Written by Andy

31 May 2019

This happened to me when I was 22 years old, so a few years ago! I was a fit, athletic guy, six pack worked out and loved sex with men and women, still do! I am reasonably well hung at 8" cut. I went one Friday after noon to a bar in Leicester Square called CXR, closed now, but then a well know gay cruising bar, with much sex going on in the toilets.

Anyway I was dressed in tightish cream jeans, desk shoes and a t shirt; I order a pint and when I drank it when down to the toilets and there was quite a lot of action, I gave a young black guy a blow job, and went back to the bar. As I was ordering the a black guy, in his mid to late twenties came over and offered to buy me a drink, he bought me a pint and we went back to his table, at the table was another black guy, about the same age as the one who bought me a drink. He said I saw you having a good time downstairs; and I said always fun here; we discussed how sleazy the place was and that was one of its main attractions. We had a few drinks and they were very touchy, Lee had his hand up my t-shirt pinching my nipples which always turns me on, I was kissing both guys and Dave the other black guy was stroking my crouch. We talked about bdsm and rough sex and we all agreed that it was fun, and they said that they were both doms and loved using younger white guys. Dave suggested that could go back to his flat in Covent Garden, we took the short walk back to his flat, which was a nice studio flat. Once in the flat they put on a porn video, of black guys fucking a white guy, got us a drink and then Lee pulled me to kiss him, and pulled me close groping my arse, kissing me; I took my t-shirt off and they were naked very quickly, I was naked too.

We went to the bed room, which was a large double bed with a metal bedhead, with hand cuffs attached; I was pushed on to the bed, and Dave attached my wrists to the two hand cuffs, as Dave was between my legs licking my arse and wanking my hard cock. Both guys were bigger than me, their cocks about 9--10", Lee sucked on my nipples, and then got a pair of nipple clamps from the side draw and put them onto my nipples, very painful at first but I got used to them, Lee then sat astride me and started to put his cock into my mouth and then started to fuck my face, ignoring any gagging, he was very deep I my throat. Dave by now had lifted my arse and had lubbed my arse and started to enter my arse, he was the biggest of the two and again it hurt initially and then I was ok with it, and then he started to fuck me soon balls deep. They were both fucking me hard; they swopped and I had Dave's cock in my mouth fresh from my arse; lee was fucking me hard. they both came inside me. The pulled out, my mouth dripping Dave's cum and my arse dripping Lees cum. They left the cuffs and nipple clamps on for a white, they got some whisky and we had a drink, Lee holding the glass for me to drink.

They uncuffed me and then cuffed my arms behind my back and I lowered onto Dave cocks, I was pushed forward and Lee used a cane on my arse very hard, I had reels for days, if I slowed my riding I was caned harder. Then Lee stood in front of me and pushed his arse into my throat and held my head as he face fucked me. he slapped my face with his cock and then with his hand. Once they had cum again, I was cuffed back to the bed face down, and Dave started to fist me, I had never been fisted before, and I loved it, even though it bought tears to my eyes. Lee put a ball god around my mouth so I could not speak, Lee put a belt round my throat and pulled tightly as Dave fisted me.

I was then allowed back on my back and uncuffed whilst Lee gave me an amazing blow job; until I cam. We showered and dressed, it was about 8pm then. I kissed them both, exchanged numbers and left. I was supposed to meet my girl friend that evening but was so well used I called her and met the following evening. I did meet Lee and Dave a couple more time. I loved, and still do, being used like a sub slag.