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Unexpected First Time Meeting

"A night to remember"

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Hubby will set the scene for this story before my wife takes over for the actual meeting.

We are a happily married couple of over 40 years and been around Swinging Heaven for a few years without meeting anyone.

He is 62, 6ft 2 tall and medium build, grey hair, blue eyes, averagely endowed. Well groomed.

She is 5ft 2, size 12 to 14 build, short fair hair, brown eyes, 36GG breasts, shaven and slightly submissive loves to look, smell, dress well and feel good.

We are told both good looking and like to dress and smell well.

After years of fantasising and role playing about involving another man in our sex life we decided to take the plunge and advertise for a male, we were inundated.

One stood out from the crowd a good looking guy from Durham who was immediately attracted to a photo on our profile, particular the dress she was wearing, his  words “As soon as i saw her photo I wanted to fuck her”

He was a single guy, classed himself as a Leslie Phillips type person, masterful, very flirty but a gentleman with previous experience.

He was keen to engage with both of us to see what we could develop.

First contact was mainly between Hubby and him, followed by a group chat for us all to chat and build up trust.

Group chat set up ideas, likes and dislikes discussed, she will now tell her story of what happened next and how the chat then became one on one with him.

As the weeks went on more photos and sexy chat was exchanged with him becoming more direct, I was getting more and more attracted to his dominance and directness.

What was there not to like, he was good looking, great dress sense and most importantly he was a gentleman all of the same traits as my husband whom I love dearly the only difference was he appeared to have a great sex drive (A department my husband lacks in and why we found ourselves exploring alternative sexual adventures to boost both of our sex lives).and was opening my mind to new ideas and reassuring me about some of my concerns about myself.

Having chatted with him for a number weeks I made the decision to meet for nothing more than a drink and chat at a local pub that was neutral to us both.

The day arrived, hubby was at work and I finished work early and took some chill time to prepare myself and loosen myself up. Once home my heart was racing with a mixture of nerves and excitement, even though I was convinced that nothing would happen and he had reassured me that everything was on my terms, I could not help but be excited.

Once home I started getting myself ready, not sure what to wear I looked though my wardrobe for something that wasn’t too revealing and not to suggestive.

Outfit selected i had a nice long bath, face mask and all of the other things a woman does to pamper herself to look and feel good, before this I poured myself a nice cold glass of fizz to calm my nerves.  My underwear was not a problem, my hubby had bought me a nice set of sexy underwear, however, I had been directed during our chats not to wear any knickers at all.

Once I got out of the bath I spent a while ensuring my makeup was done to impress. Even though I had convinced myself nothing was going to happen, my mind was racing at the thought of what might happen.

My hubby arrived home he was dropping me off at the pub then picking me up at a pre-arranged time, at the time I was still doing my makeup and told him that I was not to wear any underwear which surprised him as I had told him nothing was going to happen he just said 'as long as you are comfortable do what you wish love'

Before leaving I had one final check over my attire and make up ensuring I was dressed to impress without looking to suggestive, here I was ready to set off wearing a black dress quite low cut revealing a little cleavage, but still classy, heels and no knickers.

I had agreed to meet him in the car park outside of the bar, my husband drove to the area he was waiting in his car, I got out of our car and headed towards his car. Hubby drove straight off and he immediately got out of his car, kissed me on the cheek and held my hand I knew immediately that I was massively attracted to him, he smelt so good and looked really nice.

Still convinced nothing was going to happen we headed toward the pub entrance and entered the pub which was very busy and noisy.

On entering the bar I made sure that we sat at a table in full view of everyone, primarily to ensure there was no wandering hands.

The conversation flowed easily, but the atmosphere and noise in the bar did not lend itself to the ambiance we were both expecting, it was noisy and crowded.

He suggested we go somewhere quieter and suggested his house which was some 10 miles away, my concern was hubby was not expecting this and here I was going from a meeting to get to know someone to agreeing to go back to someone's house that I had just met in person with no knickers on. What message was that sending out. He appeared a gentleman and I trusted his word, I didn’t think he would take advantage of the situation. He said “No pressure let's just go back to mine, get to know each other, we can chat and absolutely no pressure to do anything else at all".

This was not planned so anything else from here onward was going to be doing what felt right, I text hubby to let him know that I was going back to his house and explained the reason. It was only to chat and get to know each other better, he asked for the postcode to his house so that he could pick me up when I was ready, he duly obliged giving me and hubby reassurances that he was not going to do anything I didn’t want to.

We left the bar and I got in the front seat of the car, by now my mind was racing with what on earth Is going to happen, my mind began to wander and on the drive there I loosened up and my inhibitions began to lower.  As he got into the car he put his hand on my leg it didn’t wander too far but enough for me to think I wouldn’t mind if he had gone further.

When we got to his house I instantly felt at ease, he poured me a glass of wine and we sat in his lounge on the sofa chatting about life experiences, then without hesitation he placed his hand on my leg, slowly but surely he caressed his way up to my bare and totally shaven crotch. He then started kissing me full on and very passionately. By now any inhibitions I had quickly turned into thoughts of how far would this go.

Judging by my response to kissing and the fact I never said anything about his exploring hands and fingers he knew that he had me at a point of no return.

His next move was more direct "Remove your dress here in the lounge or go to the bedroom now”

I chose the bedroom so we made our way upstairs where he stripped me naked releasing my 36GG breasts from my bra. I was now stood in only my heels, Andy could see everything, any body hang ups and nerves were gone and all I wanted was to climb onto the bed and feel each other naked.

He stripped naked and immediately it was apparent that his cock was much bigger than my husband’s, how would it feel, I couldn’t wait to feel him and his cock. He signalled for me to get onto the bed, we immediately went into a deep long kiss, this time it was more lust and his hands were covering every inch of my body.

It was electric and I could not contain myself, I so wanted him to fuck me he knew this and without hesitation he did the pleasure and rush I felt was tremendous; before, I had time to recover I mounted him I was on top (my favoured position) I was riding him so hard that I thought my heart was going to burst, It was orgasmic and I lost count of the amount of times I orgasmed.

Afterwards we lay there catching our breath, before I could take stock his head was between my legs with his tongue deep inside my soaking wet pussy, it felt heavenly. He knelt up and I noticed straight away that he was rock hard again. I took his hard cock in my mouth, slowly revealing his swollen end by pulling his foreskin back I licked and sucked him like I have never sucked a cock before and licked and sucked his balls. Before I knew it he flipped me over and had me on all fours and thrust his huge cock right up me, balls deep from behind, he felt so big inside me it made me moan as he thrusted and thrusted deep into me I screamed with absolute pleasure.

We both lay on our backs catching our breath again and chatting, I looked down and could not believe my eyes, he was getting erect again and was soon rock hard.  I couldn’t believe that sex with another man would be so enjoyable, no time to get my breath back he was on top of me with my legs wrapped around him, he thrust hard and deep inside me and minutes later I felt his hot jets of come inside of me as we climaxed together wow.

By this time my hubby was on his way to pick me up. I showered and we went downstairs. he started kissing me and wanting more ….. I could have stopped longer but it was home time. The four hours I had with him seemed like a lot less, he was true to his word an absolute gent who knew how to please a woman.

On the way home the conversation turned to how we both felt, I told hubby that was by far the best sex I had ever had in my life and it would be difficult to match it again

We stayed in touch with him as friends, but to date we have not met again.

Written by TheDabblers

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