20 Sep 2019

It's safe to say that my hobby during my first uni year was cottaging. It was long enough ago for there to still be plenty of public facilities and I was fortunate enough to be in an area where cottaging was extremely popular. There were a few places on campus that always provided results, so long as you knew the right people and the best times to visit.

There were about a dozen guys who would frequent these places on and off, and the odd new face here and there. It would be a reasonable guess to say I sucked off at least 20 different guys in my first year, more than half of those multiple times. Guys were so much less hassle than girls, I just about gave up pussy during that time, only fell off the wagon a couple of times. I felt a lot safer in the campus toilets, the clubs were fun too. The city ones out in the wild were a bit riskier but, they did provide a wider age range.

I had my first encounter with an older guy in one of these toilets, he was probably around 50 but I don't know for sure. I went to one of my usual stops in a park area, I immediately noticed a car parked nearby with a guy sat inside. When I was stood at the urinal the guy walked in and despite having almost the length of the room to choose from, he more than hinted his intentions by standing right next to me. I was actually quite stunned at how bold he was, made things a lot easier. The guy could piss like a horse, I had to have a glance just to make sure he hadn't brought a garden hose in with him. I stood there like a lemon holding my dick not sure what to do next, thankfully he suddenly turned and went into the far cubicle. I saw that as a green light, took a deep breath and followed him in. He was standing there still with his cock out, now I could see why he pissed like a horse, the guy was hung. The chance to suck this mammoth cock was too good to be true, I shuffled my way in and closed the door.

I dropped to my knees and his fat cock was dangling in my face, it wasn't even fully hard yet and it was already the biggest cock I'd ever seen. He offered it towards my mouth and at that point, I realised he had just taken a piss, I had a few seconds of doubt, I could see and smell the fresh piss on the end of his dick. Before I could hesitate anymore he shoved it into my mouth, grabbing the back of my head as he did so. Any reservations I had instantly disappeared, this was one of the hottest things ever in my life. I don't recall it tasting much different, the saltiness of his pre-cum was soon the dominant flavour. I licked and slurped his foreskin, forcing my tongue inside and rolling it around the head of his cock. I did my best to take as much of his cock as possible, it was fully hard now and I was struggling to get it all in my mouth.

He was quite forceful and began fucking my mouth, I let him use me to get himself off and after about 5 minutes he was pumping what felt like a gallon of cum down my throat. I couldn't swallow it quick enough and it spurted out down my chin, I did my best to lap up as much as I could. He made a quick exit and left me on the floor in the cubicle, I felt so used and I loved it. I never saw the chap again, but I was fixed on older cock from then. Those toilets became my favourite place to go, you would get all types going there. There would be joggers in the morning, older gents throughout the day and tradesmen later on. I even made a few friends with other students who went there looking for older men, and there were regular old pervs who popped in often. Cottaging was already in its decline at this point in time, I heard that this location is now a no go spot. I'm so glad I got to experience the tail end of cottaging's golden era.

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