Written by Anonymous

18 Mar 2019

Well it was Sunday night and I had to do some running around, this meant heading up to Newcastle. I got into Newcastle at around 6:30ish a good hour and a half early, so decided I would have a look under the redheugh bridge see if anyone was kicking around for a bit of fun. No one about I thought am not giving up this quick am going to have a look along the end carpark.

So off I went down by the Tyne dark night and into this dark carpark. There was a couple of cars in all in darkness but you could see people in each of them. I sat there for a minute or two and thought fk it and jumped out.

The air was cold i could see my breath in the night air, I love cold night air.

I walk over the grass and bend over the metal rails on the walk way to make it look like am enjoying the view. At this point I hear a car door close behind me, so i keep looking over the Tyne but walk towards the bushes and stop again.

I turn to see a guy late 20s stud next to the gap in the bushes, as I look at him I hear the other car door close. A guy around early 30s walks round the corner to the bushes, looks at me and walks through the gap closely followed by the first guy.

That's it I walk in behind them to just see them in the dark cocks out wanking them selves. I simply walk over grabbed each cock in hands and start walking to two decent sized cocks, there not massive but just nice. After a minute or so I drop down and simply suck a cock straight in to my needing mouth, the hole time still wanking the other cock. The lean over and take cock two in my mouth" can't be rude" and start wanking the other cock again.

At this point I feel a hand rubbing my back and arse, so I quickly undo my jeans and belt and let them fall. The cock in my mouth grabs the back of my head and the cock in my hand pulls away. Then my hips are being bulled up and cold lub is being dropped onto my waiting arse. I hear the condom packet being opened the a few seconds later I feel the head beginning to be gently pushed in, I pull my mouth off the cock and simply say " not gentle just fuck me hard now you cunt " and simple suck that cock again. That was it no playing that cock got rammed right into my waiting arse, the pain was extreme but doing awesome. That cock rid my arse like a mad man for what seemed like only seconds till it wriggled and it was done. Jean's up " cheers" and away. The cock in my mouth was starting the wriggle " am cumming " as he shoot a hot stream of cum in my mouth. I simply spat it out and smiled.

Same thing joggers up cheers and away, sometimes it's nice to be used lol

I stood in the bushes got straightened up and walked out, it was to to get on but I still hadn't cum so I knew I would be back later that night before I left Newcastle.

Let me know if you want to hear what happened at 11 o'clock is that night x

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