Written by colin_lavery

13 Jul 2010

A little post note of the bonus(s) I received after describing my experiences on SH after discovering the joy of cock and cottaging when turning the ripe old age of fifty.

I wrote how I graduated from waving my cock in the toilets at Waterloo station to getting suck cock and swallow spunk at two well known open air cottages on the A3 and one in the Guildford/Farnham area.

After the stories appeared I got a few comments but two were from people whose profiles I recognized. One was a fellow cottager I’d met at the A3 location who let me wank into a pair of his wife’s knickers and who I described as having smallish cock with a large helmet. He wrote to me to make contact and nicely added that his cock was not small it just looked that way from the way he was sitting in the car. We exchanged mails and a few weeks later arranged a meet. Being a thrill and risk taker I decided to invite him home one morning while the wife was at work.

From our mails to each other he told me that he liked cross-dressers so I decided to give him what he wanted. So on the morning of the visit I got my self together in stockings, suspenders, a bra, a pair of the wife’s (all black,) and a silky dressing gown. A bit of nerves got to me, so I put on jeans and jumper over the top just in case it wasn’t him when I answered the door.

‘D’ turned up promptly on time. I welcomed him in. ‘D’ turned out to be a very nice person and gentlemen. After a bit of small talk discussing our likes and pleasures, (he loved to be sucked.) I slipped out of the room and took of my ‘men’s clothes’ and returned. ‘D’ seemed to love what he saw as he was as he immediately started to rub himself. I was over to him like a shot, unzipping his flies and pulling down his trousers to reveal his Y-fronts. What a turn on that was! A real man with real underwear. What was bulging in D’s pants was not small by any chance. I pulled his Y’s to one side and out popped the most wonderful fat and big prick. It wasn’t as big as the monster I sucked in the woods at the A3 cottage but it was a sight to behold. It was a‘yummy cock’ as an ex secretary of mine used to describe of the ones she used suck.

I was down on D’s in a flash. I couldn’t get a enough of it in my mouth. He tasted wonderful. I deep throated him as much as I could which he loved. I didn’t want to stop sucking but I wanted to admire it too so I stood up and having a nice hard-on myself, (something I find hard to raise when out cottaging,) started to rub both our cocks together, which was a new experience for me and a joy to do. ‘D’ then went down of me and started to suck my cock. For someone who prefers be sucked and doing it he showed a lot of skill and I felt if i wasn’t careful I was going bring it all the an end by shooting my load in his mouth. So I took his cock and started to rub it around my man ‘fanny’ and was tempted to try put it in but being a bit of a girl I said to myself ‘Not on the first date’.

Being aware of the time we decided to both come. I really wanted to take the spunk in my mouth but had a bit of sore throat and decided not to. I went to the laundry basket and got a pair of the wife’s that she’d worn the day before and 'D' produced a pair of his wife’s from his pocket. We both then wanked into our respective spouses knickers. 'D' came in buckets. His spunk was thick and rich. (In fact my wife, who doesn’t disapprove of me using her underwear to masturbate into noticed, when she did the washing later that day, the strong the smell of spunk coming from the basket and even produced her panties still sticky with D’s cum to jokingly admonish me – if only she knew!

'D' left a happy man I was indeed a happy ‘girl’.

The other gentlemen who got in touch was an old contact in the early days of SH. He lives locally and we used to share experiences and fantasy’s by mail. ‘A’ (his initial) was a part time cross dresser also. In the early days he was more active cottaging and did things I would never do. These days ‘A’ said he given up on it as he always thought that one day his luck would run out.

‘A’ and I decided to meet here too. He travelled daily past the end of my road on his way to work so it was going to work out quite well and conveniently. Like ‘D’ I dressed up in stockings and suspenders (the works.) I was braver this time and answered the door in my dressing gown. Like ‘D’, this guy is really nice. We immediately started to kiss and snog, another experience I’d forgotten about, (I used to kiss the man of the 3’some I was in.) We were soon groping and feeling each other. ‘A’ dropped his trousers to reveal he was wearing hold-ups and a pair of panties. We were like two girls going at it. We rubbed groins as we kissed. I went down and pulled aside his panties and took out a lovely uncut cock and put it in my mouth. The helmet was soaked in pre-cum and I savored it by licking it all off. The pre-cum was very spunky tasting and delicious. I sucked and deep throated him for a time but I sensed that ‘A’ only wanted one thing and that was to suck my cock. Well what a treat. This was the most expertise suck I’ve had. It more than matched the wife in the 3’some and beat all the female mouths I’ve had around my prick in my pre-bi days. ‘A’ loves to suck cock and you could tell. It wasn’t long before I knew I was going to come so I asked him to stop. I then asked ‘A’ to give me a spanking as I am into a bit of pain, which he obliged. It was my first time over a lap and ‘A’ pulled down my panties and gave my bum good slapping, another notch on my suspender belt. (Sorry about that!) I was now ready to spunk and he was ready to receive it. Again he took put an expert mouth around my cock and began his work. Blow jobs are an art form and from ‘A’ skill it proved one thing, you’ve got to really love cock to do it well and he did.

I was soon pumping my load into his mouth, ‘A’ didn’t stop until he drained every last drop from my cock and balls.

Like all good things it came to and end and ‘A’ had to leave as he had to get to work. I didn’t reciprocate the swallowing of his spunk as he was in a rush and I was too zonked out by his efforts. (Bit selfish I know.)

I shared the experiences of both with the men and they are happy and found it a turn on. ‘D’ wants a threesome and ‘A’ is happy to join in. What fun that will be if it ever happens. Will let you all know if it does.