Written by Barry

2 Jun 2019

Let me introduce myself. Name not relevant age 48 male and consider myself to be straight. I’ve never been with a man before, but for years I have always fantasied about what it would be like to fuck & be fucked by another man and it has always made me super horny and I’ve come bucket loads when I have a good old fashioned wank thinking about it. I have a girlfriend and we have the most amazing fuck session which last ages, but she won’t let me fuck her tight little arse and lately I’ve been on fire thinking about fucking a mans arse & cuming in him. For years I have seen this black guy round where I live. He’s very camp and I assumed he was gay, but never had the courage to talk to him or approach him until last night. As u can imagine I have fantasied about being fucked by him and fucking him for over 15 years. I don’t find myself attracted to men at all, but this desire was driving me nuts. My fantasy has been to somehow get this guy to come up to my flat and as soon as we’re in I push him against the door press against him so he can feel how hard my cock is letting him know I wanna fuck him. I cover his mouth with my hand lean in to his ear and say to him I don’t want to know ur name or anything thing about you I just want to fuck you. Now nod if you want to be fucked like a dirty little man slut who was hungry for cock. His eyes opened wide and he nodded. I told him that he’s gonna suck my cock & leave his mouth juices all over it so when I was ready I could bend him over my table & fuck him deep in his arse until I cum and then he was to take my softening cock in his mouth and clean it off for me. Again he nodded eagerly like a good cock hungry little man slut. I then leaned back looked him in the eye and started to run my other hand down to his cock. Which I was hoping would be a massive big black cock and I wasn’t disappointed. He was about 8 inches soft and grew to about 10 inches when hard. Fucking gorgeous. I told him that before that all happens that I was going to take his big black cock out and I was gonna suck on it till he came, but he couldn’t cum in my mouth only all over my face and chest. As my hand reached his now quickly hardening cock. I began to run my hand up and down his cock through his trousers and told him to treat my mouth like his own personal slut hole to do with as he pleased. I asked him to tell me how he was gonna fuck my mouth and make me his black cock hungry whore as I fell to my knees. I was calm on the out side but inside I was shaking like a leaf because this was it. It was finally happening I was going to fuck this guy and suck his 10 inch hard dick till he came all over me. As I undid his belt, button and zip still rubbing his cock they fell to the ground revealing his massive bulge through his trunks and said someone needs their cock sucked good don’t they. He replied yes and your gonna give it a good sucking aren’t you and take all of my big black cock in your mouth like a good cock hungry slut aren’t you ( I had told him I need him to talk dirty to me and I wanted to be fucked hard and deep in my mouth by his big beautiful black rod and the dirtier he was with me the better I’d suck his cock and the hornier he’d make). I slipped my thumbs in to the top of his trunks and worked them round to his sex firm well shaped black arse slowly pulling them down and then it happened his dick just sprang out of his trunks and almost hit me in the face. Fuck I said your cock is massive. I hope I can fit it all in my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and said well your going to take it all in your cock hungry mouth and down ur throat and I didn’t care if you gag because it’s going balls deep the whole fucking 10 inches. I started to slowly run my hands over this big thick hard black cock cupping his balls and rubbing his pre cum around his throbbing bell end with my thumb. With his foreskin right back and his thick massive bell end fully exposed and glistening in his pre cum I pulled it down and towards my mouth whilst running my hand up and down his massive black shaft slowly and with my tongue I began to lick his pre cum from his big black cock bell end and his dick began to twitch as I used my tongue to pleasure him. As I drew my hand back up his cock I used my thumb to push along his ejaculation barrel forcing more of his pre cum out of his japs eye and on to my wait spunk hungry mouth and tongue. Then I put the tip of my tongue under his bell end and ran it up and around the bottom of his throbbing twitching helmet and right back round to the bottom as he let out a loud gaps say of fuck yes. I did this a few more times making his cock ooze pre cum for me to lick and each time I reach the bottom of his cock with my tongue I would run it up and in to his japs eye making him gasp with joy and mumbled oh fuck that feels fucking good. You certainly know how to tease a cock don’t you my cock hungry slut and out of nowhere he slapped me in the face with his big hands ( it’s was firm but not hard and it didn’t hurt, but fuck it turned me on being treated like that) and said suck my big black nigger dick bitch (his words not mine) so with just a few more rounds around his helmet with my tongue to work up some mouth juice I lowered my open mouth down just over the tips of his cock and sucked as I squeezed my lips firmly around his massive black dick making him gasp oh fuck oh fuck over and over and with each downward slide I took his massive dick deeper and deeper in my mouth and throat as he had a firm grip of the back of my head I couldn’t move away ( and didn’t want to because it felt so fucking good in my mouth and his pre cum tasted Devine I was in heaven being force fed this god like cock) and he just started forcing that fucking big dick in to my mouth slowly with each gentle thrust of that gorgeous big black glistening cock he went deeper and deeper keeping a tight firm grip of the back of my head to ensure I was taking what he was feeding me. He got to about 9 inches of his cock in my mouth and then just held my head hard and really started trying to force that last inch or so in to my throat but without pulling it out for me to breathe damn it felt good being force fed this massive black cock, but I couldn’t breathe and had to push him off so I could catch my breathe. After about 3 or 4 gasps of air he grabbed my head and said put that dick back in your mouth and keep sucking it you fucking whore. So I did as I was told and took his cock back in my well stretch dripping mouth. I cupped his balls again and started playing with them as he was moaning and telling me to suck his big black nigger dick and to take it all in my pretty cock hungry slut mouth. I then pushed my hand in between his arse cheeks to find his (what I thought would be a well fucked loose arsehole) but pleasantly to my surprise it was very tight. My fingers and his cock were already soaking wet from my mouth juices and I started to probe his tight black arse massaging his hole and trying to push my fingers in to him. He parted his legs widely reach behind with both hand and pulled his arse apart and said fuck that tight black hole and my 2 fingers just slide right in him and he gasped and cried out yes fuck my arse and suck my cock slut. This must have turned him right on and he begin to thrust harder and deep in to my throat and I cupped his big balls in my other hand playing with them. In my head I was so fucking turned on and horny I was hoping that he’d just grab me by the throat pick me up and march me in to my front room push me over my table rip my trousers and pants off and just fed his big black cock straight in to my waiting arse hole and fuck me senseless, but he didn’t and I couldn’t say a word as his cock was just filling my mouth and pumping away furiously as I fucked his arse faster, harder and deeper and stroking his big cum filled balls. I had managed to get 3 of my fingers in to his arse and he was winding down on them whilst holding my head and force feeding that lovely hard cock in to my throat. He was moaning loudly and telling me suck all of his big nigger dick and make him cum you fucking dirty big black cock loving whore. I felt his cock stiffen and his balls warm up and knew he was about to cum. He must have remembered I’d asked him not to cum in my mouth because he pulled out took his cock in his hand and with in a few strokes of his cock he was shooting big thick blobs or hot cum all over me. He shot in my hair, face, mouth and chest and he seemed to cum for ages shooting shot after shot of black dick cum all over my wanting and willing body. To be honest I was so horny that I’d would have let him cum in my mouth I would have swallowed all of his very taste cum. His cock was twitching like mad and his balls were emptying all over me whilst I was still finger fucking his arse. Finally he stopped wanking and cuming over me and just let out a loud sigh and saying oh fuck that was good. You really know how to suck a cock for sure you little slut and took his softening cock and rubbed it all over my face and slapping in down on me. He said to me you loved taking that cock didn’t you. Just look at you dripping with my black nigger dick cum. My fingers still in his arse moving slowly and wriggling in him. I took his cock back in my mouth and sucking him again making him moan oh yes clean that cock boy. So I did and I lead him in to my front room and sat him on the table put my finger that were in his arse in to his mouth and said suck them which he willingly did. I said spit on my fingers which he did and I pushed him back spread his legs and told him to open his arse cheeks and he did this willingly for me so I slid 2 fingers in his loosening arse grabbed his soft 8 inch black dick and slowly began licking it and running my tongue over his smooth black balls and shaft and down to his arse. Where I pulled my fingers out and just the sight of his arse made me want to eat it and I did. I buried my face in to his arse and stuck my tongue in to his red hole and he just moaned saying how good that felt and not to stop. So I just continued to lick away probing my tongue in and out of his taste arse whilst slowly stroking and wanking his soft cock. Then still hungry for his cock I ran my tongue up his arse along his balls down his shaft and back in to my hungry mouth and started sucking his soft cock hoping to feel it grow in my mouth till it was hard again. I placed 2 fingers back in his arse and continued to arse fuck him and lick and suck on his cock. He was moaning in pleasure say that it felt so good. After about 5 minutes of this I asked him if he was enjoying himself as he wasn’t getting hard. He looked at me and smile saying he’s fucking enjoying it and he had never had anyone make him cum so hard and suck his full length as he was so big but that I had total smashed it with taking his cock all the way in my mouth and he had completely emptied all of his cum over me and didn’t have anything left and he’d need time to recover from the good sucking of his dick. All I wanted to do was keep playing with his big cock. He said that what he really wanted now was my cock and he wanted to return the favour. He stood up took off his top pressed against me and kissed me hard sticking his tongue in to my mouth. He pulled back and said u kisses well suck cock well, but do u fuck well? As he pulled away he had stuck to me where his sticky hot cum had been and he laughs saying you dirty cum slut your all sticky. His cock still in my hand and being gently stoked he kissed me again and reached down undoing my trousers and pushing them down. His hand was running over my rock hard. He pulled back again looked at me whilst rubbing my big hard brown cock and said fuck I thought I was big, but your even bigger than me. He said how big are you. I smiled and said about 12 inches. Fuck was his reply. Now when I fuck my girlfriend she actually screams in pain as I fuck her and she cums so hard she collapses but I still enjoy pounding her when she’s begging me to stop or slow down, but she fucking loves it as she’s told me. She say as soon as I push my bell end of my cock in her she cums with in seconds as I’m so big and it really stretches her pussy hole. She has multiple orgasms and then gets to the point where she just can’t cum anymore due to being really sore from my cock. So I can go crazy and fuck her as hard as I can till I cum. I think this is why she won’t let me fuck her in her arse. Anyway back to my story. My little fuckable man slut was working my hard cock with his hand and it felt so good what he was doing suddenly he pulled down my trucks grabbed my cock and started to lick it from my balls upwards and when his tongue reach the tip of my cock he just sunk his wanting mouth down on my cock taking about 6 inches straight away. Which is about all my girl can take. I lifted his head after a few sucks of my cock and said take that fucking cock all in ur mouth now and just pushed with everything I had whilst holding his head. But he could only take about 8 inches of my cock and began to gag and his mouth juices were being pushed out of his mouth down my cock and balls as I tried my hardest to feed him all of my hard 12 inch cock. After a few minutes he had to take my cock out to catch his breathe and said sorry it’s just to fucking big for my mouth. My cock was covered in his mouth cum and I push my cock towards his mouth dripping with his mouth juices and said take that brown cock in your mouth and suck it good bitch. I fed him my cock hard and fast as he choked and spluttered all over my cock. About 10 minutes or so of him sucking me off I just had to bend him over and fuck him. I pulled my cock out lifted him from his knees spun him around and pushed him over my table and said I’m gonna fuck you now stay there. I put to my bedroom got some lube and returned. I squirted a generous amount on his hole and started to rub it in to his arse. He was panting hard and pushing back as to indicate he wanted his arse fucked. I pushed 2 fingers straight in hard and fast all the way in till my knuckles where stopping it from going deeper. I worked his arse fast and furiously for about 5 minutes as he was moaning and begging me to fuck him with my beautiful big brown cock. Please fuck me he said so I pulled my fingers out of his arse and lined my cock up with his arse and started to tease his hole with my cock rubbing it up and down and around his tight little black arse hole. He started groaning and say please give me that cock. Come on fuck me like a cock hungry slut & push it straight in me hard and fast. With a very firm push I entered his arse with about 6 inches. He shouted oh fuck that’s big, but feels so fucking good as he reached around to stop me going deeper by placing his hand on my stomach just above my dick and say fuck I know I wanted you fast and hard but please go slowly till I can take it all in my arse. I slowed down and started to slowly push it in and out of his arse as he’s was moaning and panting hard as I entered and withdrew continuously I had worked about 10 inches of my cock in his arse and was slowly working my way fully in to him. At 10 inches I just stopped and paused for a few seconds then with an all might thrust I just shoved all 12inches deep in to him and he actually screamed like a girl. It felt so fucking good having all 12 inches in someone and I just shouted that’s a good little slut take all of daddy big cock. By now his legs were shaking & he was losing his mind. I must have been hitting his prostrate because he was going crazy bucking backwards as I pushed forwards and shouting quite loudly fuck me daddy fuck my little black hole with daddy’s big brown dick. This made my go wild and I pounded as hard as I could with long hard deep thrusts pushing right in until I could feel my balls slapping against his balls. It just felt so good being inside his warm well stretched arse. I pulled out and told him to turn around and lie on his back which he just did with now questions I lifted his legs up and told him to reach down and hold his arse open. Again I lined my cock up to his arse hole and teased him for a while. Then I pushed my head in to his tapping arse and just stopped. I looked at him and said I’m going to fuck you hard and fast till I cum in your arse and rammed all 12 inches straight in to his arse as he squirmed and shouted oh fuck that’s big. That was it I started to fucked him hard and fast. He was losing his mind and his legs began to shake as I got faster and harder in him. He arched and was panting and moaning saying god you fuck good. I just continued to fuck away and could feel myself about to cum and I think he did to as he just said cum in me daddy and shoot that cum inside my tight black arse. This sent me over the top and I shot my load deep in his arse pumping squirt after squirt of hot cum shoot out of me and in to him. When I finished I collapsed on him and just lay there cock still in him and our hot sweaty bodies against each other. His legs were still up in the air and he was holding me saying oh god you’ve just fucked me senseless and I loved it. I lifted up and started to slowly push my soft cock in and out of him slowly saying you liked that then did you. Yes very much. I then said right come and suck my cock clean for me, but make sure you don’t leak any of my cum out. He held it in whilst he sucked my cock clean and stroking my empty balls. After he had finished cleaning me I made him sit back on the table and made him spread his legs so I could watch my cum drop out of his arse. As he did it started to trickle out and the sight of it just made me feel so horny again and before I knew what was happening I buried my mouth in his arse and began licking his now loose we’ll stretch arse as he leaked my cum in to my mouth. God this drive us both nuts and his cock that had been dangling in my face began to twitch and I could feel it getting hard. Still licking away furiously at his arse I began wanking him off. I couldn’t believe I was doing this but I was lost in the moment. I kept some of my spunk in my mouth and spat it over his cock and sunk down on it taking about 8 inches in my throat. I worked my mouth furiously up and down his cock pulling it right down between his legs so I could deep throat him. I sucked and wanked him hard for about 10 minute and he was loving every second of me sucking licking and playing with his balls and arse hole. I could feel my arse relaxing and feeling like it was ready to be fucked. Now I’ve never had anything other than a woman’s fingers in my arse (but it always felt amazing) let alone 10 inches of solid hard black cock. Again the moment just to a hold of me and once again I was trembling inside at the thought of this guy fucking me with his 10 inch black cock. I stopped sucking and said move up the table. He looked at me and did as I asked with just his legs hanging off the end of the table by his knees. I climbed up on the table taking the lube with me. I squirted a big blob of lube on his cock and working it gown his cock with my hand. Squeezing and sliding my hand up and down his very stiff cock. Running over his bell end with his fore skin right back. I could see this was driving him crazy but I didn’t want him to come as I really wanted his cock inside me. I made him reach round to my arse and said put some lube on your fingers and slip them in my arse. I moved up the table so he could reach my tight ring as I knelt over him so my cock was near his mouth and my arse could be entered by his lubed fingers. He began to tease my tight hold with his fingers running over it and pushing a bit hard with every stroke until I felt hi middle finger slip in to me. Fuck it felt good and a lot big then any women’s finger that had been in there. I let out a gasp but push down on his finger. He was gentle sliding it in and out of me making me so horny. Then he slipped a second finger in me and worked both of them inside me. Then whilst he finger fucked my arse with 2 fingers he lifted his head and swallowed the end of my cock and began sucking and fucking me faster and faster. Holy fuck I was losing my mind and it felt so fucking good being fucked and sucked at the same time. I couldn’t wait no more and moved down the table to his hips straddled him as took his hard cock and nestled it against my finger fucked hole. I lowered myself slowly on to his cock wondering who I was going to fit it inside me. As I wiggles around on his dick for a bit teasing him and myself at the same time I thought fucked it and as soon as I felt the tip of his cock at my hole I just sunked down on his cock. Oh fuck I said that fucking big. I probably only had about 2 inches in me but fuck it was justo fucking big so I just sat there for a while with his 2 inches in me. I wiggles around on his dick fuck I said you’ve really stretched my tight fucking arse with that big black cock of yours. He smiled and said wait till I push all 10 inches in to you and start fucking you hard. I started to relax and could feel myself sliding down his big cock taking it deeper in to me inch by inch. I think I had about 5 or 6 inches of that big black cock buried inside me and I had never felt anything like it before. He was huge and it just felt so fucking great that I couldn’t stop. I worked his cock faster and faster and taking it deeper and deeper till I was sitting on his stomach with his full 10 inches buried deep inside me. I just went for it as by now I could fully take his cock. I just went crazy bouncing up and down on his dick. He was thrusting up to meet me as I slammed down on him. Fuck I was so fucking lost with his cock in me. He began to say look at you you fucking cock whore you love taking that big black cock in your arse don’t you you fucking slut. All I could manage was yes yes yes just fuck me. He grabbed my cock and started to wank me whilst fucking me and normally I take ages to cum, but after about 2 minutes of him fucking me and wanking me I shoot shit loads of hot spunk everywhere. It went over his chest and face the table wall and chair. Just as I finished I felt him stiffen and he shouted I’m gonna cum and with that I felt wave after wave of cum shoot in to me then we just collapsed me on top his cock in me and my cock on his stomach we lay there for what seemed like ages. My arse stretch well fucked and full of cum and totally satisfied. I got off him we thanked each other cleaned up got dressed and he left. We exchanged numbers and I’m hoping for a repeat of what had just happened