Written by dogger

9 Sep 2019

I have just been out dogging in the usual spot. I sucked and wanked a guy in a camper van nice ! I had taken a 100 mg blue tablet and was as hard as nails. 6 and 3/4 inches with huge bell end ready to fuck who ever came along. 2 guys drove in, one with bald head and wearing a kilt. he was shaved and well hung and shaved. they wasted no time, the one clothed guy was hitting the others cock and he stood showing his erection , twitching it up until the other guy slapped it again. It only lasted a couple of minutes until he started cumming all over without any contact other than the slapping? Wow! That was it I sat for an hour without any more visitors stroking my now diminishing erection I decided to move 12 miles to some toilets I knew.

I arrived just in time to see a guy go in, I waited , as he came out he turned and looked around. I went in past him and got my cock out at the urinal. he came back in and stood next to me. I still had a hard on and my cock and ball ring was keeping me hard as well. A bfief look at each others cock's and we decided to go into a cubicle. I had my shorts down and sat on the loo seat, his hard cock heading for my mouth He started fucking my mouth and as he pushed me back the toilet seat pressed the Flush button! I tried to get up to save getting wet but he pinned me down and shot his load into my mouth. It was good I had my shorts down or they would have been soaked.I had to stand behind him and wank off over his nice big bum, but after all the effort I was running out of time regarding my blue 100 anyway back to normal for a While. xxx

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