emily. The young cock had delivered its load.

"Fuck Emily." I told Jim. "You know you want to." I encouraged.

Harry did not need any encouragement. He took his father's place.

"How does it feel to have your father's leftovers?" I whispered to him.

He pounded me harder. He lasted longer, but I never. I came twice. His only answer was to keep fucking.

"You dirty bastard." I told him louder.

Jim was still pounding Emily.

I felt his wet cock and balls. Slimy cock. It hardened slowly. I sat on his cock. Jim was still fucking Emily. 

Emily was happily taking each thrust. Jim was grunting and finally gave a last big grunt and stopped.

I revolved my cunt on Harry's cock. Jim was grabbing Emily's tit. Her tits leaked milk. 

I came and climbed off. 

"Suck her tits." I was speaking to both of them.

Emily let them take some milk then sent them to work.

I sucked at her tit "I never knew they were father and son." She commented. 

"Have you had a father and son before?"

"No, have you?"


"A first to share."

"Should we fuck them again?"

"I expect we should. Did you like the bed?"

"I like being fucked on it."

"You just like being fucked."

"I do, but so do you."

We got dressed and checked the baby in the nursery. 

Written by Jane

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