Written by Paul

First Time
1 Jun 2019

25 years ago i was playing for a semi pro football team , usual stuff most of us would go out Saturday night pubs clubs etc , stories would be told on Tuesday night at training about the weekend activities, who pulled etc , no mobile phones then so some stories exaggerated , one particularly night near Xmas there were a lot of chat in the changing room about the previous night out , Joe telling us he nearly slept with someone but no one took to much notice as 2 other lads had managed to bed two girls and were arguing who shagged them better ,

Fast forward 7 years players have moved on new players come in , I have a girlfriend soon to be wife been seeing her for 2 and half years , good sex life , she’s a tidy number ,slightly naughty ,flirtatious , and a laugh

Fast forward another 17 years still married , kids , she is still fit 5”7 36 b tits size 12 good arse and legs still , a reunion and charity match has been organised for the old football team , 40,odd players turn up to play and a dinner will be held in the evening with wife’s , girlfriends etc turning up

I see joe who I hadn’t seen for best part of 22 years , still looking fit , we all chat about old times in the dressing room , play the game and head to the bar ,

Player partners start turning up everyone looking and probably slight judgemental on some , some wives you remember had slightly let themselves go, some had traded there old ones for new younger models , Sarah walks in my wife wearing a black dress that looks good on her , I smile to myself still thinking I ve done well

As the drinks start to flow before dinner I go to the toilet and Joe follows me in , he politely ask me if my wife was called Sarah , I said yes she is , he then tells me in conversation as we walk back to the bar he used to fuck her 24 years ago and asked me to introduce him to her ,,,, I felt this pain /awkwardness in my tummy , I asked him was he sure ,, he said yes , he seem to gain confidence in telling me about her small birthmark that is on her bum , he said he was with her for 6 months on and off and they had a special bond together, I was shocked to say the least but I said well you can introduce yourself later to her as we were sitting at opposite ends of the room,,,, I want back to see Sarah but didn’t say anything at first , all I could think about was what Joe said about a special bond together,

The drinks and meal started to flow I headed to the toilet again as I turned round Joe was there again , he said have you asked her yet , I said no , he said you should as I think we might all end up together later ,, I said what are you talking about, Joe replied ask her who,took her anal virginity, and walked out ,,, I was now in shock as we never had anal she was never that interested, I wandered back to the table to see joe chatting to her , I divert and go to the bar for some thinking time ,, I can see them laughing together , and I wonder what he is saying to her , I come over with some drinks and say I didn’t realise you knew each other , Sarah slightly blushing , Joe says we used to fuck each other long before you ,,, and I think Sarah would like to fuck me tonight for old times sake ,Sarah says stop it Joe , Joe says look at his trousers he likes the idea ,of seeing what you were really like before you turned respectable,,,,, Joe was right as I did have a semi which he could obviously see , Joe left us but before he did he said to me you are going to watch me fuck your wife tonight , you will both come to my hotel room at 11 o’clock