25 Aug 2015

This is a continuation of my first story of how I was introduced to the pleasures of sex between men. Thanks for all the comments… they are greatly appreciated.

That afternoon at work was like an emotional rollercoaster between adolescent guilt and pure erotic arousal. Patrick, the older waiter I worked with, had sparked a completely overwhelming set of desires that I had no real understanding of. All I knew was that by 5pm that afternoon I wanted more… much, much more.

I had only seen Patrick once during our work in the afternoon. He asked me if I fancied a quick drink after we finished. I obviously agreed. 7pm couldn't come quickly enough.

Patrick waited for me outside the tearooms and we headed for a small local pub on the promenade. “Its always quiet in here… we’ll have a quick one and then back to mine if you’re up for it?” he asked me. “That would be nice” was all I could manage to reply.

We walked into the dark interior of the pub. The brilliant evening sun making it seem even darker. There were a few regulars sitting at the bar and Patrick obviously knew them.

“Hi Margaret” he said to a well dressed middle aged lady. “Hi Pat… had a good day?” she replied. “Yes. Very good thanks love… quite eventful,” he told her with a gleam in his eye. I could feel myself blushing. “Who is your friend?” Margaret asked. “This is Jim. Jim, Margaret. Jim is new in the tearoom, working during the college holidays”, Patrick introduced us. “Margaret owns the lingerie shop a few doors along” Patrick explained. “Pleased to meet you Margaret” I stammered. “And very pleased to meet you too Jim… any friend of Pat’s is a friend of mine… especially good looking lads like you” she said winking at me. I blushed even more. At 18 I was unaccustomed to adult banter like this. I listened to the two of them chatting. Margaret was wearing a silk blouse which accentuated her shapely figure, matched with a smart, on the knee, skirt. She wasn't heavily made up but what make up she wore was obviously applied to please. Obviously at ease with herself and the company of men.

“Lets sit over here Jim” Patrick said, pointing at a small table in the corner. “ See you soon Margaret” he said. “Yes Pat… have a lovely evening. Bye Jim” Margaret knowingly responded. I was struggling with this unspoken communication.

We carried our drinks over to the table.

“Nice lady” I said to Patrick. “Randy bitch more like” Patrick laughed. “Husband works in Saudi. Only home a couple of times a year. Fuck her own shadow that one”. I was taken aback by Patricks matter of factness. “Anyway” he continued, “Talking about randy! How are you hanging?” he sad openly ogling my crotch. I could feel myself begin to harden in my damp underpants. I had been oozing precum for most of the afternoon. “Very good thanks” was all I could mutter. “Excellent! I’m sure you have recovered nicely and have another healthy load for Uncle Patrick?” he winked at me. “We’ll drink these up and sort that out”.

By the time we headed for the door I was at full hardness. I was sure it was obvious and convinced that Margaret knew what we were up to. Patrick led me along the promenade for a few hundred yards and then into the doorway of a large Victorian building that had been split into flats. “I’m on the top floor” Patrick told me. Up we went. I followed him up the stairs and into Patricks modest one bedroomed flat. It was spartanly furnished, a couple of armchairs and a coffee table, with a TV in the corner. “Sit yourself down… I’ll get us a couple of beers” he instructed me. I sat on one of the chairs. On returning, Patrick looked me up and down. “Don’t be shy. I thought you’d have got that beauty out for me by now! Huphup! Uncle Patrick is very hungry!”

I stood up and began unfastening my trousers. Patrick’s hunger was obvious in his intense stare. I slowly dropped them to the floor. My hardness was more than apparent. “Oh Lord.. you are soaked! I’ve never seen so much precum!” he drooled. “You horny boy! Take them off”.

I pulled my soaked underpants over my engorged cock and released them, letting them fall to the floor around my ankles. “Holy fuck its beautiful!”, I blushed at his words. I walked towards him, my hard cock swinging erect in front of me. A string of precum dripping. As I drew close he reached out and traced his finger around my cock head. He lifted his finger to my lips. I delicately licked, then hungrily sucked. “Thats a good boy” he told me. “Would you like Uncle to suck you?” I felt my knees tremble. Words were beyond me. “I think you’d like that”.I groaned a muffled “Mmmmm”. Patrick sat on the arm of the chair and lowered his head. He gently kissed the shaft of my cock, and with one hand grasped the base firmly. What happened next will stay with me forever. He brought his mouth up to my now heavily swollen cock head and pulled back my foreskin. Achingly slowly he licked. Swirling it around and then taking me fully in his mouth. His lips tight around the ridge below my glans. I could feel his tongue still swirling. Gradually he began to wank my cock whilst keeping me in his mouth. The sensations were electric. I was in heaven. I never wanted this to stop… ever. His other hand had now reached around me and was caressing the cheek of my arse. He took me from his mouth and looked up at me. “Does my naughty boy want to cum for Uncle?” he whispered. “Oh Lord pppplease”. His mouth found my cock again. This time with very clear intent. His hand firmly wanking me into his hungry mouth. The pace quickened and I could feel that heavenly sensation of passing the point of no return. My knees were buckling beneath me and I felt the sudden surge of hot cum beginning to rise. My hips began to thrust involuntarily. My head was exploding with the desire to please my new found friend. With a deep groan I let go. Spurt after spurt of cum erupted from me. My lover moaned with pleasure. Cum leaked around his mouth and coated my shaft as his hand wanked me furiously, turning it into a white froth. He slowed down and then with two firm strokes, milked the last drops from my cock. Slowly he released me from his mouth and swirled his tongue around me one more time before licking his lips. He rose to his feet and brought his head to mine and kissed me, at first gently and then forcefully. His tongue entering my mouth. I met his urgency. Our tongues intertwining. The taste of my cum was overpowering. He stopped and pulled away, grinning with satisfaction. The cat that had definitely got the cream.

Without further ado he pointed to the bathroom. “You can clean up in there. I’m going to have to dash out now” he said. I was confused. Why the sudden rush? Was I no good? “Don’t look so worried! We’ll take a bit more time when you come round again…. I know you will” he told me.

My mind was racing. This man had introduced me in one day so many completely new sensations and emotions. Suddenly it had come to an abrupt halt. As I made my way home, the taste of cum still on my lips, I knew that my life had changed forever. New avenues were opening up for me to explore… and i definitely wanted to explore them. Very much so.