Written by Mattr48

16 Feb 2009

For some time I have been visiting a dominant gut who I met through a website which specialises in TV\'s. I am not gay and not a TV and had no real interest in TV\'s but this guy had privated me whilst I was watching the messages in a chatroom and, to cut a long story short, I\'d ended up going round to his house and sucking him off. Never done this before and still don\'t find anything attractive about men -- just liked sucking his cock!

I did this around a dozen or so times in the last quarter of last year, then decided it wasn\'t for me and stopped. However, boredom got the better of me and I logged on this morning. As usual, Andy was there. I waited for him to send me a private message, but he didn\'t. After ten minutes or so I sent him one and we started chatting. He told me all about how busy he\'d been since Christmas and said he had to go because he had work to do before lunch when he had a meet. I couldn\'t resist asking him about the meet and he told me he and a friend had a sub going round and they were going to spit-roast him. He then started asking me about whether that turned me on. Maybe I\'d like to watch. Or maybe I\'d like to join in. Would I prefer to fuck or be sucked? And it was a bit of a turn-on. Something new. So I said it sounded fun. He said be at the cottage for one o\'clock. And that was that.

I arrived on time and he was standing talking to his friend. The room was in semi-darkness because the curtains were closed. There is no furniture now because they have moved out and are in the process of turning it into a holiday cottage. I stood there looking a bit out of place, wondering what would happen next. Then Andy said \"Matt will suck your cock while we wait\". His friend, who I discovered was called Alan, smiled and undid his trousers. A few seconds later he was naked from the waste down. With no further conversation I knelt down at his feet and started sucking him off. He seemed to enjoy it and was hard in seconds. I figured since we had a sub guy coming I better not try to make him cum, so just toyed around. After a few minutes Andy, who was also now naked from the waste down, said \"I\'ll have some of that\". Alan stepped aside and I started on Andy. Five minutes later they switched back. And so it went on for half an hour or so. My jaw was aching like mad and I was beginning to wonder if the sub was ever going to arrive. I was sucking Andy and I felt Alan\'s hands at my trouser belt. I had no intention of stripping off, so I made to tell Alan to stop, but before I could say anything Andy grabbed my head and pushed me back onto his cock. Alan had my belt undone and then my trousers and pants. Without me breaking off we were all now naked from the waste down.

Alan put his hand between my legs from behind and started playing with my dick. It was responding and I moved my position slightly to give him better access. Andy sat down and I changed my position to carry on sucking him, meaning I was now on all fours. I could feel Alan\'s cock resting on my bum and he carried on playing with me with one hand. Then he stopped and from somewhere he\'d got some oil or something and started massaging it into my bum. I felt a bit panicky, but did nothing to suggest he stop. I felt him position himself and then push, gently but firmly. He entered me with some difficulty and a considerable amount of pain. I concentrated on sucking Andy to take my mind off it. The pain soon eased and weirdly I found myself pushing back, wanting to feel him deeper and deeper inside me. I felt Andy begin to swell in my mouth, then several jets of cum were deposited against the back of my throat. I swallowed, as usual. Alan was speeding up now and he suddenly tensed and shot his load inside me. He removed himself and pulled me round so that I was facing him. Without being asked I put him in my mouth to clean him up. I sorted myself out and got dressed, feeling very used and rather sore. I remarked on the sub not turning up and they both grinned. It was only then that I realised that he had!