Written by Anonymous

16 Mar 2019

Well it was Sunday night and I was off to meet with some friends in Newcastle.

It's late winter and it's dark early so I wonder if there will be anybody around under the redchiff bridge this early.

So I drive down the side road pull up and have a quick look around before heading into the waist ground ( if you have been round you know where) all clear off I go.

Off through the gap in the bushs and a walk around. Nothing nobody around, it's been like that quite a bit lately so no biggy, off back to the car.

So I am sitting in the car thinking I need some fun I will have a drive to the end carpark by the river, and away I go.

Two minutes and am their.

There are a couple of cars parked up with lads in. I wait a minute jump out the car and walk by the riverside but stop and act like am looking at the view.

The sound of a car door close behind me, then another I know what's coming. I look around to see two men walking towards me. Both around late 20s first one gets next to me looks and walks into a gap in the bushs on the other side of the path. Then the other lad reaches the same point looks around looks at me and walks in.

That me am going in, as in get through the gap both lads are stood wanking them self.

Well what am I to do, i go down on my knees and put one cock in my mouth and grab the other and start slowly wanking it.

Both lads just make that noise of pleasure.

I swap from one to another then let go of the one in my hand and undo my jeans to release my cock and rub my arse.

This is taking for what it is, an invite. My hand goes back to the hard cock and a hand from him starts rubbing my arse.

The cock in my hand moves, I go to look but the lads hands from the cock in my mouth just pulls my head back right on to his hard wet cock.

At his point I feel fingers pushing on me waiting arse, the feeling of cold lube being dripped on to my arse let me know my hole is going to be worked, and hopefully hard.

The sound of the condom being opened this was it. I take a breath from the cock in my mouth and lick his balls sucking each one, I don't want this over to quick.

At this point I feel a hard cock being lined up to my lubbed arse. Then a quick push he isn't waiting about, he takes a few slow strokes the he starts pounding at my arse, the cock goes straight back in my mouth and I suck like am getting a golf ball out of a hosepipe.

The night air and the smell of cock is awesome. My arse cock starts to shake and a couple of hard bangs and hes done. He stands there for a few seconds then pulls out. Jean's up chears and gone.

But I still have the cock in my mouth, I look up take his cock out my mouth and say

" your turn " I grab a rubber out my pocket a quickly but it on him then just spin round and let him in. I grab hold of the tree trunk in front of me to push back off, and in no time his cock is sliding into me. He isn't that big but he's hard and his hard thrusts are not in vain as I push back on his cock.

Fucking in the night air is what gets me hard, it's 60% of the frill and am getting my frills tonight.

He slows down and does the bang bang last few times at hes cum he just pulls at my hips and rubs my arse cheeks.

He steps back smacks my arse hard a says nice one. Joggers up and he's gone.

But I haven't cum yet so I will be back, as i go back to my car I know am coming back in a few hours as there is no way am done yet.

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