Written by fuckhimgood

20 Oct 2007

So my boyfriend got me into the idea of invited other guys into the bedroom. I was very reluctunt, and told him that I didnt like the idea. He kept half joking about it many times, and honestly, I was getting turned off by it. Anyway, one day we decided to go on vaction of seas. We were enjoying the new environment off the beach for all it was worth. Wow, it was a beautiful at our hotel room right off of of the ocean. It was approaching midnight, and I decided to take a walk with my boyfriend Mark on the beach. The night was so precious and the weather was so nice and fresh. In the distance, I noticed a guy was sitting on the sand. As we passed him, he seemed to have a night torso. He was wearing denim pants and a t-shirt. I wondered..."why is this guy haning out by himself on the sand in the middle of the night." We waled passed him and kept going our way. At this point, Mark and I express that the guy seemed hot from the distance. We agreed that on our way back, we'd say hello. So we turned around and were approacing the guy at the beach. I took the courage to go up to him and greet and meet. The guy seemed so quiete and amazingly hot. We made conversation with him, and he told us that he was visiting with him family and was bored, so he decided to chill at the beach. We envited him to come over for a drink, but he was hesistant to come over, so we kept talking to him and kept making conversation with him to make him feel confortable. After about 30 minutes or so, he finally agreed to come over 'for a drink.'

We walked to our hotel room and went straight to our private pool. We drank and laughed for about two hours or so until we were completely wasted. At this point, he gets up and tells us that he better get back to his hotel room before his family would start worrying about him. We told him that maybe it would be better that he spend the night and then just head back to this room in the morning. He kept insisting that he spend the night. He then asked where he'd sleep, and Mark and I looked at each other and then said, "in our room." He agreed.

We walked into our room, and I having had a few too many drinks, felt drunk as hell. We walked him to our room and suddenly Mark started making out with him. I knew this was going to happen, but somehow, deep inside I wanted it too. Suddenly clothes started coming off and there we were, three naked guys in the rooms carressing each others bodies. There was a problem though. Like I said, I had way too many drinks. I couldn't get hard...shit! I was pissed. I realized I need to spend a few minutes bymyself to get hard, so I went to the bathroom and left my Mark and the guy alone in the bed, making out. I went to the shower and started thinking how hot it would be to fuck this guy in front of Mark. I kept visualizing, but I couldn't get hard. FUCK! I was getting pissed. 10 minutes must have passed, and I finally decided to give up. I started leaving the shower entering the room, and suddenly stoped. I couldn't belive my eyes. On the bed, Mark was in doggy postion and the guy we had met was fucking my man like crazy. I was in shock. Mark was moaning and the other guys was gaspin for air as he fucked him roughly. I suddenly got pissed. I didnt say anything, but thought to myself...what the hell??? I kept looking in disbelief...and suddenly my cock started getting hard as a rock. I was confused. I didnt understand...i was pissed, but I was hard. I kept watching for another minute or so and got hornier by the second. Man, i was so turned on by the sight of Mark getting fucked hard as hell with this guy we had just met. I took about two minutes or so from the time I saw the fucking that suddenly the guy started moaning like crazy. Man this guy kept fucking him like an animal, and although I got a little jealous by watching my boyfriend unexpectely getttin fucked by another ugy, I was so turned on.

Sudeenly the guy let out a huge moan, and I realized he was about to shoot his load. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh he let out and I knew he had creamed Mark. Fuck, I got so turned on by what i saw and heard that I was ready to come myself. I went over to mark, grabbed his head, and rammed my dick in his mouth and let out my load. Wow so freaking hot! All three of us just layed in bed for about 5 minutes and finally the guy had to leave. AFter he left, i fucked Mark so hard that I came three times in his ass. I fucked him in so many positions and thought about the scence I had watched, seeing Mark getting fucked by another man.

This night I will always remember, and this is what had opened up my eyes to swinging and sharring my lovers ass to another man.

So I met this guy online who wanted me to come over. He told me he was a top, and then I told him I was too. There was a problem obviously. He told me I should come over, but I told him that it would be meaningless. At this point I thought, maybe I should envite my boyfrienf over to him.