22 Aug 2015

This is the first time I have written anything for SH so I had better introduce myself before I continue. I am a 50 year old bisexual man who has come to realise that putting oneself into any individual sexual pigeonhole is not only difficult, but in many respects pointless. I know that for many it can be a torment trying desperately to define themselves but my philosophy is to just relax and enjoy the ride.

My explorations into male fun began when I was eighteen. I was working as a kitchen porter in a seaside tea rooms during college holidays. Work would start at 8am in the morning and finish at 7pm in the evening with an hours break at around 2pm. One of the few perks was a free lunch which I usually ate in the small staff room. The breaks were staggered for the staff as the tearoom didn't close, which meant the staff room would always be empty apart from myself and one of the waiters. He a slim late forties Irishman. We would make small talk about nothing much in particular. He would always be reading The Sun and after a few days of this he would show me the days page 3 and ask me what I thought. Days went by and he began asking me questions about my sexual experiences. At first about girl friends but then one day he asked me how often I wanked off. I was taken aback at first but he went on to say that when he was my age he'd be "at it" at every opportunity and he'd bet I was too. I felt more at ease and started to open up. I told him usually a couple of times a day. "Good lad" he replied. "Never as good as when someone else does it for you though is it." He continued. "No" I replied. He then asked me if I ever had any fun with my mates. I was again a bit shocked. "You mean boys?" I asked. "Yes" he said. "Never" was all I could say, which was true. I asked him if he did. "Of course I did. Loads of times" was his response. All the time that this was going on I became aware of a stirring in my crotch. He was turning me on and I began to squirm. I knew that he knew too. I was confused... But in an incredibly erotic way. "Would you like me to show you what it's like?" He asked. I quickly grabbed my plate and told him I had better get back as my break was nearly over, and basically ran away.

I couldn't get this out of my head for the rest of the afternoon. Thankfully my apron hid my continuous state of arousal.

That night at home I wanked furiously over the thought of Patrick, the waiter, handling my virgin cock... Followed by those youthful pangs of guilt.

The following day I couldn't wait for the break time and see how Patrick would make his advances. Looking back, it was clear he had been grooming me. At the time it was simply a fantasy adventure come true.

Break time arrived and sure enough Patrick was there too. He asked me how my evening had been. I immediately flushed. He saw. And asked what was wrong. "Nothing" I replied. "So our chat didn't bother you" He said. "Not at all" was my response. My mind was racing. "You didn't answer my question yesterday" he said. I was quite clearly aroused. He stared intently at my obviously bulging crotch and said "I take it that means you would like me to show you?" I felt my cock solidify even harder. "Yessss" I stammered. "I knew you did... I can spot a randy lad from a mile" he replied, "follow me upstairs to the store room".

I was like a rabbit caught in headlights and did just as he said, following him up the stairs to the large store room on the top floor. "No one will disturb us up here and I'll be able to show you that a bloke can make you shoot a load like no girl can you horny little fucker" he told me. I remained silent... The pure excitement of events unfolding and the hardness of my cock was intoxicating and I simply knew that all I wanted right now was to let Patrick show me more.

We arrived in the store room. "Come on then.. Let's see what you've got naughty boy" he instructed me. "Is it safe here?" I answered. "Course it is, just get that lovely cock out for Patrick to have a look at". I slowly unfastened my jeans and unzipped. When soft, I am of modest size, and in my eyes quite small compared to the few cocks I had ever seen in changing rooms etc. When hard it was a different matter. A miraculous transformation one might say. Patrick could see this too. My raging hard on was tenting my underpants up and out of my opened jeans, precum soaking them. "Wow!" Was all Patrick said. I pulled the waist band of my underpants over my cock, revealing it fully for my erotic friend. "Drop your pants and let's have a proper look... That's a fucking beauty". I did as he said, my cock standing thick and hard for his hungry eyes. Slowly he approached me. He reached out his hand and wrapped it around the base of my cock. It twitched violently in response. The very first time another man had touched me. It was totally electric. He slowly stroked his hand up the length of my shaft moving my foreskin back and forth, the copious amounts of precum making my large cock head shiny. With is other hand he ran his index finger over the swollen glans, coating it with my lovely sticky juice. He brought it to his lips and tasted me. "Fucking gorgeous" he told me, replacing his finger back to catch more precum. This time he brought it up to my lips. I slowly reached out my tongue and tasted... Salty and sticky and not unpleasant. I wrapped my lips around his finger and sucked it clean. "You are a very naughty boy aren't you?" Patrick said to me. I couldn't speak with the surges of incredible new feelings flying through my head. “Lets see what you’ve got for your Uncle Patrick”. The words I remember to this day. An older man leading a young man astray. With that he brought one arm around my waist and between my legs from behind and clutched my balls… the other hand slowly pumping my dripping engorged cock. “Thats the boy… we’ll soon get that spunk shooting”. My knees were weak. I groaned with sheer delight as he increased the speed of his experienced hand, my foreskin pulling backwards and forwards around the purple swollen head of my young cock. The precum was now freely flowing. Patrick certainly knew what he was doing and I wanted more. He paused.. “don’t stop…ppplease!” I could hardly speak, the mounting climax stealing my words. He started again, this time with more furious intent. “Let it go… show your Uncle how much you’ve got”. My hips lost control and I started meeting each backward and forward pump of his fist, fucking his hand, possessed by pure animalistic lust. “Thats the way… cum for Uncle”. I started moaning with the utter pleasure this man was bringing me. I reached down with one hand and grasped his pumping fist, increasing the tempo. I couldn't hold on any longer. With a deep growl I let go. My balls contracted and my cock swelled with the building orgasm. The first spurt was violent, shooting at least three feet . Patrick moaned with pleasure. The second was less urgent but non the less impressive compared to what I was used to at my own inexperienced hand. Six or seven later and I was shaking uncontrollably and had to get Patrick to stop. My cock was so incredibly sensitised. He stopped, bringing his cum coated fingers to his lips and hungrily devouring my cream. I was in heaven. So incredibly light headed. “Thats a good lad… I’m going to milk you every day now” he told me, “drain those balls properly”. I was silent.. the adolescent feelings of guilt taking over. What had I done? I quickly pulled up my clothes and stumbled away. Totally confused… but knowing I wanted more.

To be continued….