Written by memoryman_2009

30 Jun 2014

Last week the need for cock became too great so i decided to make a trip to my regular open air cottage on the A3.

Aided by the fact that the wife was having lunch at a friends house near by and she wanted me to drive her there so she could have a drink, emboldened me more to go for it.

I had gambled that their might be others out for a lunchtime suck and wasn't wrong as there was a more than a few cars parked up with just male drivers in.

I didn't park up next to any of the cars as i wanted to see what was going on and wanted to do a bit of nipple twiddling to get me more in the mood if i wasn't horny enough as it was.

An older man was drinking a cup of something and was also surveying the scene. He wouldn't be out of my age range as i am no spring chicken myself.

A couple of men came back to their cars separately obviously just having had fun. You can always tell the ones who've spunked as they usually get in their cars and drive off.

While thinking of making eye contact with older man, another chap got out of his van and made his way into the wood and took the route towards the saplings where if there is any fun to have, it's going to be along that path.

I waited a minute and got out of the car, locked up and followed. The man must have had been in a hurry as he was disappearing into the distance. I assumed he might stop and see if he was being followed but he seemed to disappear. I checked out the normal hiding places and he was no where to be seen.

I decided to go back to the car and along the path and bumped into the older man. We stopped and exchanged pleasantries. We discussed the weather a bit but then the gentlemen kindly warned me to look out for snakes in the undergrowth which threw me a little and dimmed my ardour just a touch.

Not quite deterred by the snake threat I decided to check out to the best hiding place at the cottage' I've had my most relaxed sucks in there as no one can see in from the path and you have to make a bit of push the ferns to get through to the spot.

Getting horny again when in got in the clearing, I dropped my shorts and took off my shirt off and played with my tits while watching my cock get hard through the white thong of the wife's I was wearing.

Up to speed again i made the decision to go for a meet with the older man and left the lair in search of him assuming he was still on the prowl.

I was just about to head in the direction of the saplings when i heard the voices of a man and woman. Assuming that they were dog walkers i avoided going down the path they were on and went in another direction.

As I walked down the path and gave a look back. i saw the two that the two were without a dog' and the man was carrying what looked like a hamper. "Ahh picnickers." I thought, "How sweet."

When i got a little up the path knowing that i had avoided the couple, I turned around and headed back to car park and noticed that the couple were heading up the track to the saplings. Again I thought "Your in for a shock if you catch someone at it."

The couple were in the late 40's early 50's. The lady was quite large and blonde.

I happened to glance over at the couple to see them facing me. The man then went behind the woman and lifted up her top to reveal a very big pair of tits, he then reached around with his hands and started to tweak her nipples.

Oh my god. A couple of doggers. I stood and watched with unbelieving eyes.

I gave them an enthusiastic thumbs up, which the man likewise returned and beckoned me to follow.

Which I did.

As I made my way up the path I bumped into the older man. All i could do was smile meekly for i imagined he must have past the couple but hadn't been encouraged to follow them.

I eventually caught up with two in a clump of trees and stood and watched. The man once again lifted the ladies top and started to play with her tits. The lady then took the top off and as she did the man lifted the long skirt she was wearing to reveal she wearing any panties started to play with her fanny.

I walked up and asked them if i could watch. The woman glanced over at the man and said you will have to ask him. Interesting!

The ladies nipples were wonderfully big an looked like rounded sugar cubes. I once again asked her if I could touch them and once again she deferred to the man who's reply was that i could suck them if i liked.

I soon had a nipple in my mouth and was twiddling with the other. I sucked like crazy as it had been a long time since i've had a women's tit in my mouth,

The man in the meantime was down his knees still finger the lady's cunt. From the groans coming from her the whole thing was obviously turning her on.

At this stage I think it might be a good idea to describe the couple. The lady, though not as trim as she could be was very pleasantly spoken and had a cheerful face. The man was just the same. Happy disposition and reminded me of mate who is a London cabby. A right cheeky chappy.

As all this fun was going out i discovered that they were not married and in the relationship she was his 'slave' and obviously enjoyed being so. They told me that they were both into the S&M scene and were regulars to the clubs that specialised.

The reason for their visit to the wood was so the lady could be tied up against a tree and if you will pardon the pun. made available to all comers.

The noise from the woman's fanny told me that she was very wet. Being a lover of the scent of a woman I asked the man if i could smell his fingers. His reply was 'suck them if you want and put his fingers in my mouth. This lady was delicious.

I went back to sucking the ladies now very hard and enlarged nipples and as I did the man rummaged through his hamper and produced a vibrator in the shape of a corn on the cob and buried it in her fanny which was now obviously wet from the slurping sounds coming her cunt.

The man then reached down and felt my cock through my shorts and unusually enough I had an growing hard on which doesn't normally happen when out cottaging.

I then declared that i was wearing the wife's thong and which bought groans of delight from both.

I dropped my shorts and instead of the woman feeling me up it was the man. He then pulled my cock out of the thong and was soon wanking me off. The woman was now fucking herself with the vibrator and watching the man. He then ordered her to suck me off. She then bent over and did. With relish. This lady could suck cock.

The man then reached again into the hamper and produced a small leather paddle and lifted up her long skirt and began to spank her more than ample bum. Again I think it was her thing as she began to give that stuffed mouth grown of enjoyment.

To be honest I didn't know where this was going and also began to feel my spunk rise from the expert blow job I was getting. If i am honest I could have spent the rest of the afternoon with this couple but said to the man that I had to go shortly as I had to pick the wife up from lunch. Which was true but sounded like a feeble excuse.

His reply was that I'd better come and said would I like to spunk over his lady friends tits.

The woman hearing this got up from my cock and put it between her cleavage and began to give me a tit wank. Not quite a first but it's a long time since I'd had one of them!!

Not quite near to coming I thought I better take over wanking myself and did so.

The lady then lifted her tits and waited for me to spunk over them. While all this was going on her bum was getting a bit of a thrashing by paddle. All to much for me as I was soon pumping out spunk in what seemed like bucket loads. Haven't come that much since for ages.

Even though the ladies "Master' he was quite civilised as he produced a couple of wet wipes from the ever useful hamper and wiped the spunk off her tits.

After pleasantries and a big thanks I made my way back to the car in a daze. "Did that really just happen." was all i could think

As I got back to the car park the older man came over to me and asked did I have fun. All i could reply was, "You can say that again!"